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Daily Newsletter for Friday, May 11, 2018

My mom sang a lot around the house and I thought she made up all of the songs. When I got older, I started to hear those same songs on the radio and was like ‘Hey . . . ’” 
–Sarah P., Almanac editor

How do you celebrate Mom? This year, our Almanac staff added funny stories and happy memories about their own mothers. We welcome your stories on our Mother's Day article, too!

Happy Mother's Day,

Your Almanac editors


Moon Shiners
Best Mother's Day Memories

Mother's Day 2020 | 10 Ways to Celebrate Mom
Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 10, 2020. This year, many of us are rethinking how to give extra recognition to moms, especially we’re apart. Check out 10 fun ideas for spending time with Mom—from a virtual dinner date to a long-distance movie night to a Zoom talent show!
Christmas Aprons

These aprons are 100% cotton for easy care and have bold holiday prints. Impress your guests! Supplies are limited.
Mother's Day History

The History of Mother's Day in the United States
The real history of Mother’s Day in the United States might surprise you. Three women—who championed efforts toward better health, welfare, peace, and love—contributed to the day we all celebrate on the second Sunday in May each year. Read more.
The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2018 Gardener’s Special

The Special Way to a Great Garden! SAVE 20% over buying separately (over $6 off!). Also, get a FREE Gardening Calendar if you order today ($9.99 value). NEW Garden Guide NEW The Gift of Gardening Gardening Notebook
Embedded thumbnail for How to Build a Raised Bed Step-by-Step
DIY Raised Bed

How to Build a Raised Bed Step-by-Step
With just a few materials, we will show you how to build a simple 4 x 4-foot raised bed for your garden. No prior DIY skills required! We hope this demonstration is helpful. Full text provided.
Garden Stakes

Choose from stakes that spin with the wind, give the temperature, or add color and height to a flower bed!
Mother's Forgotten Cookies

Mother's Forgotten Mint Cookies

These meringue-like cookies are placed in a preheated oven, which is immediately turned off, and they bake overnight as the oven cools down.

Metal Wind Spinners

Features a deep, colorful finish that pulses and glitters with sunshine and wind. The effect is mesmerizing!
Mom Humor

A Well-Meaning Mother and More Humor
Sometimes, it’s mothers who say the darnedest things. Try not to roll your eyes too hard at this edition of Humor Me!
Be The Black Sheep Metal Sign

Encourage people that share your fun side! Made in the USA like a rust-proof street sign to hang indoors or outside.