Jade plants, January night sky wonders, curing the winter drys

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Daily Newsletter for Monday, January 6, 2020

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Ring out false pride in place and blood,
The civic slander and the spite;
Ring in the love of truth and right,
Ring in the common love of good
–Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809–92)

The 2020 Old Farmer's Almanac Engagement Calendar
Caring for Jade Plants

Jade Plants
Jade plants are succulent houseplants, which makes them fairly resilient and easy to grow indoors—plus, they’re long-lived. See how to care for your jade plant.


3 Warning Signs Your Olive Oil Is Slowing Your Metabolism

Did you know that buying the wrong olive oil could be putting you and your family’s health at risk? Several brands are made up of artificial ingredients that can lead to dry skin, achy muscles and joints, weight gain, and even heart problems. Learn More….
January Night Sky Wonders

Night Sky for January 2020
Venus dominates in January, a fiery beacon at nightfall. At the end of the month (January 27 and 28), look for a beautiful crescent Moon–Venus pairing—plus, a Venus–Neptune conjunction! See Bob Berman’s January Sky Watch for viewing information. 
Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook eBook

All You Need to Know to Grow! After inspiring and instructing gardeners for 227 years, we have created a single “how to garden” reference eBook for your computer or tablet that includes all of our expertise.
The Magic of Twilight

What Exactly is Twilight? The Three Different Types
Twilight. The word evokes gorgeous colors. But what exactly is twilight? And did you know that there are three types? The Old Farmer’s Almanac now has a calculator that will tell you when twilight begins and ends for your location. Get ready for adventures in the Twilight Zone.
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Buttermilk Blue Cheese Potatoes

Buttermilk Blue Cheese Potatoes Au Gratin

Our Buttermilk Blue Cheese Potatos Au Gratin is so cheesy good—and looks impressive on the dinner table.

Support Your Local Farmers Tote Bag

This sturdy cotton canvas bag features The Old Farmer’s Almanac 1792 logo on one side and the message “Support Your Local Farmers” on the other. Made in the USA. 
Battling the "Winter Drys"

Battling the Winter Drys With Do-It-Yourself Strategies
Flaky skin, peeling lips, flyaway hair, cracked fingertips, crumbling fingernails, bloody noses, dry eyes.
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