Best burgers, roasted veggies, flag rules

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Daily Newsletter for Sunday, May 28, 2017

Day is done, gone the sun,
From the lake, from the hills, from the sky;
All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

Fading light, dims the sight,
And a star gems the sky, gleaming bright.
From afar, drawing nigh, falls the night

–Major General Daniel Butterfield


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Great Burger Tips

Basic Burgers

Nothing beats an old-fashioned hamburger, and the best burgers are really quite basic.  

Nominate a local hero

Do you know someone who’s gone above and beyond to make your community better? Nominate a local hero to win $1000! Plus, you’re entered in a Cummins Generator giveaway!

Grilled Veggies

Farmers' Market Grilled-Veggie Platter

Vegetables taste best when cooked on the grill and this Grilled Veggie Platter recipe is simple and versatile.

The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids

Buy the Almanac for Kids, Volume 7, and GET VOLUMES 6 AND 5 FOR FREE! 

Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

Strawberry Lemonade

Our easy Strawberry Lemonade is loaded with fresh ripe strawberries and zesty tart lemon!

Tick Removal Tool

The best tick remover is the one that is easy to carry and always with you! This safe tick removal tool attaches to key chains, leashes, and backpacks. Made in the USA from high-strength aluminum that won’t break or bend. Sold as 3-pack for spares and sharing.

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Plant Vegetables in Baskets!

How to Grow Vegetables in Hanging Baskets
Many vegetables are suitable for growing in hanging baskets. Here’s how to plant your own hanging basket—with edibles!
Rustic Gears Rotating Kinetic Wind Stake

Bring the popular industrial, repurposed look to your landscape with this 26-inch Rustic Gears Rotating Kinetic Stake. The double blades spin in opposite directions, creating a mesmerizing effect. What’s more, the kinetic sculpture will turn to face into the wind! Hand-painted, with a multicolor rustic patina finish. Watch the wind stake in action—video available. 

Raise the Flag!

U.S. Flag Etiquette, Rules, and Guidelines
Many of our readers ask about American flag etiquette and the U.S. Flag Code. Here is a list of rules and guidelines for displaying the American flag and treating it with proper respect.
Solar Tulip Stake

The hand-painted petals on this glass tulip provides gorgeous color during the day. A crackle-glass ball inside the tulip emits a lasting glow when the sun goes down.

$17.39 (You Save $11.60)