Wood Warms You Twice (or maybe seven times)

September 21, 2017
Wood Pile
Mare-Anne Jarvela

According to an old saying wood warms you when you cut it and when you burn it. I don’t agree. I believe it warms you many more times.

It’s still warm outside, but I have started to fill the wood cellar for the winter. I have a wood/oil furnace and burn wood if I can. I save money if I burn my own wood and I just love the smell of wood heat.

I had to cut down a big maple tree this spring, so there is quite a bit of wood sitting on the lawn behind my house. My son visited over the weekend and we started to bring some logs into the basement. Some pieces were huge and had to be split. We pulled the old truck up close to the pile and loaded the logs into the back. Then we drove the truck around the front of the house to the basement door. We emptied the truck by putting the logs into a cart and pulling it into the basement where we emptied the cart and stacked the wood in neat rows.

I figure that this wood will warm me seven times.

1. Cut
2. Split
3. Put into truck
4. Take out of truck
5. Bring into basement
6. Stack
7. Burn

How do you prepare for winter?