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Our German Shepherds love to ride in the side car. Ziggy is 4 and Pebbles is 2.

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Enjoy these winning pet photos!  Many thanks to our readers for sharing their pictures with the Almanac community.

Pet Photo Contest Winners

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Credit: Madison Whiting
“This is a neighbor’s cat Billy who obviously loves the smell of these blossoms.”

Making Friends

“Stormy making friends with a brave cow at the farm I work at.”

Puppy Love

Credit: Kala Baxter
The interaction between the toddler and the dog in Puppy Love, even though not the best quality photo, makes it fun.

Waiting for his boy to come home

Credit: Mark E. Andersen
“One of my Beagles, Buzz, gets very upset when my son leaves the house. While he is gone he sits, looking out the window, waiting for him to come home.”

Kind Eye

Credit: Leslie
“Cody is a rescue horse. Even after going through some horrible years before we rescued him, Cody has the kindest eyes.”

Winter Run

Credit: Doug Torrie
“Winter Run. Flying through the snow at Bronte Creek Provincial Park. Beagle - Tucker (2 y.o.). Beauceron - Sophie (11 y.o.).”

Kitty Kisses

Credit: Stacy Chambliss
“Mack loves giving kisses.”

Ready for the Beach

Credit: Cathy
“So what if our pet is a little larger than most … she is still just an over grown puppy!! :)”

Bathing in the Sun

Credit: Wilash
“Name: Nutmeg. Occupation: Being a snuggle bug.”


Chewing Up Shoes

Credit: Jessica Trinh
“Just being a puppy … that’s all!”

DeeDee and Sidney

“DeeDee (the doe fawn) was enjoying the weather, when she was joined by Sidney (the cat). They napped together for quite a while.”

Fall Frodo

Credit: Kate Wilcox
“Frodo at Bald Knob, Moultonborough, NH - Castle in the Clouds in the background.”

Bella’s Butterfly Rescue

Credit: Donna Wynne
“Our Lab Bella saw the butterfly in our pool and dove in, rescued the butterfly and then sat it down in the garden and looked at it. It was amazing!”

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