Silverfish, 10 easy veggies to grow from seed, brightest stars

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Daily Newsletter for Tuesday, January 7, 2020

winter swan

Then came old January, wrapped well
In many Weeds to keep the cold away:
Yet did he quake and quiver like to quell,
And blow his Nails to warm them if he may.

–Edmund Spenser (c. 1552–99)

The 2020 Old Farmer's Almanac Engagement Calendar
10 Veggies to Grow From Seed

10 Easy Vegetables to Grow From Seed
Most vegetables in the garden are easiest to plant from seed. In addition, growing from seed is less expensive, offers more variety, and has a higher success rate. Here are some of the easiest vegetables to grow from seed.


Lettuce, Arugula, Spinach and More! Plant Now for Earliest Greens!

January is not too early to sow some Wild Garden Salad Mix, Hardy Asian Greens, Tangy Arugula or Savory Scallions in a greenhouse, cold frame or a sunny south facing window for tender spring salad bowls picked fresh from your garden.
Silverfish in the House

Half-eaten pages in your books? Chewed-through boxes in your pantry? These are signs of a silverfish infestation. Here’s how to identify, get rid of, and prevent silverfishinfestations in the home.


Feeling Old? Do This Once A Day And Watch What Happens

Researchers have found a new at home test that you can do right now in your seat that can help predict future health and longevity. t’s a very simple test and only take a couple minutes to do. Click Here To Find Out Now >>
Brightest Stars of January

Sky Map for January
Our January 2020 Sky Map hones in on the best of the month’s night sky—with accompanying text—so it’s easy to navigate and not overwhelming. The color star chart (PDF) is free each month to use in finding constellations, planets, and more! We offer a printable black-and-white version, too.
Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook eBook

All You Need to Know to Grow! After inspiring and instructing gardeners for 227 years, we have created a single “how to garden” reference eBook for your computer or tablet that includes all of our expertise.
Curried Pork Recipe

Coconut Curry Pork and Cranberries

Fans of Indian and Southeast Asian food know that many curry dishes incorporate sweet ingredients such as raisins or bits of mango to play off the salt and spices.

Support Your Local Farmers Tote Bag

This sturdy cotton canvas bag features The Old Farmer’s Almanac 1792 logo on one side and the message “Support Your Local Farmers” on the other. Made in the USA. 
How to Eat Right

How to Eat in Seven Words
Looking for advice on a healthful eating plan? There are so many diets that it can set your head to spinning. It reminded me to get back to basics.
The 2020 Old Farmer's Almanac Everyday Calendar

Nicely illustrated page-a-day desk calendar that makes a great stocking stuffer! Start each day with a tidbit of Almanac fun: weather wisdom, quirky historical facts, useful hints, and time-tested proverbs.
$8.99 (Save $6)