Winter Outlook 2017–2018: Colder Than Last Year

Cold Weather is Coming . . . But How Cold and For How Long?

August 31, 2017
Fall Frost in the Garden

Overall, the long range winter forecast for 2017–2018 shows generally colder temperatures than last winter for the U.S. and Canada but not colder than a typical winter, based on historical averages. As I write these words, there are no sunspots on the visible portion of the Sun, and solar activity is very quiet; this traditionally meant a cooling influence. So why isn’t it colder than average? Other weather factors are at play.

Low Solar Activity

As you may know, we at The Old Farmer’s Almanac use solar activity as the driver of our long range weather forecasts. We believe that changes in the Sun’s output, although relatively small, are sufficiently amplified in Earth’s upper atmosphere to strongly influence Earth’s weather patterns.

One of the most significant relationships we have found is that periods of low solar activity are associated with colder temperatures, averaged across Earth. Our viewpoint is a controversial one, as most scientists believe that the magnitude of changes in solar activity is insufficient to have a significant effect on Earth’s weather, and they view as coincidence that past periods of exceptionally low solar activity have historically corresponded with cold periods. However, there has been some research and modeling that gives credence to our theory: Although the changes in magnitude of solar activity are small, there is a mechanism in the upper atmosphere that can amplify these changes, causing larger ripples in the lower portion of Earth’s atmosphere, where weather occurs.

The graph below (from the NASA Marshall Spaceflight Center) shows the data for the officially numbered sunspot cycles, from Cycle 1 in the mid-1700s to our current Cycle 24. As you can see, the current cycle is comparable to the very low levels of solar activity that occurred in the early 1800s (the period referred to as the “Dalton Minimum,” which coincided with the “Little Ice Age”) and early 1900s, which was also a cool period. These three periods have brought the lowest solar activity levels since the Maunder Minimum, the period from about 1645 to 1715, when solar cycles apparently stopped and sunspots were exceedingly rare.


Historically, all of the periods in the known sunspot record that have had low activity have also had relatively cool temperatures, averaged across the globe. The Maunder Minimum coincided with an exceptionally cold period in many parts of the globe. We believe that with low solar activity continuing for at least the next 10 to 30 years, global temperatures will be cooler than they would otherwise be.

Despite the recent low solar activity, the winter of 2015–16 was historically warm across much of the United States and Canada. And while the 2016–17 winter was much colder than the previous winter in most locations, temperatures were still above normal in nearly all regions.

Other Weather Factors

So why, you might ask, was this past winter still relatively mild in most of the country even though solar activity is low? The answer is that solar activity is not the only factor in Earth’s weather.

For example, one factor that all atmospheric scientists believe can make Earth colder for as much as a few years is a volcanic eruption that spews ash into the middle and upper portions of the atmosphere. While this has not been a major factor in recent years, it could be in the future.

The most significant factor (in addition to solar activity) that has been affecting our weather in recent years has been the increase in greenhouse gases—most notably carbon dioxide and methane—which most (but not all) atmospheric scientists believe has been making Earth progressively warmer. We have been incorporating the influence of these increases into our forecasts as a factor that will offset much of the cooling from our current period of low solar activity.

In fact, despite the low solar activity, the first half of 2017 was 3.4 degrees F above average across the United States, the second warmest January to June period on record, behind only 2016. Amazingly, the last month in which the global average temperature was below its average for the 20th century was in February 1985, more than 30 years ago, according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the parent agency of the U.S. National Weather Service.

It is important to note that although Earth, on average, has been warming for decades, not every place is or will be warmer than normal each season. Remember: Other factors are at play, including the normal variation in weather that occurs from day to day and year to year.

The Coming Winter Forecast 2017–2018 

Here’s our broad view of the coming winter: With last winter’s weak La Niña most likely to be replaced by a weak El Niño this winter, cold air masses will be able to slide into the Intermountain region and western states but will have difficulty making any prolonged inroads in the central and eastern states.

Click on maps to see larger versions.



The result is that 2017–18 winter temperatures will be colder than last winter, they will likely still be above normal in the eastern and north-central states, with below-normal temperatures the rule from the Gulf States westward to California and from the Intermountain region westward to the Pacific Northwest.

See the full 2017-2018 weather forecast in the brand-new 2018 Old Farmer’s Almanac.

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Well I would have to say ya

Well I would have to say ya all at the farmers almanac seem to be spot on coming from where im setting
(Jackson, Mi.)
I had just heard of a rather bitter cold front that was coming this way,
Which after what seemed to be a hint of march/april mild temp. I WAS NOT WELCOMING THIS COLD MESS AND WAS RATHER SALTY AT THE MER THOUGHT OF HAVING TO ENTERTAIN IT ,
so I did what any hillbilly girl would do that couldnt turn to her
she wouldn't dare even think about going to Google.... .umm ummm no sir not this girl ....not over in these parts...lemme tell ya what STOPPED ME .. FEAR AND COMMON SENSE!!
FEAR that my pa-paw was rolling over in his grave @ the mer thought of me "second guessing" anything that he had taught me..
And COMMON SENSE because every hillbilly knows why all else fails ..yens take ya ass'z to the hau-ss and get the almanac
and its spot on yet again ...
Hasn't steered me wrong in 44yrs.

I meant to put I was in South Bend, Indiana

Coooooolllllllddddddddd this year!

This has been one heck of a winter!

I haven't seen that much snow during the Christmas Holidays since I was a kid and that was 50 years ago! We broke all kind of records for stretches of days below zero. I think it was 13 straight days. There is no way this was an average winter. WAY COLDER than normal. The lake effect snow from Lake Michigan really dumped on us this year. My poor dogs were getting cabin fever bad and so was their momma!

Cold winter?

The Editors's picture

There certainly was a period from right around / just past Christmas that was bitterly, painfully, angrily cold for, as you say, about two weeks. Then, the severe cold backed off and there were some relatively (key word here) mild, even pleasant, days. As we write this (March 6), it’s about to get cold again, east of the Rockies. So, to your point about “average” winter. We won’t know officially (by our calculations) if it is or not until winter is over. Spring begins on March 20. And, take note of the color map above; we did predict a “snowy” (above-normally white) winter in most of “the mitten” (of Michigan) but certainly in South Bend.

Lots of people, including us here in New Hampshire, have had cabin fever at some point this season. But it’s winter. And if there comes a time that we do not have a winter … well, we might look back on these days fondly.

Thanks for taking the time to write and let us know how your winter is/was.


Cold and Snow

Since Christmas its been cold to very cold up here in Peace River AB. Been -30C low to -22C high. And snow like Crazy never had this much so early in the Year. Usually spring storms bring in this much. Then it starts melting right away! This has been a brutal winter, hit -40C for a few days in Jan!


I'm on the East Coast so I'm used of it. So sick of snow and. Cold.


The Southeast Winter outlook was way off. Warmer than normal? Quite the opposite, Ive been in North Florida for 50+ years, I dont recall it ever being as cold down here as it has been thus far. 2 snowfalls in Florida in one year is rare but thats what weve had. And did I forget to say: It's COLD!

In hindsight...

In hindsight this does not seem entirely accurate.


When will we get aMy. Blizzard?


These predictions have been far off for the most part. Southwest ohio has been COLD, way more then most winters.. not mild and it's been extreme cold. Breaking records all the time since winter started. We have had much more snow then usual although I don't think it's much compared to history, just the last several winters. But many other places are experiencing way way more snow, even the south has been getting hit with snow. Houston has had coldest Temps and snow! I mean, this overall prediction graph is wrong.

Western Pennsylvania Weather

Your map shows our area as mild & wet - Well since before Christmas it has been cold, very cold in the below digits and we have had snow since before Christmas - as of yesterday in Industry Pa, we have had another 4" - my flower bushes look like monsters with big cotton heads on them and the smaller bushes are covered with cotton ball looking snow. So, so much for this map forecast.

Cold in South Oklahoma

It's much colder than normal in So Okla. We're usually in the low 50's in Jan and it's been mostly in the 30's or low 40's for highs since late December.

Extra cold in oklahoma

It is so cold inside my house that our canned food has icy slush in them. We put things inside the fridge to keep them warm. Fish tank and dogs water bowl froze solid. Have to bundle up to use the restroom since our only heat is in one bedroom. Luckily we still have running water. We all hibernate in one room with space heaters. I hope and pray that we do Mmhmmm ot have any ice storms with power outages this winter or we will be in big trouble! Why do we have to live so poorly, you might be asking yourself? Because social security thinks a man in a wheelchair, with seizures, cognitive impairment, hand tremors, breathing problems, and nerve damage is "not disabled" and can work a "light sedentary job". So I, his wife, am stuck at home caring for him and cant work because of this. So I hope and pray to the good Lord with every ounce of my being that winter in oklahoma remains dry. So that there are no power outages. Because we have nowhere to go and no money to afford anything. Thanks so much

Tara in Ga-wow could this be

Tara in Ga-wow could this be any more wrong? We are going on our 4th week here of not getting out of the 30’s for highs and low teens for lows. So much for solar spots and global warming! This is the coldest winter almost on record for us here and I’ve never seen it stay down in the 30’s during the day for days on end like this! It’s also very dry. We need the rain but not with temps like these.

2017-18 winter

High and dry out west! :) At least in eastern Oregon!

You got it all backwards

Sorry, sunspot-worshipers. You got it bass-ackwards. Looks like the East is the cold place this winter, and the West the warm place. Also, much of the East is in drought. Not "wet."

Warmest winter yet in the high desert of Arizona

I keep waiting for winter to begin and it's just not happening. It's too warm, and very dry.

Flagstaff has NO snow on the peaks at all. Nary a flake. In Yavapai county, we have not even had a dusting of snow...not only is it in the 60's during the day, there's NO precipitation. Worst winter yet. If I wanted warm all year round, I'd live in Phoenix. This sucks.


We are custom to this kind of weather, we are New Englanders. Bring it on, we can handle anything old man winter throws at us.

Prolonged Artic Air

Still struggling w/ single digit/neg. temps in west MI; 7 day forecast shows no reprieve. Praying for the "mild & snowy" predicted weather.

Real Prolonged Cold

This week (Dec 27) in So. NH, we're predicted to have highs only in the low-mid teens, and lows in the minus single numbers right through New Years with no end in sight after that.

Cold, Snowy? ID

Looks more like cold and dry here in Idaho. Slight dusting on the 12/15, nothing forecasted anytime soon.

Very cold fall here in

Very cold fall here in Jacksonville, FL. Started on Halloween which is a big rarity. And has been consistently dropping. We even had one day this week, 12/07/17 where it was high of 48. Im loving it!!

Seriously??!! Florida complaining of weather?, ill trade places

I'll trade places!!

Snow in Katy Texas

I live in Katy Texas and we had 3 inches of snow. Its been in the lower 30 at night. Finally warming up this week.

Ah, winter!

I live 35 miles north of Chicago, about 4 miles west of Lake Michigan. We've had a rather mild fall, up until 11/18/2017, when we had rain, followed by snow falling as clumps instead of snowflakes. It was forecast, didn't last long, but I did get photos of it. Then the first real snow fell yesterday (12/9/17), about 1/2 inch, as was predicted, and the cold front had set in before that on 12/5/17, which was also predicted. So far, the Almanac has lived up to its billing, even though it's a generalized forecast for an large area.
Our last winter (2016-2017) started with bitter cold and heavy snow in December, then shifted to mild and wet. I'm kind of hoping this one mirrors that.
What I've noticed about sunspot activity is that the levels/numbers may drop, but the solar activity itself does not drop below a certain level, even in a solar minimum. The length of time it lasts seems to be more important than the sunspot numbers.

Dec. 8, 2017

Southeast Texas went from a hurricane to snow. Did you get that we have snow in Southeast Texas.

Lol. Also in so. Tx. 3 snow or sleet days so far this yr.

This is a warm winter? In rio grande valley?

Totally rubish predictions

This is by far the warmest season I have obeserved in Utah over the last 5 years and it’s not looking any better over the course of December! This prediction is totally garbage! It’s hot, warm, and dry! No signs of snow for the remaining of dec! Please update your predictions to demonstrate REALITY!


Ah, I think you need to update YOUR predictions. Dec 29, from Mass. 12 to 5 below without wind chill factor, snow (on xmas!) never happens here, not expected to break when I view the long range forcast....sure could use some Global Warming

Way wrong

Warmest fall we've ever had leading into December. It's not going to get cold this year.

Snow please

What is Utah projected snow fall this year because in the high altitudes it has snowed around thirty inches total since August and usually it’s about 100 inches also all the snow we have received has not stayed one bit also by this time of year and this is also the record warmest winter/fall we have ever had so will it ever get colder and actually have snow that will stay and not just melt and will it actually snow

Snow In Tx

Will Fort Worth Tx Be getting dusting or actual snow?

How does winter look for East TN?

I sure would like a good snow this winter, how’s the forecast look for us?

Winter Weather

What is the long range snow forecast for Northeast Georgia 2017-2018

What's Southwest Kansas look like?

We've been having warm temps and ice storms here for a few years very little if any snow are we finally going to get snow this year?


Quit whining

I moved to western Idaho last

I moved to western Idaho last year and that was my first winter in snow since I was a child. I thought I would freeze to death. Lots of ice on the roads. So what is the winter of 2017-2018 bringing to this area just outside of Boise? We're only 1/2 hour from the Oregon border.


Lasr winter was the worst we had since 94. All reports show we wont have as much snow in the valley, but i anticipate a wetter winter with rain and sleet, plus look for an inversion that can last a while.
A lot of wind and colder temperatures.

Winter 2017-2018

Are we going to see alot of snow like last year here in sangerville maine?

Maryland winter 2018

We have been having little luck for snow and had way too much wildness and hardly any snow
and been very disappointed and I been wanting to see to see a snow wanted again and every time there was a chance of snow, the northeast got most of the good stuff, more so than the mid atlantic and was hoping this winter would be different and would have better chances for good snowfall.


Will we have a a bad winter like a snowey wi ter in nj this year

Long Island weather- is the bad weather coming?

I live on Long Island, are we getting bad weather soon? Like either snow bad rain? If so, how much is predicted?

Will we have snow this winter in portland oregon?

I live in Beaverton oregon and I want to know if we will have snow this winter.if so, how much is predicted??

chicago winter

will it be a snowy Christmas and new year here in Chicago?

Weather for Southern Clearfield, Co. PA November 22-December 3rd

I'm going to be visiting Family in Southern Clearfield County, PA (northwest of Altoona) from November 22nd until December 3rd, and am wondering if you can give me any prediction of what the weather will be like in that area for that time frame?

Thank you for your help!

Alex V

What are the chances of a lot of snow in whitehall

Me and my family live in Whitehall Pennsylvania are we going to get a lot of snow and is it gonna be cold #♡the snow and cold

Will Whitehall have a white winter?

The Editors's picture

You are very close to Allentown, PA, so that puts you in Region 3, Appalachians, where we are predicting a warmer-than-normal winter, with below-normal snowfall and above-normal precipitation. Click on this link (at the end) and scroll down to the listing for Region 3, then click on Allentown for details, two months at a time:

Chances of snow and how much for Northwestern Georgia, Ringgold

My family and I live in Ringgold Georgia which is in the northwest corner. We certainly do get bone chilling cold in the winter months but rarely ever get snow of a significant amount, usually a light dusting if anything at all. What are the chances of us getting any "real" snow this winter?
Thank you for your time.

Ringgold, Georgia's snow forecast

The Editors's picture

How much do you consider “real” snow? Your corner of Georgia is forecast to have colder than normal temps and near to above normal snowfall, with the most likely snowfalls at the beginning, middle, and end of December; in early January; and in early February. We do not forecast how much snow (or rain) will fall, rather we forecast deviations from the normals, or averages. Based on that, you could see more than a dusting in December.

Snow fall

I live in Upstate New York. Last year we had a lot of snow. Can we expect the same thing this year?

Upstate NY winter

The Editors's picture

“Upstate” is a pretty large area and your particular location could be in one of three regions. See here, and click on your area (if you seem to be the borderline, check the forecast for both/all the adjacent regions):

Or scroll down, find your state and region (New York is part of four), find the nearest large city, and click through.


What about Savannah Georgia? Will we see snow this year?

What is weather for new

What is weather for new england,connecticut

Winter Weather Forecast

The Editors's picture

Find out what the winter forecast for your area is by checking out our Long-Range Forecasts, here:

West Virginia winter.

Will we have snow?

Winter Forecast

What is the winter ❄️ outlook for Eastern Pennsylvania? Mild or snowy


Last winter we had a lot of snow in Brookline NH,I work in andover ma they didn't get as much.can you explain this

why it snows more in one place than another

The Editors's picture

It’s just an anomaly. We do not have an exact/specific explanation but the two places are about 40 miles apart, certainly enough to see variable/different conditions. Brookline is at higher elevation (256 feet) than Andover (180 feet). Brookline is farther from the coast, and with a generally warm Atlantic, the Andover area could get more rain than snow because the air (from over the ocean) is warmer. And cold wind from the north or west may bring snow until it meets the warmer air near the coast and turn to rain—or less/lighter snow. We hope this helps to answer your question.

Winter Weather

What is the Winter Weather going to be like for Washington DC?

End of October/beginning of November

I would like to know what the temp may be from Alabama to mid Florida for the last two weeks of October to the first two weeks of November please.

California winter - lots of rain?

Last year we had (I think) the most rain in years - in Northern California, north of San Francisco. Will we have that much this year? Your map says 'cool, wet' - any idea if it is flooding, tree falling kind of wet?

Winter 2017-2018

What is winter going to be like here in southwest Wyoming this year.

Winter Weather Forecast

The Editors's picture

Find out what the winter forecast for your area is by checking out our Long-Range Forecasts, here:

Winter Weather Forecast

How are things going to look for Fort Smith, AR???

winter 2017 2018

what should we expect in clinton county ohio 45169


What kind of winter can we expect in Arkansas?

Hudson valley. Ny Rockland county

Should we expect a snowy winter in the Hudson valley, New York. Specifically Rockland County?


What is Bellingham ,Washington looking like as far as weather and rain, snow 2017


How will the winter be for Louisiana?

Winter in the upper Midwest (Chicago & north)

Last winter (2016-2017), the worst weather came in December 2016, but it did not last. The rest of winter was cold but not bitter, wet but without a lot of snow, and it appears that we'll have the same thing this winter (2017-2018), if I understand the forecast and map correctly. I do have records & photos of late-season snows, as far into Spring as April 2017, which is unusual for this area. (35 miles north of Chicago, 5 miles west of Lake Michigan).

I'm just keeping track for now, but the general forecast looks like an easy winter to me.

the coming winter

The Editors's picture

Thanks, Sara. We hope you get the weather you want!

Winter for Booneville ky

Wondering about winter in Booneville ky 2017 an 2018

Kentucky's winter

The Editors's picture

Patsy, click here for details based on the weather region map and/or the city nearest Booneville

Winter 2017-18 in Philadelphia.

Every year I read this almanac. What's the winter of 2017-18 bringing Philadelphia.

this coming winter

The Editors's picture

Thanks for your enthusiasm for the Almanac, Theresa. Click here for your forecast, based on the weather regions


No California Rain

After a wet 2017, wondering if we are going to have another we winter. We weren't able to work our ground in March.

Kentucky's Winter Weather 2017-2018

If I am reading this right, Kentucky will have about the same temps as last winter with more precipitation. Is this about right?

how much like last winter?

The Editors's picture

Generally speaking, we are predicting that temperatures will be colder than last winter but still above normal. For more on that and the precipitation, click here:

Comparison to last year's winter forecast for Indiana

So... last year's prediction for the region in which I live (Southern Indiana), it was predicted that we would have "numbing cold and snowy" conditions, in which excited me greatly. However, what we really got was a depressing mix of rain, mildly cold temperatures, and maybe a total of perhaps an inch to two inches of snow for the duration of winter. I was quite disgruntled, however willing to forgive. What is the forecast for my region this year? If it's going to be a repeat of last year, then I might as well go into this winter knowing it will turn out that way.

Last Year's Forecast

The Editors's picture

Thanks for your comment! Regarding last year’s winter forecast, I believe you may have seen a forecast from a different almanac. We actually predicted that southern Indiana would see a winter that was “warmer than normal, with slightly below-normal precipitation,” including snowfall amounts that would be “below normal.” (You can find this information on page 226 of the 2017 Old Farmer’s Almanac.)

As for this year… I’m sorry to say that we predict a similar winter to last year’s. We’ll hope for more snow on your behalf!

Winter in Texas

I've read that we will be colder and snowy. Is the forecast for snow or are we going to have an icy winter? Central Texas is known to be more icy than snowy.

Ice in Texas?

The Editors's picture

While we do not usually predict “ice” in the forecast, if it is very cold and there is moisture in the air (or more, e.g., rain), ice could form. Fore more on the forecast for Texas, click here:


Winter in Ohio

We were extremely blessed last year with an almost non existent winter. What do you forsee this winter being in Ohio? Snowfall? Temps?

Indications for Ohio

The Editors's picture

We are predicting winter temps to be colder than last winter but still above normal in Ohio this winter. Snowfall will generally be below normal (except for the northwestern corner of the state where it will be slightly above normal). Precipitation will be near or slightly above normal.

You can get all of the details in the publication. To find the store nearest you, just key in your zip code here:

Winter in Wisconsin

Please tell me what my winter will be like. Do I need to schedule appointments with the chiropractor?

Farmers almanac winter predictions

I am a first time almanac winter reports reader. Where have I been for the last 78 years?
Right here,watching the national weather channel, which seldom gets anything right where I have been living for the past 20 years, in Washington state on the west side of the mountains. We seldom if ever have snow and when it does happen, its gone by noon.
So what do you wise men at the Almanac foresee for our area this winter, in regard to snow fall. Keep up the good work and I love your attitude!! snicker, snicker


Weather from Cincinnati to gatiinburg tenn

Weather forecasting

I lived in SE Florida for 33 yrs and found your forecasts spot on for that region, particularly regarding tropical weather threats, hurricane probability 'threat' or 'hit', temperature ranges and rainfall predictions, and found far more dependable accuracy in Farmers Almanac than local tv weather forecasting!

a fan from Florida

The Editors's picture

Hi, Linda! Thank you so much for writing! We are so pleased to hear that the you find the forecasts helpful! This is just delightful news! We hope that maybe the forecast gave you a bit of warning about Irma—and helps you prepare for the remainder of the season. Stay safe! We will be thinking of you!

Gulf coast, Alabama

What is prediction for Orange Beach, AL for December 2017 and January and February 2018?

Winter in Alabama

The Editors's picture

Hi, Virgene, We can not fit the entire forecast here (too little space) but we can tell you that December’s average temp will be 49°F; January, 46°F; and February, 46°F. Precipitation will be heavy in December (as much as 8 inches) and in January and February (about 5 inches each month). Still you could get a few beach days …

We hope you get the weather you want!



The NOAA just released a 55-60% chance of another La Niña happening. The article was just released on September 14th. Does this sway your predictions at all?

no swing, no sway here . . .

The Editors's picture

No, Chris, NOAA’s forecast does not move us at all. Our forecast was released with the Almanac in late August (and in stores across the US and Canada now, as well as at We pay attention—that is, read—NOAA’s forecast because, let’s face it: We want to see how we stack up, especially given that our forecasts were made last January and February.

We’ll watch to see who gets it right.

End of March / Early April 2018

Spring 2017 in NY was very warm. Wondering if spring 2018 will be the same.

NY in spring...

The Editors's picture

Well, New York is a complicated area. In the Manhattan/Long Island area (and a few points beyond; Region 2), it will be rainy, with near-normal temps. In upstate, Albany and north and somewhat west (Region 1), it will be rainy, with near-normal temps. In Buffalo/Syracuse area (Region 6), it will be warmer and drier than normal. And in the triangle that embraces Elmira (Region 3), it will be rainier and cooler than normal.

It all becomes clear on the various pages…

Fall and Wunter

What will the Fall and Winter be like is Sheridan


In last year's almanac, you predicted "above normal" temperatures for the Intermountain region where I live. They were FAR below normal for 3 months. You also predicted mainly "above average" precipitation for our Summer, and it was one of the driest on record, with huge wildfires burning everywhere.
I can only hope you are wrong again this year.

re: Wrong Prediction

... well, LA - DEE - FRICKIN' - DAH ! ... hey, Almanac Readers, I'm old-n-grey, an' I don't see to good ... - is that GOD, over there, gripin' about yer weather forecast ?! ... just had to throw a little Chris Farley into this reply ... hey, nobody's right all the time, Ed ... - you, me, the readers, the Almanac folks ... - it's no biggie ... we're all human ... dont let it get ya down ... :)


I am excited to see the prediction for 2017/18 as I love Winter, and cold temps and snow! We didn't get much last year and I was so disappointed. We live just 40 minutes west of Peoria, Illinois

Northeast Snow

Will The Northeast (I live in NJ) get more snowstorms and icestorms this winter?

Cold winter & snow in Mt. Laurel, NJ

We hardly had any snow last winter & the temperatures were above average. Can you tell me what to expect? I Love the snow & roaring fire in the fireplace, while sipping some Hot Chocolate! (or a glass of wine) Romantic, I know! Please let me know if I'll have some romantic nights from Thanksgiving to Valentines Day!

2017-2018 winter wind forecast

In 2017-2018 winter forecast for the Rocky Mountain region, I was wondering if the winter the winds be calmer or worse than last winter?

Windy weather?

The Editors's picture

We do not predict wind conditions. In fact, this may be the first question about a wind forecast. We can offer a couple of observations: During El Nino, surface winds across the tropical Pacific are weaker, and during La Nina they are stronger. (The LA Times has reported extremely high winds during La Nina.)

Now, you reference the Rocky Mountain region. We do not have a designated Rocky Mountain region, but we forecast for the Intermountain Region on the west of the Rockies and several regions on the east of the Rockies. If you are on the west of the Rockies/Continental Divide, you may experience stronger winds because the winds across North America are prevailing westerlies. Last winter, we had a moderate La Nina…so that may be the reason you had to hold on to your hat. We are predicting a moderate El Nino this winter. (Remember these are theories on broad generalizations; other factors are at play as well.)


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