Equinox today—​​​​​​​all you need to know, final supermoon of 2019, plants for early spring

Daily Newsletter for Wednesday, March 20, 2019

daffodil grove

For glad Spring has begun,
And to the ardent sun
The earth, long time so bleak,
Turns a frost-bitten cheek.

–Celia Thaxter (1835–94)

Wednesday, March 20, 2019
79th day of the year

Holly Hunter (actress) was born on this day in 1958.
Sir Isaac Newton (physicist) died on this day in 1727.

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Today is the Spring Equinox

First Day of Spring 2019: The Spring Equinox
In 2019, spring equinox (also called the March equinox or vernal equinox) falls on Wednesday, March 20. This event marks the astronomical first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Before you try to balance that egg, read this!


Diet Expert Tells All: "It's Like A Powerwash For Your Insides"

Millions of Americans suffer from low energy, digestive discomfort, and trouble losing weight. Many also are on the road to serious heart problems. According to Dr. Steven Gundry, one of the top cardiothoracic surgeons in the world, all these issues can be addressed by doing one simple thing.
Full Worm Moon Rises

Full Moon for March 2020
When is the full Moon in March 2020? Here’s all you need to know about March’s Full Worm Moon—including Full Moon and New Moon phase dates.
Rooster Welcome Stake

Welcome your guests in country style!
Easy Veggies for Early Spring

Easy Vegetables to Plant in Early Spring
The secret to a bountiful early harvest is choosing the right seeds. As you peruse catalogs or seed kiosks, keep this in mind: Choose cold-resistant vegetables to plant this spring, and well begun, you’ll be half done. 
Red Rooster Wall Clock

Here’s a clock to crow about! Features a distressed finish that makes it look like a treasure from the past.
Spring Recipes!

Spring Recipes: Make the Most of Food in Season!
Delight in the taste of spring! Here are seasonal recipes using asparagus, rhubarb, fresh peas, strawberries, scallions, spinach, fiddleheads, and more!
Rooster Planter

New arrival! 
Spring-Cleaning Tips

Spring-Cleaning Naturally: 6 Ingredients
When it comes to spring-cleaning or any kind of housecleaning, I use an array of six admirably versatile natural cleaning products: vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, salt, borax, wood ash.
Black and White Rooster Decor

Bring a bit of the rural countryside to your outdoor decor. Handcrafted thick-metal Black and White Rooster. Fine detail and embossed texture on the feathers, wattle, and comb are enhanced by the hand-painted finish. For your indoor or outdoor enjoyment!