Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Cherries



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Cherry trees are a sight to behold in the spring, when they’re covered in white or pink blossoms. After that, they produce the delicious cherries most people know and love. Here’s how to grow cherry trees in your own garden!

Sweet cherries are the variety most often found in markets. They have a thick, rich, and almost plumb-like texture. Sweet cherries grow in hardiness zones 5 to 7; they are self-sterile and best for an orchard or a large garden. You’ll need at least two or three trees, as they’ll need to pollinate each other. However, a recent and exciting development in sweet cherries is the dwarf, self-pollinating cultivar, ‘Stella’.

Sour cherries are not usually eaten raw, but are widely used for preserves and other cooking uses. Sour cherries are much smaller than sweet cherries and all varieties are self-fertile. They grow in zones 4 to 6.

Cherry trees generally start bearing fruit in their fourth year; dwarf trees bear fruit a year earlier. One mature, standard-size tart or sweet cherry tree will produce 30 to 50 quarts of cherries each year; a dwarf tree, about 10 to 15 quarts.


  • Plant cherries in the late fall or early spring (when the ground is soft and has a higher moisture content).
  • For sweet cherries, make sure the different varieties will pollinate each other.
  • Plant in a sunny site with good air circulation; avoid planting near trees or buildings that shade.
  • Cherry trees need deep, well-drained soil. 
  • Space sweet cherries 35 to 40 feet apart; dwarfs, 5 to 10 feet apart.
  • Space tart cherries 20 to 25 feet apart; dwarfs, 8 to 10 feet apart.
  • Set trees on standard rootstocks with the graft union a few inches below the soil level. Set trees on dwarf rootstock with the graft union several inches above the soil level.
  • When planting fan-trained trees, construct the necessary supports before planting. Plant fans only 12 to 15 feet apart.
  • For bareroot trees, place the rootstock on a small mound of soil in the center of the planting hole, and spread the roots down and away, trying not to bend the roots. Backfiill with soil.
  • For container-grown trees, first remove the rootball and on its side; cut through the roots with shears. Don’t cover the top of the root-ball.


  • There is no difference in care between sour and sweet cherries.
  • Apply mulch to retain moisture.
  • Drape netting over trees to protect the fruit from birds.
  • Water routinely in dry areas.
  • Thinning the fruit is not necessary for cherry trees, as they typically thin naturally in early summer.
  • Prune trees every year in late winter to encourage the growth of new fruiting wood. Don’t prune in the fall.
  • Fertilize each spring until trees start to bear, then fertilize only after harvest each season. 


  • Aphids
  • Japanese beetles
  • Caterpillars
  • Brown Rot
  • Black Knot
  • Bacterial Canker (cut out any branches with signs of black knot or bacterial canker as soon as possible)
  • Birds


  • Pick fruits only when FULLY ripe (dark red, black, yellow); the sugar content rises the few days before fully ripened.
  • Be ready to harvest within a week’s time. Eat or cook immediately.
  • Pick fruits when firm if they are to be frozen.
  • Be sure top pick with the cherry stem so you do not tear into the fruit, however, take care to lead the fruit spur to produce fruit next year.
  • Hand-picking may injure the shoots and cause infection; Cut the stalks with scissors.
  • Remember that cherry trees do not bear fruit until their fourth year. Thereafter, they should produce about 30 to 50 quarts of cherries each year.

Recommended Varieties

Wit & Wisdom

A cherry year, a merry year.

There is a famous myth that President George Washington cut down a cherry tree and then admitted his wrongdoing to his father. This myth was invented by a biographer of President Washington, who hoped to display his honesty. We still think it’s a great idea to commemorate President’s Day with a delicious cherry pie recipe!


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dropped cherries in yard

I have a dwarf north star cherry tree in my front yard. This is the 2nd yr it has produced berries and there were lots of them. Many of them as being picked were dropped on the yard as they were either too ripe & had brown spots. Question is: must I remove the cherries from the yard to eliminate pests or insects or whatever happens when rotten fruit is left on the lawn.

Cherries on the Lawn

In large amounts, fallen fruit can provide a home to fungi and diseases, as well as attract insects like yellow jackets (which no one wants). If the cherries are just here and there, then cleaning them up is probably not worth the effort, but if the cherries completely cover the lawn, then it would be a good idea to clean them up and compost them, if possible.

Cherry tree thinning

Hello there I live in the Pacific Northwest on about 5acers. We have quite a few fruit trees on the property that were already established when we bought our place. There is a cherry tree that we have that is producing nice fruit, but over the years there are several other trees, that look like the cherry tree but have grown up around it, I noticed this year that the other trees have produced smaller black looking cherries? I'm not sure if I should cut them down or leave it as is? Also I have a very large cherry tree that I can't even reach the fruit on and a large branch fell off of, is the tree dying? Should I take it out?

Cherry tree in the tropics?

Can the sweet and sour cherry grow well in a tropoical climate?

Young Stellar Cherry Tree not doing too well

I live in Toronto. In mid Apr this year, I bought a healthy looking small Stellar Cherry Tree and planted in the back yard following the instruction that came with it. About 1 week right after planting it, the weather got cold (1-3 degree C at night) for about 2-3 weeks, then weather was warming up. It's been 2.5 months now but the tree does not have much leaves. Some of the baby leaves that were there before turned brown, especially at the top of the main branches (even the branches' top parts look like dying/drying out).

Is there anything you can suggest i should do to get the tree to be healthier? There's still leaves but not much. I was thinking of fertilizing it but not sure if that's a good idea for baby tree? If fertilizing is fine, can you suggest what fertilizer i should use, and how much/often should i fertilizer it?
Thanks in advanced for your advise!

cherry tree leaves

Has it gotten enough water? Be sure to water deeply. Was there a heat wave recently? The tree is clearly under some type of stress, whether from weather, pests, disease, or cultural or physical damage. Check the root zone–has there been any disturbance recently? If watering doesn’t work, and the trunk and branches don’t appear damaged, and the root zone is undisturbed, it might be a disease–several cause wilting/drying leaves in cherries, unfortunately. In this case, you might want to prune out dead branches. Also keep in mind that most sweet cherry varieties need to cross-pollinate with another cherry tree to produce fruit. If you know your cherry’s cultivar, check to see if it’s a self-pollinating variety, and if it’s not, you will need to get an additional tree.

More than enough water

thanks for your response.
It's been raining a lot this year (almost every day or every other day) so water should not be a problem. No heat stroke either as it hasn't been too hot in Toronto since the tree was planted. I don't believe if there's any disturbance on the root either. If it's cause by decease, what type of decease could it be, and how can i treat it? You suggest to prune the dead branch but is it ok to prune the baby tree after only planted for 2 months? It's a Stella Cherry tree and they said it's self pollentated!

cherry tree

Hi Stella, Our advice was based on an established tree. We apologize as an editor read too quickly. We see this now that is a young “baby” tree that was only planted in April.  It hasn’t really been very long. You generally won’t see leaves for about 12 weeks.  The tree is still developing leaf nodes.  Also, it’s normal for the leaves that are there to shrivel up a little bit as the tree establishes itself. The “baby” is really focused on developing a root system.  I’d give it a little more time. Also, you are correct in saying that a Stella tree is self-pollinating.  One tree should be ample. That said, even self-pollinating trees always do better with another tree nearby. I hope this is helpful. f you’re truly concerned, you might need to call the original place which sold you the tree for more information.  

cherry trees

I have a Bing and a Black Tartarian about 40 ft apart, both trees about 7 years old.When they blossom both trees are loaded with blossoms.Fruit starts to develop,than most of the fruit drops off.I get a handful of cherries off both trees.What iam I doing wrong.

Cherry Trees

Hi George,

There are many reasons why the fruit on your cherry trees dropped, but some are out of your control and not your fault. It is hard to tell what caused the problem. The first reason is that if there is an excessive load, a tree will thin the fruit itself to reduce strain and to reserve more energy for the remaining fruit. It could be from frost damage to the buds, causing the flowers to form undeveloped fruit, or lack of pollination from bees. Bees are in decline in recent years due to habitat loss, pesticide and herbicide use, and fluctuating temperatures and weather. 

Stella Cherry and Royal Ann

Hi there, I live in Central Alberta and noticed some unusual cherry trees for sale at our local Home Depot. Stella and Royal Ann. I thought these were way out of our league of zones here? Is it possible to grow these here when we're are zone 3? I do however currently grow pears, apricots, grapes, sour cherries, and kiwis but I'm not sure if they would survive or be worth the effort of planting. They do come with a full year warranty but I'm scared I will just be digging up two dead trees come next spring...Also if I tried are these self fertile or would they fertilize each other? Thanks for your time and help! Just very cool to see sweet cherry trees in Alberta! Intriguing!

Cherries in Alberta

Far be it from us to tell you that you could not grow anything! You have more success than a lot of people in prime growing areas! Now, about your question: So far as we can tell Prunus avium ‘Stella’ is dwarf to semi-dwarf (height estimates range from 7 feet to about 15 feet), hardy in Canada to zone 5—although one US vendor says it’s hardy to US zone 4 (the north central area), so it might do ok in your area. Stella is also a “universal” pollen source, bless her heart.

We are getting less information about Royal Ann (aka Napoleon): In the US it is hardy to zone 5 (–10 to –20°F) and/or it requires 700 chilling hours below 45°F. Finally! Canadian nurser GreenBarnNursery says Napoleon is hardy to Zone 4 (–30°C).

Every source suggests that both fruits are mouth-wateringly delicious. So it might be worth a try…! And if you get a crop, send us a few! ;-)

New Bing Cherry Tree

I recently purchased a Sweet Cherry Tree, Bing. I've planted it in a half Wine Barrel and it's about 5-6 feet tall. I intend to transplant it once it's necessary and just found out I need another in order for it to have fruit. Do they need to be the same age in order to pollinate? How far apart should they be planted? How can I tell how old it is since it will take 4+ years to have fruit? Thanks!

Bing Cherry Tree

Hi Claudette,

In order for your Bing cherry tree to produce fruit, you will need another variety of sweet cherry to cross-pollinate. There are some varieties that are incompatible with Bing cherries, such as Lambert, Royal Ann, Star, and Emperor Francis. Look for varieties that self-pollinate, or that are strong pollination matches with Bing, which include Sam, Rainier, Van, and BlackGold. Plant the trees within 100 feet of each other to ensure they cross-pollinate. As for the tree age, it’s hard to tell. Try and get one of similar size to the tree you have. Good luck!

cherry tree not bearing fruit

i live in so cal have a sweet cherry tree that had many blossoms then they dried and fell off the tree. the result was no fruit . i didnt fertilize this year. the tree is about 3 years old and i was wondering if not fertilizing the tree or some other reason for the lack of fruit. also what type of fertilizer should be used and when. thank you

Cherries Dropping Blossoms

There are quite a few things that could have caused your cherry tree to drop its blossoms. Lack of water, insufficient pollination, and frost damage are some of the most common problems (though the latter seems unlikely in Southern California). However, it could also be the case that your cherry tree is not a self-pollinating variety. Most sweet cherry varieties need to cross-pollinate with another cherry tree to produce fruit. If you know your cherry’s cultivar, check online to see if it’s a self-pollinating variety, and if it’s not, you will need to get an additional tree.

Regarding fertilizer, a 10-10-10 mix is best, applied in early spring.

cherries trees do not produce

I have a Bing and Tartarian cherrie tree both about 6 years old planted about 60 feet apart.They both are full of blossoms , cherries develop then 95% fall off.What do I need to do to fix problem.

cherry drop... from the tree

Apparently it’s not uncommon for cherries to leave the tree. Reasons include that the tree has set more fruit than it has water and nutrients to support. Smaller fruit and that which has not been completely pollinated is first to fall. In fact, the fruit left on the tree, the smaller each will be at maturity (no, that does not hold the promise of one giant cherry!). June drop is nature’s way of thinning the crop to enable the best fruits to survive.


Where to Plant Cherry Trees

My husband would like to plant two cherry trees in our front lawn. Is that a bad spot to plant them? I was told the watering of the lawn twice a week would kill the trees. I live in Gilroy, CA.
Great weather.

Where to Plant Cherry Trees

Hi Crystal,

The front lawn is a good place to plant cherry trees as long as they will be away from any paved driveways or structures, and have good air circulation. As for the question of if watering the lawn twice a week would be bad for the trees, it depends on how much water you use and how well your soil drains. Young cherry trees have undeveloped root systems close to the surface which means they are more susceptible to over watering, especially if the soil does not drain well. They each need about 5 gallons of water twice a week.

Do you know how many gallons of water you use each week to water the lawn? Are you watering with a hose by hand, or with a sprinkler system? If you do so with a hose by hand, simply water the trees directly first, and then avoid them when watering the rest of the lawn. If you have a sprinkler system, change the direction of the sprinklers so they face away from the trees and then water their roots by hand later.

We hope this helps!

Cherry trees in front yard

In our area some people are reporting fruit theft from trees planted in their front yards! Crazy I know, but some people are raiding fruit trees in the late late night hours or very early morning hours, to the point of clearing out all fruit... Why on earth would someone do that? So I've decided to plant my fruit trees in the back yard only ~ Best of Luck!

Lapins Cherry dwarf tree not producing fruit last six years

I purchased as Lapins Cherry tree for $ 60/- 6 years ago from Tassajara nursery in Danville,Ca.When purchased i was advised that i did not need another tree for cross pollination and it now appears that i do need another tree to enable this old tree to produce
fruit. Will you please suggest what type of tree i need to purchase and at what distance to plant.The present tree (Prunus avium sp) is best known as " self fertile bing."

growing cherry tries

Lapin cherry trees are indeed self-fertile.  They should fruit by five years. If this is not happening, there are other reasons. Did the tree flower? If not, is the tree being pruned too severely? It is important not to cut off the spurs or short shoots on which flowers form.  Did the tree flower but not fruit? If the tree does not require another pollinator (as in this case), the problem could be cold and/or wet weather during bloom, which reduces the activity of pollinator insects, preventing the transfer of pollen. Such weather conditions also prevent pollen tube growth in the female parts of the flower. We hope this advice is helpful and would suggest contacting your tree nursery. 

Growing Sweet Cherries in Alberta, Canada

Would it be possible to grow any type of sweet cherry in Alberta, Canada? It gets quite cold here in the winters, but would it be possible to cover either the tree or the roots to protect it from the cold winter? We love Bing Cherries!

Bing Cherries in Alberta

The short answer is yes. However, it will require a bit of work and commitment in terms of wrapping the tree for protection every year. We suggest contacting a local tree expert/arborist to ask about the success rate of bing cherry tree-growing in your region. People who have had success can often provide all kinds of helpful how-to hints that they have learned from trial and error. Best of luck with your bings!

Try the Romance Series of

Try the Romance Series of cherries developed by U of Saskatchewan for cold climates. They are the sour variety, but the 'Juliet' and 'Crimson Passion' types have high sugar content: 18-22 brix.

Cherry Tree's

Is it possible to grow Cherry Tree's in Southeast Texas?

Cherry Trees in Texas

Texas A&M recommends sour cherry trees for your region, specifically Prunus cerasus ‘Montmorency’. They are highly ornamental and would make a nice addition to a landscape.

Planning to start a tree

Is the plant grows well in the place with temperature about 34°C? I could not find any place that growing cherry tree in Malaysia. Is it possible to start one?....I'm seriously into that plant. If yes, where can I buy a grown tree? Thank you :-D

Cherry tree

Just to plant.

Just starting

My 6 year old wants a Cherry tree so ... I'm going to see if I can grant her wish. We live in East Tennessee in the United States. She of course would want the sweeter variety. I'm guessing I'd want to go buy a tree from my local shop. What type of sun do they need / thrive in? How long until they are bearing fruit? Just trying to set expectations for my little one.

Choosing a Cherry Tree

Hi Samuel,

Cherry trees that bear sweet fruit grow well in Zones 5 through 7, so you should be OK in choosing a sweeter variety. Yes, purchase from a local nursery. Ask for a disease-resistant, field-grown (balled and burlapped) tree that is a few years old. On average, trees start bearing fruit in their third or fourth year; and they enjoy full sun.

Sour cherry tree

We moved into our house about a year and a half ago and were thrilled to find tons of sour cherries on the tree in our yard last summer. We were looking forward to the same this year and it seems something is not quite right with the tree. We wound up trimming off two low branches earlier in the season that were not growing leaves. Now cherries are growing high up, but nothing low enough for us to pick. We're not sure if this is something we should bring in someone to check out. The house is new, but the property is old, just hadn't been developed until now, so it's a mature tree, but we have no idea how old it is and no one to ask about how it's produced in the past. Anything we should look into on our own before calling an expert? Thank you!

Old Cherry Tree

Hi Laura,

Since you are willing to have an arborist come take a look, go ahead and do that.  When it comes to trees, it is very difficult to diagnose issues without being on site. With such a mature tree, it is not likely to be a water issue. An arborist will check for signs of disease improper pruning cuts, and cultural factors that may be impacting fruit production. Good luck!

Planning to Plant Sweet Cherries in the Philippines

Hi. My Dad gave me an almost 2kg-filled container of cherries from California and suggested I plant the seeds in our backyard. I live in a province where the climate is cool so I assume it'll be perfect. I don't know anything about planting tho, but we have few vegetable plants already planted here. My kids just ate half the container, should I wait for the seeds to dry? It's the rainy season now, I'm wondering if that'll be a factor for the cherries not to grow. Thanks in advance for your advice.

Planting Cherry Trees

Hi Maika,

The cherries you and your family enjoyed were most likely from nursery-grown trees with grafted root stocks. If you want trees to bear fruit within the next year or two, I highly recommend starting with a field-grown tree, which will be two to three years old already. Planting your seeds will not likely result in fruiting trees. On the other hand, you can always try growing them just for fun! And the rainy season in California is a good time to plant.

Planted trees are not looking good could it be the soil?

We bought 2 trees so they would hopefully pollinate each other but right now I am just hoping they survive. The leaves started to die. We watered but that didn't help. They after some research we are thinking the soil is too alkaline. They were fine right after we bought them and leaves looked great for many weeks even though we had a hard frost. Then a week or so later is when the one started to not look good. Any ideas on what to do would be appreciated

Flagging Cherry Trees

They may be suffering from transplant shock. (Healthy plants can take a few weeks to show signs of shock. Trees can exhibit symptoms for months.) Add to that possibly alkaline soil and a hard frost, and it makes sense they are flagging. Given them some more time to establish. Having your soil tested is always a good idea.

Growing Cherries in Merced California

My parents are moving to Merced Ca. soon and would like to plant a couple of cherry trees in the yard. What varieties would do well here in the Central Valley? Are there any tips or other things they should be aware of? Mom was thinking of a sweet cherry and a pie type cherry.....
Thanks for all your help!

Sweet cherries are not self

Sweet cherries are not self-fertile and need another sweet cherry variety for cross pollination. Sour cherries are self-fertile and you only need one. See our planting and care information above. The varieties mentioned above will all grow well in California.

Good for Central Texas?

I'm looking at fruit trees to grow in my back yard in the Austin, TX, metro area. We are west of the Balcones fault line, so our ground is limestone, no sand. Our winters are mild, summer can be harsh. I'm getting conflicting info on whether cherry trees will grow well here or not. By zip code, I'm zone 8b. What would you suggest - could I be successful with cherries? Thank you!

Texas cherries

Hi, Laura, your very best resource on this topic may not be far from you. We looked into the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at the Univeristy of Texas at Austin and found this information:

We suggest that you contact the Center for more about this or other ideas they might propose to you.There is a contact “button” on the Web page link above.

Ranier Zone ??

We wanted to plant some Ranier Cherry trees in our yard. I am getting mixed information about the hardiness. We live in zone 4b. Can they survive? Also can ranier pollinate with another ranier, or does it have to be a different type of cherry? Thanks!

Rainier cherries are hardy to

Rainier cherries are hardy to zone 4 and we believe that they should survive in your region. Rainier cherries need another tree to bear fruit. Good choices are Bing, Black Tartarian, Craig’s Crimson, and Lapins.

Growth - Latteral/Leader

Is it normal for a Lapins Cherry tree to have a 10-12 foot leader with only two very small lateral branches 3-4 feet off ground? Looks weird, am I supposed to prune it back?

Spring planting

I read that one should plant cherry trees in late fall or early winter. After reading that information does it mean that one should not plant cherry trees (outdoors) in the springtime when they are most available for purchase at area nurseries?

plant it when you can

Autumn is often recommended as the best time to plant trees, but you should plant when you can—ad ive the tree the best conditions conducive to its thriving. Plant in spring, and be sure that you water it adequately (read the label and other information here). The challenge with planting in spring is (among others) that summer comes and people forget about the new tree or figure it’ll take care of itself. It won’t; you need to help it, esp with water.

Hope this helps—

cherry trees in a riverfront park

Hi - We have received a donation of cherry trees (I don't know what kind) that might be planted
along the Hudson River in Peekskill, NY. My concern is the constant wind in this location. In winter and all seasons. Can these trees grow and develop under these conditions assuming they will be planted properly and fertilized and watered.

Thanks, K

Hi Kathleen,

Hi Kathleen,

If planted in a windy area, stake each cherry tree so it will grow straight.

Good luck!

stellar cherry trees

I want to purchase a dwarf stellar cherry tree. Will it grow in the US Virgin Islands? Can I grow it in a large container

The Dwarf Stellar Cherry Tree

The Dwarf Stellar Cherry Tree grows in Plant Hardiness Zones 5 to 9.  Your zone would be more tropical and best suit tropical trees. That said, we’ve never grown this plant in the U.S. Virgin Islands so we would suggest you check with a local garden nursery! 

Small fruits from Rainier Trees

I had two Rainier trees for many years. I just learned 2 years ago that I need another type for cross pollination. I did that but the fruits from the two trees were too small although they have the color of Rainier cherries. The ph value of the soil was measured to be 6.5.
I would like to seek your advice to improve the size of the cherries.
Peter Liu

Cherry Choices

Hi, Peter: This is tough to answer without knowing what your cross-pollinator is and where you are, but certainly a pH of 6.5 should be fine. Do some research and make sure that you have a cross-pollinator that works well with Rainier (Bing is a good one). Make sure that you are pruning/trimming the trees (in late summer) such that you are encouraging one main trunk stock with fruiting branches coming off it, rather than allowing larger branches to develop. Mulch your trees with 1 inch of 50/50 garden compost and well-rotted manure, refreshing this each spring. The other thing is to fertilize your trees in late summer with 1 to 2 pounds per tree of 10-10-10 fertilizer scratched into the mulch and watered well. That’s it, though: Overfertilizing is as bad as under-. Good luck!

Use of Cherry Seeds to Plant

Dear reader, May I plant cherry seeds to grow the trees? How and when, may I ask? Thank you.

You can grow a cherry tree

You can grow a cherry tree from a pit however it will take 7 to 10 years to grow. Also, you can’t use the cherries from grocery stores because they are stored in a way that makes them unreliable. You need to go to a farmers market or use cherries from a tree growing in your area.

It’s really best to buy a 1-year-old tree from a fruit tree nursery for a good start. Grafting your seedling onto an already mature tree could also reduce the waiting time, but note that the seedling you grow will not be the same cherry as the “parent.” This is another reason why it’s better to research the variety of cherries that you like and then mail order a small tree. 

cherry tree

i got three barbados cherry trees potted in pots. all three plants bear flowers but do not produce fruits. can you tell me how to make them bear fruits

Pollination may be the

Pollination may be the problem. You need to make sure that the pots are in an area where insects can pollinate them. You can read more about caring for the cherry trees at


Cherry varieties

Have you ever heard of a Florence or Multi Cherry variety? I want their scientific names.


I need help on when to prune my Rainier cherry tree? I read in winter then I read if sweet end of summer is October to late or to early?

Hi Andrea,

Hi Andrea,

It’s best to prune the cherry tree when it is dormant, in the winter.

Hi I living in Newzeland and

I living in Newzeland and in Farnorth Pukenui
The weather is medium hot and running most of the time
but not very cold and snowing
Can I grow sweet cherry here

Hi, I live in Toronto, Canada

I live in Toronto, Canada - is late fall/early winter still the best time for me to plant my cherry tree or will it be too cold here? The temperatures hover around 0 degrees celsius or slightly above at that time. Also, what other trees do you recommend to cross-pollinate? I am starting with a fairly bare garden and don't have much growing yet.
Thank you!

You can plant the cherry tree

You can plant the cherry tree in the fall but don't wait for late fall. The tree needs to establish itself before the ground freezes. Sweet cherries usually need another cherry tree for pollination. Sour cherries are self-fruitful. A goo sour cherry is Montmorency. Some sweet varieties are Viva, Bing, Vogue, and Stella.
See the website below for more information.

i planted a rainier cherry

i planted a rainier cherry tree this spring i live in southern iowa and it was growing great about 18 inches so far then just overnite the leaves wilted and it looks like it is dying we have had a had alot of rain this year is there anything i can do to save it thank you in advance

Hi, Scott: Sorry to hear!

Hi, Scott: Sorry to hear! Rainiers can be rather fragile, particularly when it comes to the effects of too much water. If such is the case, there's not much to be done for now. But another possibility is some sort of disease such as Virticillium wilt, so just to be on the safe side, try applying an organic fungicide. Good luck!

Im from Philippines and i

Im from Philippines and i love cherries. Im planning to plant cherries in my country does it grow their.

My cherry trees

Jen, am from baguio city. Unintentionally, i brought home seeds of sweet cherry trees from abroad. Thought, it wouldnt grow but it did. It is already 2 years old now, looks healthy. i wish it will bear fruits in the future. if u want to see a photo of it, my number is 09307801298.

Will cherry grow in North

Will cherry grow in North Texas?? If so, what kind??

Cherry trees are not produced

Cherry trees are not produced commercially in Texas and, generally, do not fare well in home gardens. Some folks have had success with a cultivar of sour cherries (Prunus cerasus) called Montmorency. You'd plant in January/February.

Sick sour cherry tree

Sick sour cherry tree questions!
I have spent a week trying to find a few things out about sick cherry trees. I have a friend who said I can come pick her cherries- sour and she doesn't like them. Then she told me how a tree is sick- I did some research and it defiantly is bacterial canker. Then I noticed the other trees all bare the signs of infection as well. The fruits all have tell-tell signs of it and limbs are looking sick. She has one tree they cut down because they thought it was struck by lightening and looked sick. My questions are - we ate some of the fruit, will we get sick? I noticed a bad burning in my stomach every time and now they are sitting in my fridge. Can I compost them? And can I use the seeds to plant my own trees? They have dozens of upstarts all around the trees, would it be ok for me to dig a few up and give it a go at transplanting? Thank you!! I have spent so much time reading and can not find anything on these questions!

Bacterial canker ususally

Bacterial canker ususally affects young trees. You should destroy the tree and not attempt to salvage any shoots/suckers; the problem is systematic—probably througout it. Our advice would be to discard the fruit in the trash and do not eat any more. We don't know if it made you sick, or the thought of the possibility made you feel ill, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Remember: the problem is systematic, so in all parts of the tree.

I live in Houston Texas my

I live in Houston Texas my grand daughter is now living with me an I bought Cherry's at the store now she wants to plant the seeds when is the best time to plant the seeds/pits Its almost July here .... HELP I want to do this for her as she's 5 I love to garden but have never done trees from seeds or pits thanks

Well, that's ambitious!

Well, that's ambitious! Here's some advice from the FLorida Extension (not Texas, no, but not far): Cherry, Peach, and Plum (Prunus species) - Harvest fruit when full mature. Remove the seed. Seed may be sown in the fall or stratified seed may be planted in the spring. Stratify the seeds at 33 to 41 F. The sour cherry (Prunus cerasus) requires 90 to 150 days, the peach (Prunus persica) 98 to 105 days, and European plum (Prunus domestica) 90 days. Seed of plums and peaches should be planted 2 inches deep. Sow the seed of sour cherry at a depth of 1/2 inch. (Like the apples and crabapples, the seed of most cultivated cherries, plums, and peaches will not reproduce true from seed.)
Other fun—and easier—things to grow: Carrot tops: slice off the top, put it into a shallw plate of water (enough to keep its bottom/base wet), and watch for greens to sprout. Or grow lettuce: you'll need seed and seed-starting soil ("dirt" is too heavy), but the germination time is fast and the leaves are edible in days. Or try the avocado seed trick: clean the seed, stick toothicks into the sides and suspend the seed on the picks on the edge of a drinking glass, filled with enough water to wet the bottom 1//3 to 1/2. The seed should sprout from the top. You won't have an avocada tree for years. . . and the same for the cherry.
Have fun—

I have a cherry tree in my

I have a cherry tree in my yard in north carolina. I'm not sure which type it is, because it was here when we bought our house. I produces a lot of very small, hard cherries that the birds won't even touch. A lot of people have said there are some cherries that are just not edible, but I don't think that's true. Can I get this tree to produce edible fruit?

Small hard cherries.

Hi moving into a homesite in central Idaho
Supposedly zone 6. There are 3old large trees here that are producing small hard cherries (guessing 20 years)
Did u get any feed back on your request
?? Thanks ly

Small hard cherries.

Hi moving into a homesite in central Idaho
Supposedly zone 6. There are 3old large trees here that are producing small hard cherries (guessing 20 years)
Did u get any feed back on your request
?? Thanks ly

Hi, I live in Cairns,

I live in Cairns, Australia and have a bunch of cherry stones to hand - I was wondering how to grow a tree from these? Do I have to dry them or extract a seed from inside the stone? I know that cherries need the cold dormant period, but was wondering anyway.
Thanks for your help!

i have two cherry plants 5/6

i have two cherry plants 5/6 year old. since last year we get some fruits.this year there was very much flowering.but all flowers fall down.i live at pune, temp is it caused by over watering? is it necessary to reduce water at flowering stage? pl advice.


Sirish jee kaha se cherry kharida apne?

I now live in zone 4 Western

I now live in zone 4 Western Wisconsin and 2 wild cherries are on the acreage, on either side if the yard. Neither have set cherries and must be 10 years old. We have beekeeper in the area. I did buy 2 cross-pollinating cherry trees last fall and wonder if I can so anything to produce fruit on the wild trees, or just enjoy them for beauty? Thank you.

We're not sure what type of

We're not sure what type of wild cherry tree you have, but they generally bloom at a different times than the other cherry trees so I'm not sure they'd cross-pollinate since they bloom times don't overlap.
Do you have bees on the wild cherry trees?  Because the wild cherries bloom early and honey bees will not forage below 15°C or in windy or damp conditions, fruit set can definitely suffer. You need the bees.
Birds and pollinators do love wild cherry trees so the trees are still working hard for your garden even if they don't fruit well.

Good luck with your cherry

Good luck with your cherry trees. I was wondering what type of cherry trees you have that cross pollinate and do well in zone 4. I live on the edge of zone 4/5 and have been searching for two sweet cherry trees that will cross pollinate and are also cold hardy. I will purchase a Van tree late next winter but have not found a compatible partner for zone 4 yet. Thanks. all the best with your gardening.

Hi, I brought two rainier

Hi, I brought two rainier cherry trees on line because I live in Puerto Rico and cannot get them here. I did not know that rainier cherry trees need another cherry tree to pollinate them. I hope you can suggest some, also I brought a bing cherry but it died I live in a zone 11. I hope you'll be able to give me some sound advice. Thank You

Hi Luz, Rainier cherries grow

Hi Luz,
Rainier cherries grow best in cool climates and need a cold dormant period to produce well. Not sure how your trees are going to do in Puerto Rico. A few good pollinators for the Rainier cherry are Bing, Craig's Crimson, Black Tartarian, and Lapins.

I bought some bare root

I bought some bare root cherry plants.. Can't remember what kind.. When they shipped them to me it was in one bunch and roots were all kinda twisted together. I didn't realize until late that it wasn't one actual plat that it was really 6 of them. I planted them all in the same hole that I dug up. It's been about a month now it it's finally started to get some green leaves on it. It actually had just looked like a dead bare tree at first.. But my question is. Is it ok that they are planted all in the same hole or should I dig it up and separate each one and re-plant them?

Hi, Ann: At this stage,

Hi, Ann: At this stage, digging them up might be a little dicey, but not any more so than leaving them as is, which would mean for sure either that some or one would outcompete the others or that you would have a pruning nightmare to keep them all healthy -- or both. Sometimes it's possible to go with 3 or 4 different varieties of the same fruit in the same hole, which facilitates cross-pollination, but 6 of the same type is trouble on a number of levels. We would carefully replant. Good luck!

I have a van cherry tree. Is

I have a van cherry tree. Is it self pollinating or do I need another cherry tree? Any kind?

A Van cherry tree is

A Van cherry tree is self-sterile and needs a pollination partner nearby. Stella or Lapins are popular choices.

We have a dwarf bing (2 yrs

We have a dwarf bing (2 yrs old) and black tartarian (3 yrs old) in our back yard. Last year the bing had a pretty substantial aphid infestation, with the curled/wilted leaves. I'd like to plant companion plants beneath to help deter the same thing from happening this year, and to reduce the need for pesticides. I've seen nasturtiums mentioned, as well as marigolds. Any other options out there?

We are on the west side of the Salt Lake valley.

Thank you!

Calendula, borage, zinnias,

Calendula, borage, zinnias, and cosmos are good choices. Sweet alyssum will attract hoverflies, which eat aphids. 
Another option to control aphids in fruit trees is to spray with insecticidal soap or with horticultural oil.

I have a self pollinating

I have a self pollinating Lapin Cherry and have just purchased a non-self pollinating Bing. Can the self pollinating Lapin pollinate the Bing tree? I am sorry if this is a stupid question. I am a rookie. They are about 20 feet apart.

Yes,  Lapins are suitable for

Yes,  Lapins are suitable for Bing cherry tree pollinization. They have overlapping bloom times. Your trees are plenty close enough.

We have a black tartain and a

We have a black tartain and a SD Meteor. Will they pollinate?

What pesticides should I

What pesticides should I spray sour cherries with in MN? Thanks.

I forgot to ask what

I forgot to ask what fertilizer I should use, as well. Thanks.

Here's a growing page on

Here's a growing page on stone fruits including tart cherries from your Minnesota cooperative:

I live in Southeast Texas and

I live in Southeast Texas and we had an aphid problem. After doing a little research, we used Neems Oil. You mix it with water and spray it on the affected plants every 7 - 14 days, depending on the severity of the problem, until the threat is gone. It works well on roses too. It helps Remove and prevent white powder mildew, black spots, aphids and a variety of other issues.

Hi I purchased a house a few

Hi I purchased a house a few years ago and it has some cherry trees on it. They seemed to big so I cut them back some but they have since grown bigger! I have four sour Ballaton's and two sweet a Sam and a Van from the list the prior owner left us. Some of these sites get confusing with wether to prune or not to prune. I thought the trees were dwarfs but I think I guessed wrong, because they are about 15-20 feet high. Won't the Extreem hight cut down on the amount and size of the cherries due to the tree expending all of its resources try to grow? Should I prune? How? How big should I let them get?

Hi Chris, Yes it is important

Hi Chris,
Yes it is important to prune cherry trees to promote blossoms and fruit setting. Please see link below for helpful pruning advice.

I bought a cherry fruit..I

I bought a cherry fruit..I kept the seeds and am planning to plant the question is does cherries grows in the tropical place like the the am from the Philippines

Last year I planted a Bing

Last year I planted a Bing Cherry, and had purchased a known pollinator (Stella) at the same time. However, the Stella died, and know I need a replacement pollinator. Will Prunus Serotina (Black Cherry) pollinate a Bing?

Several cultivars with

Several cultivars with overlapping bloom times are good for Bing pollinization including Rainier, Montmorency, Lapins, Stella, Black Tartarian, Black Republican, Van, Sam and Windsor.

I had deer do a number on my

I had deer do a number on my new cherry tree.:( but I need to move it so won't happen agian so should I do it in fall or wait till spring? I live in West Michigan. Thanks

It's really just new trees

It's really just new trees that suffer. You can protect the tree with a circular fence until it gets strong enough to withstand some browsing. You can also spray an egg-based repellent. If you transplant it, the best time is usually spring (March). 

I planted a dwarf montmorency

I planted a dwarf montmorency about a month ago.its Oct 2 ,and its blooming,we live in kc and the temps are going down into the 30s.. What do I need to do?

Hi John, The montmorency

Hi John,
The montmorency cherry usually blooms in spring and you harvest the cherries in midsummer. Your tree has probably spent the spring and summer in a nursery and is a bit confused. The blooms on the tree are not going to be able to produce any cherries with the cold weather moving in and less daylight. Hopefully it will bloom again in the spring.

When is the best time to cut

When is the best time to cut back a cherry tree that the top has died but the bottom is healthy a full of cherries. I'm not sure what kind but the are a little tart.

Best time to prune a cherry

Best time to prune a cherry trees is before it begins growing in the spring. Cut the tree while it is dormant in late winter to early spring. Dead or diseased branches can be pruned anytime.

Can cherries be grown in the

Can cherries be grown in the Panhandle of Florida (Panama City)???

Cindy, There are some cherry

Cindy, There are some cherry trees that can grow in Panama City, FL, with the right care. Your zone is 8B. Search online nurseries by your zone. Here is an example of several cherry varieties that can grow in your zone:
We hope that this is helpful.

I have a very large flowering

I have a very large flowering tree in my front yard in noth west B.C. In the past 3 to 4 years, I have started getting fruit. Each year the berries get larger, darker & sweeter (though still a bit tart). They taste like cherries & look like a bing cherry but about 1/2 the size, with small pits. My question, 1. What might the variety be? 2. Can I do anything with the fruit?

It would be hard to identify

It would be hard to identify the tree, and especially the variety, without a sample--there are lots of cherry species and cultivars, as well as cherry lookalikes. We'd suggest that you take a sample (flower or fruit, and a branch with some leaves showing how they are arranged on the branch) to your local garden nursery. A horticulturist there might be able to give you some advice. Good luck!

hello i have a wild cherry

hello i have a wild cherry tree which i planted in january it was growing really well then the last couple of weeks the leaves have all withered and dried out ive watered it can anyone tell me what im doing wrong thank you

Has it gotten enough water?

Has it gotten enough water? Be sure to water deeply. Was there a heat wave recently? The tree is clearly under some type of stress, whether from weather, pests, disease, or cultural or physical damage, such as to the base of the trunk when mowing (which sometimes happens). Check the root zone--has there been any disturbance recently? If watering doesn't work, and the trunk and branches don't appear damaged, and the root zone is undisturbed, it might be a disease--several cause wilting/drying leaves in cherries, unfortunately. In this case, you might want to prune out infected branches (unless too widespread) to see if this prevents it from overtaking the entire tree.

We have purchased "cereza"

We have purchased "cereza" Cherry trees. We have both full sun and shady areas and both wed and well drained soil. Altitude is about 4K ft ASL and temp only varies from 65 to 80 degrees F. lease advise.

Do you mean Barbados cherry

Do you mean Barbados cherry trees (Malpighia glabra, aka M. punicifolia)? If so, you might be interested in the following growing information:
In general, choose a site in full sun to partial shade (full sun is better for fruiting) with fertile, well-drained soil. It is hardy in USDA Zones 9 to 11.

we have purchased "cereza"

we have purchased "cereza" cherry trees. Our altitude is about 4K ft. We have a variety of locations waring from full sun to shady and wet to well drained. Temp varies between 60 to 75 degrees F. Please advise.


Hi Susan, Cherry trees can

Hi Susan,
Cherry trees can take a long time to bloom. If the tree looks healthy you may have flowers next year. Check your variety and make sure that it is self pollinating. If not you need to plant a different variety for pollination.

ive had my dwarf cherry tree

ive had my dwarf cherry tree over 3 years and still had no fruit it looks healthy so what am i doing wrong

What type of cherry tree is

What type of cherry tree is it? Some cherry trees need a second cherry tree of a different type to produce cherries. Some cherry trees are self pollinating and don't need a second tree for example a Stella cherry tree is self-pollinating.

Botanical Name: 

Prunus avium (Sweet Cherries) Prunus cerasus (Sour Cherries)

Plant Type: 

Sun Exposure: 

Soil Type: 

Hardiness Zone: 

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