What is Canada Day?, maple cake, 4th of July forecast

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Sing a song of seasons,
Something bright in all,
Flowers in the summer,
Fires in the fall
Robert Louis Stevenson(1850–94)

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What is Canada Day (Sunday)?

Canada Day 2020
O Canada! It’s time to celebrate Canada Day! Learn the history behind this national holiday, observed this year on Wednesday, July 1. Plus, find some delicious recipes to celebrate with!
Oversized Wooden Matches

Each gorgeous matchbox contains approximately 50 wooden matches with color-coordinated tips. New designs and old favorites available.

Growing Beets: Easy and Fast!

A staple in our garden, beets grow easily and you won’t have to wait long until harvesting their tasty roots. And you can eat their green tops, too, so they’re a dual-purpose crop. Learn all you need to know about growing beets—from planting to harvest!
Hummingbird Crossing Metal Sign

Hang inside or outside!

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How to Grow Cukes Demo!

How to Grow Cucumbers from Sowing to Harvest
Cool and crunchy cucumbers, fresh from the garden, are in a league of their own. Plus, we can’t wait to start pickling! We’ll show you how to grow both outdoor and greenhouse varieties—and share our nifty idea for making a fantastic cucumber frame to grow them up for easy picking.
Dragonfly Wooden Night Lights

These highly intricate and detailed night lights were carved with a laser. The craftsmanship is outstanding. Each shade consists of 4 pieces of wood held together with interlocking finger joints. The best part is that the shade hides the bulb, even when viewed from the side. Made in the USA.

Canadian Maple Cake!

Maple-Walnut Layer Cake with Easy Maple Frosting

This towering cake is a real old-fashioned treat, as delicious as it is charming.

Glass Sun Catchers

Lots of colors and designs to choose from!