Mercury Retrograde, full Moon on Halloween?, how trick-or-treating started

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Daily Newsletter for Wednesday, October 30, 2019


E'en in those bleak November days
There's gladness for the heart that heeds
–Charles Dawson Shanly (1811–75)

Wednesday, October 30, 2019
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Vegetable Gardener's Handbook
How Trick-or-Treating Started

Origins of Halloween Traditions
Why does Halloween make us think of trick-or-treating, witches on broomsticks, bobbing for apples, and carved pumpkins? Here’s a look back at the origins of Halloween traditions and why we celebrate Halloween the way we do today.


How To Remove Dark Spots (Do This)

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Retrograde Tomorrow

Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2020
Mercury’s next period of retrograde motion will last from June 18 to July 12, 2020! According to the age-old practice of astrology, we are all influenced by the effect of Mercury in retrograde.
Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook eBook

All You Need to Know to Grow! After inspiring and instructing gardeners for 227 years, we have created a single “how to garden” reference eBook for your computer or tablet that includes all of our expertise.
Fake Blood and Face Paint

DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas Using Common Pantry Items
Need last-minute Halloween makeup to greet trick-or-treaters? Here are simple recipes for face paint and fake blood using items right from the pantry. No need to run any errands!
Live Like Someone Left The Gate Open

Colorful socks with terrifc advice! Makes a great gift!  
Full Moon on Halloween

Halloween Moon | What's the Moon Phase This Halloween?
Ever noticed that Halloween pictures always show a full Moon? But how often does the full Moon actually fall on Halloween? And is there anything special about the first full Moon after Halloween?
Refrigerator Notepads

Perfect for recording grocery needs or tasks. Each pad features a positive message and a magnet for hanging up in a handy spot.
Easy Homemade Fudge

Halloween Fudge

Kids from miles around appear at our neighbor’s house on Halloween, looking for this treat that they’ve come to expect. 

Crossbody Purses for Cell Phones by Chala

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