February feasts, fun, and folklore!

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Daily Newsletter for Thursday, February 1, 2018

February snow thaw

When February sun shines cold,
There comes a day when in the air
The wings of winter
Slow unfold,
And show the golden summer there

–Philip Savage (1868–99)

Thursday, February 1, 2018
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February Feasts, Fun, and Folklore

The Month of February 2020: Holidays, Fun Facts, Folklore
What do we celebrate in February? What is February famous for? It’s a leap year this year, so let’s celebrate all that this longer-than-usual February has to offer! Here’s the short list of holiday happenings. 
Birthstone for February

February Birthstone: Color and Meaning
The February birthstone, the amethyst, is said to strengthen relationships and give its wearer courage. 
Glass Sun Catchers

Lots of colors and designs to choose from!

Birth Flower for February

February Birth Flowers
With Valentine’s Day on people’s minds, February is a big month for flowers. But, oddly enough, the red rose is not February’s birth month flower! Find out which flowers belong to February, plus the meanings behind them.
The 2018 Old Farmer's Almanac - Collector's Edition

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How Long Can You Freeze Foods?

Freezer Storage Times: How Long Can You Freeze Foods For?
How long can you freeze food for before it’s no longer safe to eat? See this frozen food storage chart to find out whether or not you can freeze cheese, how long you can freeze chicken for, how long fruit lasts in the freezer, and much more. Plus, find tips for freezing foods correctly.
Readers’ Best Recipes and the Stories Behind Them

Get the recipes that folks rave about! We invited Almanac readers to share their best recipes—the favorites served at family gatherings, potlucks, parties, and supper tables. You’ll love the heartwarming, humorous, and true stories that these cooks tell, too!

Temperature Conversion Calculator

Temperature Conversion: Celsius to Fahrenheit
Looking to change Fahrenheit to Celsius or Celsius to Fahrenheit? Use our simple Celsius to Fahrenheit Temperature Converter, our temperature conversion charts, or calculate C to F or F to C yourself using the conversion formulas.
Wall Pail Set

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