Planning Your Dream Garden

Get creative—and save money with this year's vegetable garden plan

January 31, 2020
Garden Plan for Perennial Vegetables

Get creative—and save money with this year’s vegetable garden plan. We’ll done the homework to help you create a garden with the most efficient spacing, the best days to plant, companion plants to ward off pests, and proper crop rotation principles to avoid re-planting certain crops in the same soil year after year. Let’s get started …

Planning Your Dream Garden

Flowers in spring? Fresh salad in summer? Juicy fruit in fall? Bringing your dream to life starts with a garden plan. We really encourage you to spend a few minutes drawing out your dream garden this weekend or soon. Even if the weather outside is frightful, this is the one tool that will get you outside this spring, summer, and fall! There aren’t too many grumpy gardeners!

It’s especially fun to plan your garden with the Almanac Garden Planner—because you can harness your creativity with some powerful tools at your finger tips. In one morning or afternoon, you can create a great garden plan to set your course for the full season.  The Garden Planner has also saved us money and delivered a more productive garden—which is very satisfying.

The Power is at Your Fingertips

  • With the online Garden Planner, just drop plants into a garden bed. You can easily move plants around and find the perfect layout for your space. No erasing and erasing. Beds can be resized, copied and moved as required until you’ve perfected your plan. It’s like being able to move furniture with a finger! 
  • You can easily stretch out the garden bed—extending the row or expanding it out into a block. And, get this, the number of plants will expand based on the correct spacing for that crop! It’s already built into the tool. As you expand, the software automatically calculates how many plants can be grown within that area, helping you to avoid overcrowding your plants and achieve the highest yields.
  • Plus, the garden planner is customized to YOUR zip code. Over 5,000 weather stations are built into this tool so it knows your average frost dates to calculate the best planting dates (and harvest dates) for you.
  • Are you familiar with Companion Planting? Some plants thrive together by warding off pests. After you select a plant, the Garden Planner will show a heart shape next to those plants that your chosen crop will love. It’s a match!
  • Crop Rotation is another feature of the Garden Planner. The Garden Planner will “alert” you with a special color when it’s not wise to plant a crop in the same garden bed as the prior year.
  • Get your own customized Planting and Harvesting Calendar! If you wish, we’ll even send you weekly reminders (on Friday mornings) about when you need to plant what or when you need to harvest. This will keep you on track with your garden.
  • Finally, it’s easy to find free plot plans. The Garden Planner will show you garden plans from around the world!


Garden Expertise “On Call”

Whether you need advice on what to grow or how to deal with a pest, the Garden Planner has got you covered. We’ve done all the research for you.

You’ll find some of the best how-to gardening videos available anywhere. For example, check out this video: How to Plan a Vegetable Garden: Choosing the Right Layout.

It’s also easy to reach out to one of our gardening consultants to answer questions.

We’ve also developed a free Garden Journal so that you can keep a record and learn through your own experiences.


Cost Savings

With the Almanac Garden Planner, our gardeners have saved hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars (depending on the size of the garden or small farm).

  • Since the Garden Planner tells you how many plants fit in a garden bed, you buy the right number of plants and avoid waste.
  • We’ve also been able to increase our productivity by knowing what to fill the extra spaces with. Not carrots! Carrots cost us more to grow than to buy
  • With the crop rotation feature, we know which veggies need to take a year off from growing and which replacement crops are most productive.
  • We’ve also figured out which crops saved us the most money! Strawberries, beefstake tomatoes, and herbs such as thyme!  
  • We’ve easily covered the small fee for this sophisticated gardening tool. It has changed how we garden. 

Believe us, it took years to move from drawing out garden plans on paper to designing on our home computer. Bottom-line, our gardens are definitely more productive. 


As a courtesy, the online Almanac Garden Planner is free for 7 days. This is plenty of time to play around on your computer and try it out. There are absolutely no strings attached. We are most interested in encouraging folks to try growing a garden of goodness! 

Try out the Garden Planner on your computer (for free).

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