What each flower symbolizes, zucchini pizza, overwintering rosemary

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Daily Newsletter for Wednesday, September 25, 2019


And now the autumn season waits,
In mellowing forms of fruitage.

–Stephen Henry Thayer (1839–1919)

Wednesday, September 25, 2019
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The 2020 Old Farmer's Almanac
What Each Flower Symbolizes

Flower Meanings: The Language of Flowers
What does each flower symbolize? Which flowers represent love, hope, healing, loss, and good luck? See the Almanac’s complete list of Flower Meanings and Plant Symbolism. Whether you are picking out a flower bouquet for a wedding, choosing a single flower for a loved one, or planting a garden, discover the secret language of flowers!


3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)

Is your dog giving you a “warning” sign? According to Dr. Marty Goldstein, many dogs are at risk of serious health issues… but their owners may be missing the warning signs. Watch this free, short video where he explains everything about the true cause of canine health issues, including how people can naturally fix them, on their own, right from home. Watch His Presentation Here.

Overwintering Rosemary

Overwintering Rosemary: Growing Rosemary Indoors
Find out how to overwinter rosemary and grow rosemary indoors to keep this wonderful herb growing all year.
Bold Kitchen Aprons

MOTHER’S DAY GIFT IDEA! There’s always something cooking at The Old Farmer’s Almanac. When it gets messy, we grab for one of these easy-care cotton aprons.

Saving Annual Seeds

Saving Vegetable and Flower Seeds for Replanting
Saving seeds from your favorite plants and swapping them with friends is one of the best ways to share your love of gardening. Why save seeds?  It can be economical, since a single flower can generate dozens or even hundreds of seeds. And it lets you keep your favorite flowers or crops growing next year!
Support Your Local Farmers Tote Bag

This sturdy cotton canvas bag features The Old Farmer’s Almanac 1792 logo on one side and the message “Support Your Local Farmers” on the other. Made in the USA. 
Quirky Weather Folklore

Predicting Weather with a Pig Spleen
Here’s a quirky one. Have you ever heard of a pig spleen being able to predict the weather? You can call it folklore—but what do you call it when it works?
Local Farmers' Market Tote

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Zucchini Pizza Crust

Zucchini Pizza

When you’re faced with a glut of zucchini, turn to this healthy and delicious recipe that uses squash instead of dough for a crust.

Live Like Someone Left The Gate Open

Colorful socks with terrifc advice! Makes a great gift!