Pick a Pumpkin from The October Edition of The Almanac Monthly Digital Magazine

July 20, 2017
The Real Pumpkin Pie

The Pilgrims used Sugar Baby pumpkin for their first Thanksgiving feast.

Doreen G. Howard

Every pumpkin has a best purpose. When it comes to choosing a pumpkin, think about what you want to do with it. All pumpkins are edible, but some taste better than others. Then there are those that are best for carving. Here are a few of our favorite varieties, with their best use!

Pick a Pumpkin
From The October Edition of The Almanac Monthly Digital Magazine

Jack Be Little’, a miniature variety, is dual purpose. Store-bought shiny (painted) ones make an ideal decoration for a holiday table. Remove the seeds from farm- or home-grown specimens and then bake them for a tiny treat.

Sugar Treat’ and ‘New England Sugar Pie’ are two of the best for cooking and baking.

Heirloom ‘Winter Luxury Pie’ (aka Livingston’s Pie Squash) gets raves for taste but boos for not lasting too long on the vine.

Baby Pam’; ‘Small Sugar’; ‘Spookie’, a cross between ‘Sugar Pie’ and ‘Jack O’ Lantern’; and ‘Spooktacular’ are great for cooking or carving.

Autumn Gold’ and the larger ‘Magic Lantern’ and ‘Merlin’ are great for carving and decorating.

Big Max’, ‘Big Moon’, ‘Jack O’ Lantern’, and ‘Funny Face’ are some of the best giant pumpkins for carving.


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