Cucumbers, tea for plants, 2-ingredient jam

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Daily Newsletter for Thursday, June 28, 2018

moonlit hill

I hear the red fox barking
On the moonlit hill,
And bullfrogs by the river
Where the reeds stand still.

All the night has voices.
But sometimes, suddenly,
It grows so quiet I know the world
Is listening with me

–Benjamin Rice (1903–78)

Thursday, June 28, 2018
179th day of the year

John Cusack (actor) was born on this day in 1966.
Meshach Taylor (actor) died on this day in 2014.

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Caring for Cucumbers

An easy-care vegetable that loves sun and water, cucumbers grow quickly as long as they receive consistent watering and warmth. Most varieties will grow in any amount of space, thanks to the plant’s ability to climb. Of course, these prolific veggies are perfect for pickling!
Glass Sun Catchers

Lots of colors and designs to choose from!
Tea for Your Plants!

Fertilizer Tea from Plants, Weeds, and Grass
Using your own garden weeds and grass, you can make homemade fertilizer tea. Here’s how.
Pigs At Play Indoor/Outdoor Metal Sign

Proudly made on Bainbridge Island, Washington!
Embedded thumbnail for The Full Strawberry Moon 2019
Strawberry Moon Lore

The Full Strawberry Moon 2019
The Full Strawberry Moon rises on Monday morning, June 17, 2019, appearing “opposite” the Sun at 4:31 AM EDT. The Moon will appear full for about three days around this time, from Saturday night through Tuesday morning.
Dragonfly Wooden Night Lights

These highly intricate and detailed night lights were carved with a laser. The craftsmanship is outstanding. Each shade consists of 4 pieces of wood held together with interlocking finger joints. The best part is that the shade hides the bulb, even when viewed from the side. Made in the USA.
Flavorful Turkey Burgers

Herbed Turkey Burgers

Getting tired of the same old hamburgers? Let us help you out of your rut with our scrumptious recipe for Herbed Turkey Burgers!

Oversized Wooden Matches

Each gorgeous matchbox contains approximately 50 wooden matches with color-coordinated tips. New designs and old favorites available.
2-Ingredient Jam!

How to Make Berry Jam
Learn how to make jam in no time! Here’s a quick and easy berry jam recipe with just two ingredients. Importantly, this simple jam has that naturally delicious, flavor-packed taste that all jam lovers crave.
Try the Weed Spinner!

All you need is a drill and weeds and their roots are gone in one quick spin! The action is fun, fast, and satisfying! What’s more, there’s no kneeling, bending, or getting your hands dirty. Expect your neighbors to get curious and want to try the Weed Spinner, too. This back-saving drill bit was invented by retired school teacher Vern Ader and we thank him.