Planning a spring wedding? Let us help! OFA 2015 March 25, 2015 | The Old Farmer's Almanac

Planning a spring wedding? Let us help!

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Planning a spring wedding? We’ve got some useful tips from the March Monthly to help you through the planning process.

We know that preparing for a wedding can be quite the challenge, so use these tips to help organize your perfect spring nuptials!

Planning a spring wedding?
Let us help!

When picking flowers, our favorites include pastels such as pale greens, yellows, lavenders, and pinks. Mixed with white, they’re the colors of the season. Flowers such as tulips, forsythia, and pansies lend a bright, cheerful air.

Choose a menu of lighter fare, such as spring greens and fish or chicken, with cold fruit soup to start. Spring is a time of beginning and renewal: Consider writing your own vows for the marriage ceremony and renewing them, either officially or privately together, at each anniversary.

Explore the Lore

Wedding folklore can add a bit of whimsy and tradition to an invitation, a place card, even a thank-you note. Here are a few items to use or adapt:

  • If a lit candle is accidentally knocked over and extinguished, expect a wedding.
  • A new Moon in your dreams promises increased wealth or a happy marriage.
  • Speak wedding vows on the upward strokes of the clock hands, and you’ll work well together in marriage.

Check out our March Monthly! It covers lots of topics you’ll need to know about for this coming spring and will come in handy when planning your nuptials, too. We wish the happy couple all the best blessings!