Best flowers for window boxes, all about hummingbirds, stargazing

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Daily Newsletter for Thursday, May 7, 2020


May is bee in blossom,
May is birds a-nesting,
May is picking violets on a hill;
May is young and twenty,
May is Sunday-besting,
May is eager Jack and willing Jill.

–The 1961 Old Farmer's Almanac

Almanac Garden Guide
Flowers for Window Boxes

Best Flowers for Window Boxes
Looking to spruce up your home’s appearance with a window box? Be sure to choose the right plants for your sun exposure! See our lists of flowering window box plants that love sun, as well as those that love shade.


Stop Poison Ivy Itch!

It really works, better than medicine! Safe • Gentle • Doesn’t Sting • 100% Natural. Organically Grown • Harold Brown, “the Poison Ivy Guy,” will tell you the recipe!
Embedded thumbnail for 5 Important Tips for Planning a Vegetable Garden
5 Beginner Gardening Tips

5 Important Tips for Planning a Vegetable Garden
There’s so much to consider when planning a vegetable garden, from what to grow and where, to the finer details that will make gardening easier and more enjoyable.


Top Cardiologist Reveals Digestive Trick To Clean Your Bowels

“What if you could restore your gut health with one simple fix? According to one doctor in California there may be a way. In fact, he believes it’s so powerful that it could be like a “power wash” for your insides.”
Open the May Star Chart!

Night Sky Map for May 2020: Asterisms
Welcome to the Night Sky Map for May 2020! This month, learn about asterisms, which are unofficial star patterns contained in constellations. They’re an easy—and entertaining—way to observe the night sky.
The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids, Volume 8

Stuck at home? Keep youngsters entertained for hours with fun facts, fascinating stories, and educational activities!
Chicken With Lemon and Thyme

Chicken Breast With Lemon and Thyme

Simple and delicious, this Chicken Breast With Lemon and Thyme recipe makes a wonderful summer supper.

Vern Ader's Weed Spinner

Finally, it’s fun and easy to weed!  What’s more, dandelions don’t stand a chance! The Weed Spinner is an innovative drill-driven weed removal bit that spins out weeds and their roots in one whirling motion.The action is fast and the result is very satisfying! What’s more, there’s no kneeling, bending, or getting your hands dirty.
Fun Facts About Hummers!

Fascinating Hummingbird Facts
Among the most exciting spring migrants are the hummingbirds! These tiny, truly remarkable creatures are all-American birds. They exist only in South, Central, and North America—nowhere else in the world. Enjoy these fascinating hummingbird facts …