Flower meanings, Aroostook potato soup, overwintering plants

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Daily Newsletter for Thursday, November 29, 2018


a wind has blown the rain away and blown
the sky away and all the leaves away,
and the trees stand. I think i too have known autumn too long
–E. E. Cummings ​​​​​​(1894–1962)

Thursday, November 29, 2018
333rd day of the year

Don Cheadle (actor) was born on this day in 1964.
Wendie Jo Sperber (actress) died on this day in 2005.

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What Does Your Fave Flower Mean?

Flower Meanings: The Language of Flowers
Before you select a bouquet, check out the flower meanings from The Old Farmer’s Almanac!  While most of us know that red roses symbolize love, did you realize that most plants, herbs, and flowers have centuries-old symbolic meanings? Some flowers mean friendship; others symbolize love; yet others represent loss. Here’s our full list of flower meanings.


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Overwintering Plants

How to Overwinter Your Plants and Garden
Learn how to properly overwinter your garden plants to keep them protected from snow, wind, and freezing temperatures. They’ll thank you in the spring!


How To: Fix Crepe Skin

Beverly Hills surgeon explains at home fix for crepey skin around the arms, legs, and stomach
Potato and Broccoli Soup

Aroostook Potato & Broccoli Soup

Maine’s Aroostook County was at one time known as the potato-growing capital of America.

Balsam Fir Pillows

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A New Take on Chicken Salad

Crunchy Chicken Salad

Here’s a new take on sometimes boring chicken salad. We added zip and zest with spicy fennel, tart apples, crunchy pine nuts, and protein-packed quinoa.

Christmas Aprons

These aprons are 100% cotton for easy care and have bold holiday prints. Impress your guests! Supplies are limited.
10 Myths About Being Cold

10 Myths About the Cold
Can cold weather give you a cold? Do you lose most of your body heat through your head? Is a cup of hot coffee the best way to warm up? We answer these and more myths about the cold.
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