Mulching Guide, spot Mars and Pleiades, earthworms

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Daily Newsletter for Wednesday, April 10, 2019

wild onion

The grass of spring covers the prairies,
The bean bursts noiselessly through the mould in the garden,
The delicate spear of the onion pierces upward,
The apple-buds cluster together on the apple-branches
–Walt Whitman (1819–92)

Wednesday, April 10, 2019
100th day of the year

Omar Sharif (actor) was born on this day in 1932.
Dixie Carter (actress) died on this day in 2010.

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Mars and the Seven Sisters

Spot the Pleiades in the Spring Sky
These nights, the Pleiades—also called the Seven Sisters—appear at nightfall, lowish in the west, directly above where the Sun sets. As a bonus, the orange planet Mars is now traveling just to their left. See how to spot the Pleiades!
Mulching Guide

Mulching Guide: Benefits of Mulch
Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your garden. But using mulch incorrectly can have the opposite effect. Here’s how to mulch a garden—and get the most out of mulching.
Embedded thumbnail for How to Make Tomato Cages and Tomato Stakes
Tomato Cages

How to Make Tomato Cages and Tomato Stakes
In this video, we explain how to choose the best plant supports for both bush and vining tomato plants, and show how to make inexpensive homemade tomato cages. This helps to prevent branch breakage, provide air circulation, avoid slug damage, and keep tomatoes productive and healthy.
All-Natural, DEET-Free Insect Repellent

The Old Farmer’s Almanac name is on the bottle. If it doesn’t effectively repel ticks, mosquitoes, blackflies, chiggers, and other biting bugs we will give you your money back!
Easter Brunch Idea

Asparagus Tart

With just a few simple ingredients, this easy Asparagus Tart can make an impressive contribution to any brunch, lunch, or dinner table.

Bright and Bold Umbrellas

These sturdy umbrellas come in several nature-inspired designs.
Earthworms: Good for the Garden!

How to Attract Worms to Your Garden
Earthworms are nature’s original gardeners!  Their tunnels help aerate and loosen the soil, making it easier for plant roots to penetrate well below the surface and along the way they drop their poop, a rich fertilizer called a casting. See how to attract worms to the garden!
Pewter Zipper Pulls

Great for fleece coats and backpacks! Pewter zipper pulls are fun and convenient!  A stylish accessory that is also helpful for arthritic or small hands. Made in Vermont.