Tulip time is near, growing sprouts indoors, chicken and dumplings

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Daily Newsletter for Tuesday, February 18, 2020

And then the snows came, and the squirrel slept
Within the upper chambers of the oak;
And through the night the watchful rabbit leapt
And the wild fox within his den awoke.

–James Newton Matthews (1852–1910)

Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Vegetable Gardener's Handbook
Tulip Time is Near

Long live the tulip! This brightly colored jewel brightens our days in early spring. We truly look forward to seeing those blue-green leaves start to emerge as the Earth awakens from its winter sleep! Here are our tips on how to plant and care for tulips.


This Toxic Vegetable Is The #1 Danger In Your Diet

This vegetable could be toxic to your health and may actually be causing weight gain, digestive issues, brain fog, and fatigue. Many food manufacturers market this 1 vegetable as a “health super food.” Click here to find out this “toxic” vegetable >>

Winter Sprouts & Microgreens

Growing Sprouts vs. Microgreens
Winter is a great time for experimenting. Since I was feeling starved for green, growing goodness to eat last month, I gave microgreens a try. I have been a longtime sprout-lover, so I grew some of those too, just to see which I liked better.
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How to Grow Sprouts Indoors

How to Grow Bean Sprouts Indoors
It’s so easy to grow bean sprouts inside, especially when the weather’s wintry or unpleasant outside! Mung beans, also known as bean sprouts, are exceptionally nutritious a
Playing Cards

Card decks featuring butterflies, baby animals, or the birds of North America!

Chicken and Dumplings

Mother's Old-Fashioned Homemade Chicken and Dumplings

Shirley Wollard Woodlock of Texas learned to make chicken and dumplings while watching her mother, Jennie Wollard Nunn. “Hers were made to perfection,” recalls Shirley.

Kitchen Clocks

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Colorful Fruit and Veggies

Eat the Rainbow of Fruit and Vegetables for Health
Ever heard of “eating a rainbow” of vegetables and fruit? Nature’s pigments are amazing at protecting plants—and us! Each plant color offers a different health benefit, so you need variety. We have a handy chart so that you can eat from four different color groups to improve your body’s health. If you are a gardener, consider choosing plants from each color category, as each one offers unique benefits for your health.
Farmhouse Couch Pillows

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