Fireworks chicken, instant garden, grilled veggies

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Daily Newsletter for Monday, July 3, 2017

poppy in rye field

When the heat like a mist veil floats,
And poppies flame in the rye,
And the silver note in the streamlet's throat
Has softened almost to a sigh.
It is July

–Susan Hartley Swett (1843–1907)


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Grilling Top 10 Veggies

How to Grill Vegetables
This guide to grilling vegetables gives vegetable preparation and grilling time instructions for ten popular veggies. See how easy it is to make delicious and healthy grilled vegetables right at home!
The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids

Buy the Almanac for Kids, Volume 7, and GET VOLUMES 6 AND 5 FOR FREE! 

Star-Spangled Chicken Recipe

Star-Spangled Chicken With Fireworks Salsa

Our Star-Spangled Chicken With Fireworks Salsa will be a huge hit for any festive occasion, especially a patriotic one.

Solar Calla Lily Bubble Stake in Yellow

During the day, the acrylic bubble wand in the center of our Solar Calla Lily Stake catches the light and sparkles. At night, it glows for a truly spectacular effect. Try one as a flower bed accent or several for a brilliant display. In daylight, the solar panel absorbs the Sun’s natural energy. An energy-saving LED automatically turns on at night. Made with textured metal and hand-painted in a matte finish.

Festive Sundaes

Red, White, and Blue Sundae

There’s nothing like an America ice cream sundae on the 4th of July—or, any summer day!

The Old Farmer’s Almanac Gardening Notebook

A gardener’s most useful tool is knowledge from past seasons. Don’t rely on sticky notes or memory! You’ll love our beautiful Gardening Notebook with its waterproof cover—easy to bring to the garden. Keep records so you know when pests arrive and when to put preventative controls in place to avoid damage. Also, track what blossoms when, first and last frost dates, what was planted where, what worked, favorite varieties, what you want to move, and other notes. 

Instant Garden!

Containers and Window Boxes: Instant Garden!
Everyone would like a yard full of flowers, but we often don’t have the right space or enough time for a traditional garden. Whether you have an apartment balcony or rooftop terrace or small patio, container plantings and window boxes allow us to indulge our love of plants in new, creative, and exciting ways
Almanac Hummingbird Thermometer

Retro design resembles a vintage advertising thermometer. Made in the USA.

How to Remove a Stinger!

Bee Stings: Prevention and Treatment
Here are some first aid tips for those annoying and often painful bee stings—plus, tips on how to prevent bee stings in the first place.
Almanac Berry Basket

This super-strong 4-quart basket was designed with blueberry- and strawberry-picking in mind. It will hold four 1-quart berry containers. Comes in handy for farmers’ market shopping. Great for kitchen or craft storage, too.