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Daily Newsletter for Sunday, June 2, 2019


Now, from the thick grass, the fireflies
begin to rise:
up, then down, then up again:
lit on the ascending flight,
drifting simultaneously to the same height,
exactly like the bubbles in champagne
–Elizabeth Bishop (1911–79)



What's Happening in June?

The Month of June 2020: Holidays, Fun Facts, Folklore
The month of June brings beautiful bouquets, delicious fruits and vegetables, and an urge to get out there and enjoy the sunshine. Check out June holidays, wacky times, gardening tips, and even a fun quiz!


Don't Let Pests Ruin Your Garden

Harsh chemicals and cruel traps used to be the normal way of controlling pesky critters. At Jung Seed, we are committed to a healthy environment. We offer a variety of products which neither harm nature’s little ones or the environment.

Birthstone for June

June Birthstone: Color and Meaning
June’s traditional birthstone is the pearl. With their natural beauty, pearls have been beloved for centuries. Learn more about the pearl, which is associated with purity, honesty, and calm.


Best Natural Fertilizer On Earth!

Chicken Soup for the Soil® is 100% toxin-free and includes all the elements in the periodic table. Higher-quality fruits and vegetables. Will not wash out of soil.

2019 Hurricane Forecast Out!

2020 Hurricane Season Forecast
Hurricane season 2020 officially began on June 1. See this year’s hurricane forecast—including expected number of storms and how many storms are predicted to make landfall. Also, find your common questions and answers about Earth’s most violent storms!
Dishwasher-Safe Bamboo Cutting Board with Rooster

This handy cutting board sports a hole in the corner—just like The Old Farmer’s Almanac itself. 

Embedded thumbnail for How to Water Vegetables for Better Taste
Watering Affects Taste

How to Water Vegetables for Better Taste
Improve the flavor of tomatoes and other vegetables just by the way you water your garden. Here’s how.
Ode to a Cow Almanac Wooden Sign

This poem was originally printed in The 1936 Old Farmer’s Almanac. Its inspirational advice is still relevant for today’s busy lifestyles.

Avocado Quiche

Avocado Quiche

Avocado is everywhere–and here you’ll find it in quiche! This effortless recipe for Avocado Quiche is perfect for brunch with friends and family.

Retro Advertising Thermometer

Official thermometer of The Old Farmer’s Almanac! Made in the USA from metal.