Welcome April, spring festivals, diamonds

Daily Newsletter for Sunday, April 2, 2017

Now cast around thy raptur’d eyes,

And see the lovely spring arise:

Swell’d buds invest the grove again,

And streams remurmur o’er the plain.

The 1793 Old Farmer's Almanac

Sunday, April 2, 2017
92nd day of the year

Clark Gregg (actor) was born on this day in 1962.
Jane Henson (co-creator of The Muppets) died on this day in 2013.


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Welcome April!

The Month of April 2018: Holidays, Fun Facts, Folklore
April 2018 is the first full month of spring! We hope that your sky is bright and clear and your grass is growing green. In celebration, check out the month’s holidays, recipes, gardening tips, and folklore.
Rustic Gears Rotating Kinetic Wind Stake

Bring the popular industrial, repurposed look to your landscape with this 26-inch Rustic Gears Rotating Kinetic Stake. The double blades spin in opposite directions, creating a mesmerizing effect. What’s more, the kinetic sculpture will turn to face into the wind! Hand-painted, with a multicolor rustic patina finish. Watch the wind stake in action—video available. 
When and What is Passover?

When Is the Start of Passover 2019?
When does Passover 2019 begin? See more information on Passover dates, a short history, and traditional recipes including charoset and beef brisket.
Healing Stone Wind Chimes

Enjoy the soothing sounds of wind chimes precision-tuned to complement the natural properties of their gemstones. Choose from amethyst, jade, or turquoise.  
Celebrating Easter

When Is Easter 2019 | How Is the Easter Date Determined?
When is Easter 2019—and why does the date of Easter change every year? How do we determine the date of Easter? What does the date of Easter have to do with the full Moon? What is the Golden Number? Find all the answers to these questions below, as well as Easter traditions, folklore, recipes, and more!
Rustic Sunflower Wall Decor

With the charm of weathered metal, our hand-painted giant Rustic Sunflower Wall Decor will make any indoor or outdoor living space come alive with vibrant fall colors.
April is for Diamonds

April Birthstone: Color and Meaning
The April birthstone, the diamond, in addition to being a symbol of everlasting love, was once thought to bring courage.
Solar Filigree Stake

Vibrant hand-painted colors and detailed scroll work make this Solar Ladybug Filigree Stake a showstopper. The front side is made from thick molded glass and the back side is ornamental filigree metal art. Solar-powered LED string lights illuminate both sides creating a fun nighttime display. Turns on at dusk and off in daylight automatically.
April's Moon

Full Moon for April 2019
Celebrate the Full Moon of April 2019! Find out why it’s called the Pink Moon—plus more Moon facts and folklore.
Flower Spinners

Flower Spinners add lively fun to your garden. The metal petals of the flower spin around a butterfly, bee, grasshopper, dragonfly, or hummingbird you choose. Each spinner is painted with a metallic paint for a brilliant shine.