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Daily Newsletter for Friday, February 24, 2017

A sparrow enters the tree,

Whereon immediately

A snow-lump thrice his own slight size

Descends on him and showers his head and eyes.

Thomas Hardy (1840–1928)

Friday, February 24, 2017
55th day of the year

Eddie Murray (baseball player) was born on this day in 1956.
Harold Ramis (actor & director) died on this day in 2014.



Yes, Roses Can Be Easy

Easiest Roses to Grow for Beginners
Roses have changed, and it’s about time! Today’s roses are no longer intimidating prima donnas, which makes me very happy. Discover easy-to-grow rose varieties —from Knock Out shrub roses to Flower Carpet ground cover roses to David Austin old-fashioned rose climbers. They shrug off pests and diseases and bring years of classic beauty. You can truly plant and almost forget about them!
Cricket Garden Sculpture

Over a foot long and made of cast iron!
Gardening for Dummies!

Vegetable Gardening for Beginners
Ready to jump into gardening? It can be daunting at first, but gardening is an incredibly rewarding hobby to get into. Our Vegetable Gardening Guide for Beginners will help you to plan and grow your tastiest vegetables ever. Find out how much food you need to grow to feed a family, top 10 vegetables for a beginner, and more tips.
Farm Boy Pail Set | SAVE 24%

Jack and Jill raced up the hill for these decorative pails! Use this pail set for holding floral arrangements or as accent decorations.
Embedded thumbnail for Planning a Better Vegetable Garden
Plan Before Your Plant!

Planning a Better Vegetable Garden
Planning your garden is at the top of any gardener’s to-do list because it saves time, money, and disappointment. Let’s get started with these tips.
Farm Fresh Pitcher

Use this small pitcher for flowers or dried herbs or as an accent piece!
Mardi Gras Traditions

When is Mardi Gras 2020?
When is Mardi Gras 2020? Why is this day—also called Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday—celebrated? Read what The Old Farmer’s Almanac has to say about this festive holiday.
Sparrow Rain Gauge | Save 32%

Features a simple yet elegant design crafted in brass.
Stop Leg Cramps

Leg Cramps at Night: Causes and Remedies
Eeow! Startled from a deep sleep, you suddenly come to with a shriek, as your calf, thigh, or maybe the arch of your foot contracts in violent pain. Commonly called a “Charley horse,” this is a common and painful occurrence. Discover what causes leg cramps at night, as well as how you can prevent and relieve them.
Kitchen Dish Towels

Discover our large selection of cotton dish towels with country and farmhouse style!