Harvesting corn, saving veggie seeds, water-bath canning

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Daily Newsletter for Monday, August 19, 2019


Happiness held is the seed;
happiness shared is the flower.

–John Harrigan (b. 1936)

August 19: National Aviation Day

The 2020 Old Farmer's Almanac
Harvesting Corn

Sweet corn is an annual crop with yellow, white, or bi-colored ears. A long, frost-free growing season is necessary. Here’s how to plant, grow, and harvest corn in your garden.
Guide to Saving Seeds

How to Save Vegetable Seeds: Seed-Saving Guide
Save the seeds from some of your favorite garden vegetables to replant next year! Here’s our seed-saving guide for beginners.
Wine Bottle Lights

Create ambient lighting from an empty wine bottle! Choose a bottle from a special celebration or because of its interesting shape and color. 

Know Your Clouds!

Cloud Guide: Types of Clouds and Weather They Predict!
By observing clouds, you can often predict the incoming weather! See our Guide to Clouds with pictures of most common cloud types in the sky (classified by altitude and shape)—and what weather clouds predict!
The 2020 Old Farmer's Almanac Moon Calendar

Loaded with dramtic images, lunar lore, and more! Makes a great stocking stuffer!

How to Can Safely

Water-Bath Canning: Beginner's Guide and Recipes
Gardens, farmers’ markets, and farm stands are overflowing with vegetables and fruit! We’ll show you an easy home canning method that simply uses boiling water to heat and seal jars of food. Here are the basics of water bath canning, a step-by-step guide on how to can, and recipes. You’ll capture and share the best of summer in a jar–and you’ll save the flavors long after the growing season is over.
The Almanac Weather Rock

100% accurate weather predictor! If the rock is wet, it’s raining. If it’s dry and still, just wait a minute—it’s a mistake and will change soon.

Wonderful Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad With Spinach and Artichokes

A colorful no-mayo pasta salad that’s full of flavor with spinach, artichokes, and olives.

The Old Farmer's Almanac Bottle Opener

Features a cast iron opener with a weathered patina!