Lemon scones, tea, tomato growing tips, snow in summer

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Daily Newsletter for Thursday, May 24, 2018

rainbow in utah

Rainbow to windward, foul fall the day;
Rainbow to leeward, damp runs away.


Easy Lemon Scones

Glazed Lemon Cream Scones

Shockingly simple to make, these sublime Glazed Lemon Cream Scones taste delicious alongside coffee or tea.



Create a Bee-Friendly Garden

Saving the bees isn’t an easy job, but it’s a crucial one, for many reasons. You can create a perfect bee-friendly garden just about anywhere if you know where to start.

Grilling Vegetables Right

How to Grill Vegetables
This guide to grilling vegetables gives vegetable preparation and grilling time instructions for ten popular veggies. See how easy it is to make delicious and healthy grilled vegetables right at home!
Multicolored Wine Bottle Lights

Turn any wine bottle into a snazzy decoration or a keepsake from a meaningful celebration!

How to Make Great Tea

How to Make Iced Tea: Tips and Recipes
Is there anything better than drinking cold iced tea on a warm summer’s day? Here are some iced tea–making tips and recipes for you to enjoy!
Farm Sweet Farm Jumbo Coffee Mugs

Large, double-sided, dishwasher-safe mugs. Each mug includes a generously-sized hole that allows coffee to pour out when the mug is tilted.

Snow in Summer?

Predicting Snow for the Summer of 1816
Here’s a peculiar prediction: Legend says that a July forecast of “rain, hail, and snow” mistakenly appeared in The 1816 Old Farmer’s Almanac.
Fresh Eggs from Happy Chickens

Advertise your egg business or decorate your kitchen! Built for fun and built to last. These signs are fully waterproof, UV-resistant, and mounted on heavy-duty aluminum (think street sign durability). These modern, colorful, and fun farm signs are sure to liven up your coop, garden, kitchen, or mud room.

Expert Tomato Tips

10 Tips for Growing Tomatoes
Tomatoes are the ultimate backyard crop, and growing them is easier than you might think. These tomato growing tips should help you to take care of your most delicious plants.
Bath Bomb Sets

Creates a luxurious bath or memorable gift! Choose from 4 relaxing scents.