Raise the flag, fruit flies, birthday paradox, 10 watering tips

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Daily Newsletter for Thursday, June 14, 2018

wedding bouquet of roses

Mine is the Month of Roses; yes and mine
The Month of Marriages! All pleasant sights
And scents, the fragrance of the blossoming vine,
The foliage of the valleys and the heights
–Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–82)

Thursday, June 14, 2018
Find out who was born today.

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Raise the Flag!

U.S. Flag Etiquette, Rules, and Guidelines
Many of our readers ask about American flag etiquette and the U.S. Flag Code. Here is a list of rules and guidelines for displaying the American flag and treating it with proper respect.
Vern Ader's Weed Spinner

Finally, it’s fun and easy to weed!  What’s more, dandelions don’t stand a chance!

The Weed Spinner is an innovative drill-driven weed removal bit that spins out weeds and their roots in one whirling motion.The action is fast and the result is very satisfying! What’s more, there’s no kneeling, bending, or getting your hands dirty.

The Birthday Paradox

365 Birthdays | How Many of Us Share a Birthday?
Every day, one of our Almanac fans has a birthday! If there are 365 (or 366) days in a year, how many of us share a birthday? The answer might surprise you.
The Gift of Gardening

The Gift of Gardening is a lovely illustrated book filled with inspirational quotes and interesting facts harvested from The Old Farmer’s Almanac. It is perfect for the garden enthusiast. Includes a space to personalize the book with a “To” and “From” section on the first page.

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Know These 10 Watering Tips

10 Smart Watering Tips for a Healthy Garden
Watering at the right time, in the right place, and using the right methods can make a big difference in how much water your garden needs.
Wine Bottle Lights

Create ambient lighting from an empty wine bottle! Choose a bottle from a special celebration or because of its interesting shape and color. 

Dealing With Fruit Flies

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies
In the kitchen, a fruit fly infestation can be a truly annoying experience. Here’s how to get rid of fruit flies, including how to make your own fruit fly trap!
Bee Brand Tote

One side of this cotton bag resembles a vintage seed sack and the other has busy bees.

The June Bride

The June Bride | June Wedding Ideas
“For they say when you marry in June, you’re a bride all your life.”  Historically, June was the month of marriage. We’ll explain why—plus, share some June wedding ideas!
The Almanac Garden Hod

Harvest and wash fruit and vegetables easily. Plus, enjoy hundreds of other uses! Each hod has the Almanac Sun logo burned into one side with a fire-heated branding iron.