Look for Delta Aquarids, eggplant harvest, garter snakes

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Daily Newsletter for Monday, July 27, 2020


How pleasant the lives of the birds must be,
Living in love in a leafy tree!
And, away through the air, what joy to go;
And to look on the green, bright earth below.

–Mary Howitt (1799–1888)

Monday, July 27, 2020
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Look for Delta Aquarids

Meteor Shower Calendar 2020: When Is the Next Meteor Shower?
The next meteor shower will be the Perseids in August! The Perseids peak between August 11 and 13, but will compete this year with the brightness of the last quarter Moon. See details and the complete Meteor Shower Calendar for 2020.


Feeling Old? Do This Once A Day And Watch What Happens

Researchers have found a new at home test that you can do right now in your seat that can help predict future health and longevity. It’s a very simple test and only take a couple minutes to do. Click Here To Find Out Now >>

Eggplant Care and Harvest

Eggplants—also known as aubergine or brinjal—are warm-weather vegetables that are harvested in mid- to late summer. Eggplant tastes best when harvested young. See more about growing and harvesting these lovely deep purple vegetables—one of our favorites on the grill!
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Weeding Without Chemicals

Keep Weeds Under Control (Without Weed Killers)
Dealing with weeds in the garden? Their often persistent nature can make for a truly frustrating experience. In this article (with video demo), we share our top tactics for keeping weeds under control in your vegetable garden—without resorting to chemical killers.
2021 Moon Calendar


This fascinating calendar features striking scenes of the Moon in the landscape, accompanied by fun facts and lore about Earth’s natural satellite. Added bonus: best days for fishing and other activities based on the Moon.

Garter Snakes in the Garden

Garter Snakes: The Gardener's Friend
Garter snakes are a gardener’s friend! A benign snake to humans, they eat all the pests that wreak havoc in your garden. Learn more about the shy, but helpful gardening helper who just wants to live peacefully in harmony with you—and eat your slugs!
2021 Engagement Calendar


This popular week-at-a-glance desk calendar, now in its 26th year of production, provides plenty of space to jot down appointments, events, reminders, observations, and inspirations. Each day offers wit, wisdom, a quote, a proverb, or a bit of folklore. Each month’s opener features a month-at-a-glance planning calendar, full Moon name, fun facts and quotes, and more!

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Pasta With Greens

Pasta With Greens and Feta

Pasta and greens make a marvelous combination—plus, a tasty and nutritious change of pace from the usual tomato sauce.

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