Sleeping better, eclipse folklore, fried green tomatoes

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Daily Newsletter for Tuesday, August 15, 2017


When high the sun in noonday glory rides,
Where willows keep the lake's green margin cool,
The speckled trout amid their shadow hides,
And dragonflies haunt every shaded pool
–Thomas S. Collier (1842–93)


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Eclipse Folklore

Solar Eclipse Folklore, Myths, and Superstitions
Here at the The Old Farmer’s Almanac, we do love our folklore and mythology—and there’s nothing like a total solar eclipse to get folks wondering why things happen. For the Sun to suddenly disappear demands explanation—or, let’s say, imagination! People around the world, especially in ancient times, have come up with many interesting stories, legends, and superstitions.
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How to Save Veggie Seeds

How to Save Vegetable Seeds: Seed-Saving Guide
Save the seeds from some of your favorite garden vegetables to replant next year! Here’s our seed-saving guide for beginners.


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Second Coming

How to Plant a Fall Vegetable Garden
Plant a fall vegetable garden—and extend your harvest. In late summer, you might think the garden is winding down, but this is the perfect (and easy) time to bring in those wonderful cool-weather vegetables. Here’s how to get started.


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Fried Green Tomato Recipe

Fried Green Tomatoes

Is there anything better than a handful (or two) of crispy fried green tomatoes? Check out a time-tested and beloved recipe for the Southern staple.

Natural Sleep Aids

How to Sleep Better and Stop Snoring
If you are suffering from insomnia or sleep deprivation, simply can’t sleep, or are snoring, you might benefit from these natural sleep aids, which might help you sleep better.
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