Labor Day, gladiolus, 100 ways to avoid dying

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The dawn laughs out on orient hills 
And dances with the diamond rills; 
The ambrosial wind but faintly stirs 
The silken, beaded gossamers
–Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874–1942)

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Why We Mark Labor Day

When Is Labor Day 2020?
Labor Day falls on Monday, September 7, 2020. Unlike many holidays, Labor Day doesn’t have many rituals other than end-of-summer barbecues. So what is Labor Day and why do we celebrate it?
Growing Gladiolus

Gladiolus is a classic perennial known for its tall flower spikes and large, colorful blooms. A great cutting flower, gladioli look spectacular in summer bouquets. Here’s how to grow gladioli in your garden.
The 2020 Old Farmer's Almanac ☼ Collector's Edition

Special hardcover edition with new, useful, and entertaining matter! Also featuring astronomical tables, tides, holidays, eclipses, and weather forecasts for all 18 regions of the United States.
Grilled Salmon Recipe

Grilled Salmon With Maple Mustard Glaze
Next time you think of grilling salmon, add this maple mustard glaze in minutes! The fragrance of sweet maple, tangy mustard, and lively ginger comes together for a great meal.
The Almanac Garden Hod

Harvest and wash fruit and vegetables easily. Plus, enjoy hundreds of other uses! Each hod has the Almanac Sun logo burned into one side with a fire-heated branding iron.
Radish Slaw

Radish Slaw

Shredded radishes, carrots, and zucchini combine to create a tasty and attractive Radish Slaw. Chill and serve with baked ham, corned beef, or grilled meats.


Want to enjoy the beautiful Moon year-round? Check out our 2019 Moon Wall Calendar that is loaded with amazing lunar lore, facts, and photos!   
100 Ways to Avoid Dying

100 Ways to Avoid Dying
“Don’t let a lizard count your teeth.” Discover 100 ways to avoid dying—without giving up any of the stuff you really like to do or eat, according to age-old folklore. (None of these “surefire” ways were made up!)
Solar Flower Stakes

Hand-painted glass petals provide a splash of fun color to your garden. Once the Sun goes down, they truly shine. Automatically turns on at dusk and off in the daylight.