Saturn tonight, pork apple recipe, leaf mold

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Daily Newsletter for Tuesday, September 26, 2017

sumac leaves

Now by the brook the maple leans
With all his glory spread,
And all the sumachs on the hills
Have turned their green to red
–William Wilfred Campbell (1861–1918)


Tuesday, September 26, 2017
269th day of the year

Melissa Sue Anderson (actress) was born on this day in 1962.
Paul Newman (actor & businessman) died on this day in 2008.


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See Saturn Tuesday Night

A Perfect Time to See Saturn
On Tuesday evening, September 26, look at the Moon at nightfall, around 8:00 PM.  A star dangles just below it.  This is the planet Saturn. 


Roadside Farm Stand

Shop at the farmers’ market from your own home. With our program, you lease part of a farm, a cow or a peach tree, and we send a share of the harvest, like fresh cheese and Georgia peaches, to your gift recipient.
Next Full Moon

Full Moon for October 2019
When is the Full Hunter’s Moon—and what’s the meaning behind its name? Plus, find your Moon phase dates, Best Days by the Moon, folklore, and more!
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How to Make Leaf Mold

How to Make Leaf Mold
Fallen leaves can be time-consuming to deal with, so don’t waste all that hard work by throwing them out. Use them to make precious leaf mold instead.
Handmade Glass Sun Catchers

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Best Fall Vegetables

Best Vegetables to Plant in Fall
The days are getting shorter and fall is on the way. Are you planning to continue the harvest with a fall planting? There are so many interesting vegetables that thrive when the weather cools!


Garden Work Gloves with Claws

Weed or dig quickly and easily!  No need to get up and search for a trowel or or hoe—just keep working. Everything is at your fingertips. The best part is that actual customers voted it 5 stars!
Pork With Apples Recipe

Pork with Apples

Pork with apples is a classic dish that perfectly mixes sweet with savory. It can also be made in a slow cooker; simply follow the directions for cooking pork.

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