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Lily flowers are valued for their large, very showy, often fragrant flowers. The six plain or strikingly marked tepals (“petals”) are often trumpet-shaped, sitting atop tall, erect stems.

(Note: This page is about growing “true” lilies, which belong to the genus Lilium and grow from plump, scaly bulbs. Asiatic and Oriental lilies are examples of true lilies. Daylilies, canna lilies, and peace lilies, despite having the word “lily” in their names, are not true lilies.) Learn more about “true” lilies.

These hearty bulbs are easy to grow and require minimal care, provided that you plant them in the right place.

At home in both formal and naturalistic settings, most lilies also take readily to containers. Plus, they make wonderful cut flowers, coming in pink, gold, red, orange, and white colors.

Lilies bloom tend to bloom from early summer to fall, depending on the type. By carefully blending early, mid-season, and late varieties into your garden, you will enjoy their magnificent blooms from spring through frost.


  • Plant lily bulbs in spring or autumn. 
  • Note: Lilies do not thrive in Zones 9 to 10 without a period of refrigeration; they need a cold, dormant period.
  • Select a site with soil that drains well. How can you tell? After a good rain, find a spot that is the first to dry out. Water trapped beneath the scales may rot the bulb, so a well-drained site is essential.
  • Also, select a site that gets full sun. For dependable blooms, lilies need six to eight hours of direct sunlight a day. If it’s too shady, the stems will attempt to lean towards the sun or get spindly and fall over.
  • Most of the popular varieties prefer acidic to neutral soil, but some are lime-tolerant or prefer alkaline soils (e.g., Madonna lilies).
  • Loosen the soil to a depth of 12 to 15 inches. The deep planting encourages the developing stem to send out roots to help stabilize the plant and perhaps eliminate the need for staking. Also, deep planting keeps lily bulbs cool when temperatures soar.
  • Enrich the soil with leaf mold or well-rotted organic matter to encourage good drainage. Learn more about soil amendments and preparing soil for planting.
  • Dig a hole 2 to 3 times as deep as the bulbs are high and set the bulb in the hole pointy side up. Fill the hole with soil and tamp gently.
  • Space bulbs at a distance equal to 3 times the bulb’s diameter (usually about 8 to 18 inches apart, depending on the variety).
  • For a good effect, plant lilies in groups of 3 to 5 bulbs.
  • Water thoroughly. 
  • See more tips on how to grow lilies.


In active growth, water freely especially if rainfall is less than 1 inch per week.

  • Keep lilies mulched so that their roots are cool. The mulch should feel moist, but not wet.
  • Apply a high-potassium liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks from early spring until 6 weeks after flowering.
  • Keep moist in winter.
  • Apply a thin layer of compost each spring, followed by a 2-inch layer of mulch.
  • Stake tall lilies.
  • Lilies do not rebloom, but you can remove the faded flowers so that the plants don’t waste energy making seeds.
  • Leave the foliage until it turns brown in the fall. This is important so that the plant stores energy for next year’s flowering. Cut down the dead stalks in the late fall or early spring.
  • Before winter, add 4 to 6 inches of mulch, simply to delay the ground freeze and allow the roots to keep growing. Leave the mulch until spring once the last hard frost has passed. See your local frost dates.
  • Divide plants every 3 to 4 years as new growth begins in the spring. Just lift them and divide into clumps. Replant using compost and bonemeal.


  • Gray mold is sometimes a problem, especially in a wet, cool spring or summer. Make sure lilies are not crowded and have plenty of air circulation.
  • Viruses, spread by aphids, may be troublesome, although some cultivars are virus-tolerant.
  • Red lily beetles, slugs, and snails may occur.
  • Deer, rabbits, voles, and groundhogs may eat entire plants. If these critters are a problem, plant the bulbs in buried wire cages to protect them from getting eaten.


Displaying Lilies in Vases

  • Lilies make wonderful cut flowers. However, avoid cutting off more than a third of the stem, which can reduce the plant’s vigor and longevity. Or, if you are growing lilies strictly for cut flowers, consider planting them in a designated cutting garden, where you can plant fresh bulbs each year.
  • When cutting lilies, choose those with buds that are just about to open, not tight and green, with a bit of the flower color showing.
  • As soon as you get lilies inside, trim the stem ends an inch or so, making a diagonal cut with a sharp knife.
  • If you worry that the orange pollen of lilies might cause stains, simply snip off the stamens in the flower’s center.
  • Before arranging in a vase, remove the lower leaves on the stems so that no foliage will be underwater.
  • A good lily arrangement will last 2 or more weeks. Change the water every few days.
  • To help prolong the life, add cut-flower food to the water. Lilies require only half the amount of food recommended for other flowers.

Recommended Varieties

Wit & Wisdom

  • The name “lily” can be misleading because lots of other plants use it besides true lilies. Daylilies and water lilies aren’t lilies at all, and neither are lilies-of-the-valley or lilyturf. With so many other plants using the name “lily,” it’s apparent that identity theft must have been around long before the use of computers and credit cards!
  • If you have a flower bed, lilies prosper in the presence of other low plants that protect their roots from drying out.

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Small Flowers This Year

Hi - I've always had success with my lilies. This year, however, all the lilies that were either already planted or newly planted in the fall produced very small flowers - even the Casa Blancas and they only lasted a few days. We had a hard winter - 56 feet of snow in the mountains. But I prepared the beds as I always do before winter with lots of mulch and cover with pine needles. We are at 6000 feet so we get a fair share of snow. I had some bulbs left that weren't planted in the fall. I planted them in the spring and although they never got tall, they got nice flowers. So not sure what to think - wondering if the bulbs are permanently damaged - I lifted a few and the bulbs look okay although the roots are seemed to be shallow. Maybe plant them deeper - add a lot of soil and/or sphaghum on top, then mulch. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

lost your luck with lilies...

We might suggest dividing the lilies, but if you lifted and looked at some and they don’t appear to need that… Then, we were beginning to think that maybe your altitude put you on the extreme end of the hardiness zone. But you’ve had success in the past. How about the soil pH? If you have lilies that prefer neutral to alkaline soil, the pine needles—esp if you have mulched with them over a period of years—may have altered the soil pH. Check it and amend, as needed. Fall is the best time to lime. Here in info on pH: And more on soil amendments:

We suggest high-potassium fertilizer above; ever done that? It would be lacking.

As for planting deeper; per above (you should review all the tips above), the holes should be 2 to 3 times the bulb’s diameter. If you think that’s it, we suggest checking the pH, amending as/if necessary, and then planting in fall.

Hope this helps!

help with a transferred lily

I was recently given a pure white lily plant that I have admired in my neighbor's yard for 2 seasons. He moved and gave me the 4 ft. tall stalk, which I have planted in my flower bed. I've never had lilies and don't know what to do next. There are no flowers on the plant and the lower leaves are brownish yellow and wilted. Please help me save this gorgeous flower.

losing the lily

Jackie, we have to ask because you use the word “stalk”: did your neighbor include the lily bulb on the end? Did you plant that part of it? Assuming that you got and planted the bulb, if he only recently gave it to you, it is not likely to bloom this summer. It needs time to set roots and feel at home in your yard. You best bet for blooms next summer is to be sure that you provided the proper/best conditions. See the guidance above for specifics on sun, soil, and more.

trumpet lilies

what to do with the green pods and brown tongue that appear after flowering


People ask about the pods every year. We invite you to scroll through the questions and comments below. In short, the small “bulbs” that you see on top of the stalks after a lily has bloomed are seed pods. These will turn brown as they mature and you can collect them if you like and plant the seeds that are inside the pods.

Oriental Lilies - Wintering in Pot?

Hello, I'm located in Northern California and this is my first year growing oriental lilies in pots. They are all blooming right now, and from my research online, I'm suppose to "winter" them after the blooms fall off. If I just want to leave them in their pots outside (since it's not very cold here), but what does "wintering" them really mean? I've seen comments to not let the bulbs dry out, does this mean still water the bulbs in their pots during winter? Or do I stop watering altogether? Do I cover the pots or can I just leave them outside? What months/seasons should I be doing this?

Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help!!

Oriental lilies in pots

Do you know your hardiness zone? If not, see here: Lilies can be planted in containers; see our planting and care information above. Most lilies need 6 to 8 hours of sun and need a cold dormant period in the winter. As an alternative, you could lift and cold-store the bulbs over the winter to plant in the spring.

Oriental Lilies in Pots

Yes, my zone is 10n (Northern California - Bay Area). My question is whether I need to water my lilies (and how often) during "overwintering" of my oriental lilies if I plan to leave them in their pot/container outside all winter.


Lilium Mystery Joy

Can you please tell me what I do with my Lilium after it has flowered and they have finished I have removed the blooms but do I do any more so that it will come back next year.
Many thanks

Lilium Care

Hi Jackie,

You were right to remove the blooms so that the plant doesn’t waste energy on growing seeds. After that, wait for the foliage to turn brown in the fall and then cut the dead stalks back. Spread 4 to 6 inches of compost around the base of the plant to allow the roots to continue to grow after the first frost. 


Our yellow and orange lilies pedals keep turning translucent and we don't know why....

Thank you in advance!

transluscent petals

It could be stress or age. We really do now know for certain.


We live in Northern Michigan, We have yet to see the flowers of our lillies because the deer get to them before we do. I am contemplating putting them in a pot on our deck where the deer may not find them. Do they do well in a pot? If so, is any special care needed?


I live in Washington state the cold side of the cascade Mt. range.. I have kept Asiatic lilies in large containers for years. The containers are cut in half old wine barrels. They are still blooming profusely, they are in full bloom as of this writing. I love my lilies, would not want a flower garden without them. I also have them planted directly in the ground in my flower beds. I am an avid gardener. Hope this helps.

Lilies in pots

I planted my lilies in large pots. They have just started to bloom. Have good drainage. I also am from northern Michigan (Gaylord), but now live in Lansing. Just give them full sun and water regularly, but don't drown them. If we get heavy rains, I move them so they don't get drenched. Good Luck J.

Shall I change the flower pot

My friend bought an Astatic Lily for me. It blossomed after a week, but it is drying now (after three weeks). Shall I enlarge the flower pot or this is how it works? How long is the longevity of this flower?

abberent growth

two of my tall white lillies have grown with a flat stem, vigorous leaf production, and large flower crown with multiplebuds that look likely to bloom. what is going on??


These sound like daylilies which do indeed have flat stems. They grow long, flat strap-shaped blades that grow in clumps from the crown of the plant.  And yes, it has a cluster of flowers; you’ll see that 6 petals are in two layers of 3. The top three are the actual petals. Lily (Lillium) is a different kind of plant.

Planting Oriental Lilies

I received three potted Oriental Lilies. They have all died back and I would like to plant the bulbs in my garden. Each bulb looks like it is a bunch of bulbs together, like a garlic bulb. Should I separate them? Leave them as they are? Do I have to let them dry out? Put them in the refrigerator?I live in the Sacramento Valley in California and it is very warm here in the summer and its rains very little in the winter.

planting pots of lilies

Oriental Lilies do well in pots but if you prefer to plant them in the garden, just put them in the soil time during the growing season. Make sure the location gets 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight. Gently remove them from the pot without too much root disturbance and plant them in the soil immediately; do not let the bulbs dry out.

It’s fine to plant the lilies in large clusters of bulbs (3 to 5 bulbs).  Keep each group 3 to 5 feet apart. Divide and replant large clusters of bulbs every three years or so – or when it seems they are not blooming as well as originally.

Tiger Lilies

Hi, I have tiger lilies that I have had for 15 years, and now half of them have lighter plants and grow only yellow lilies. I thinned them out last year, and pulled out the light ones, but new ones grew from the smaller bulbs. Why are half of the plants and flowers yellow and bloom later than the true tiger lilies?

Stargazer lilies

I ordered stargazer lilies from Groupon before reading information about them. Now I found out I live in zone 9a and will need to refrigerate them. When should they be dug up and stored in refrigeration and for how long? Thank you!

Tall lily

I've grown lilies before and they are usually around 36" height, however, I have two this year that are over 72" (one is about 77"). How common an occurrence is this?

tall lily

Nice! It depends on the type of lily but asiatic lilies range between 2 to 6 feet tall, so that’s definitely on the tall side!

Lily Bloom Color Change

A.C. Whose lilies appeared to swap their color around may have been related to the "lily" plant that is "Daylily". Daylily plants tend to be cross pollinated in nearby locations.

Lilies "Breeding" or Changing colors?

Please forgive me if this is idiotic, but I know VERY little about gardening, plants, pollination (except for the bees part, I know all about the bees! :)....

When we bought our house two years ago, the previous owner had planted ALL red lilies on the left, and ALL yellow lilies on the right. It was rather irritating... each year I kept thinking OK, time to dig these up and move them somewhere else...

This year, year three of living here there are now THREE white lilies mixed in with both the red and the yellow.

How on Earth did that happen?! They are in the same bed and grew in very close to another plant (bulb splitting off underground?).


lilies changed color

Often new plants are grown from what is called a sport and mutations happen. A gene from the original parent plant becomes dominant again. Sometimes temperature extremes (a very cold or very warm spring) can change the shades of color.

oriental/asiatic lillies

My oriental/asiatic lillies from last year grew great and then developed big seed pods on each stem before ANY bloomed. What happened??

seed pods on lilies

Lilies will only develop true seed pods after they have flowered, so if the lilies haven’t flowered yet, the pods must be something else. If they are growing out of the stem directly, they are probably bulbils (for more information, see our response below).

Black buds

My daughter has lillies. Some have a bud but others have a black pod (they have no flowers). Are these seed pods and if so, what do we do with the seeds?

Black Lily Buds or Pods

Lilies will only develop true seed pods after they have flowered, so if the lilies haven’t flowered yet, the black pods must be something else. If they are growing out of the stem directly, they are probably bulbils (for more information, see our response a few comments below this one).

Tiger Llies

How does a Tiger Lily absorb water?


Lilies absorb water through their roots and you need to be especially careful that they have well-draining soil and never sit in saturated soil. If your soil doesn’t drain well (and this is a problem with clay soil), add sand.

Purple buds on the stem at every leaf

Can you tell me what is the purple bud that appear on the stem where the leaf intersects? Is it a lily seed? My lily is about 3' tall and very healthy and not blooming yet. I have other lilies that are blooming and they don't have these purple buds along the stem.

Stem Bulbils

Hi Rita,

From what you describe, it sounds like your lily is producing bulbils, which are tiny bulbs. As the bulbils develop, they produce roots and will eventually drop off of the stem and pull themselves into the ground. You may wish to help them along by pulling them off early and planting them elsewhere. You can also pot the bulbils and give them to a friend to plant before the first frost. Enjoy! 

Sowing of Lilly seeds

Hi, I had bought Lilly seeds before 4 years it doesn't show any expiry date. Is there any expiry period as such for the seeds.

Lily seeds storage

Lily seeds can last up to 7 years, if stored correctly. (They need to be completely dry and stored in a cold, dry place with good air circulation at or below 10% moisture.)

Lilies won't bloom!

I have some oriental lilies in my flower bed and some Asiatic ones. All of them bloomed when I first planted them and the year after. Now, however, my oriental ones will bud, but then won't open or only partially open and turn brown! The other lilies and flowers in the bed are fine. I tried moving them, same thing. What am I doing wrong?

Lilies not Blooming

If lilies are too hot or wet, they may drop their buds or not bloom completely. Freshly transplanted lilies may also take some time to rebloom, so you might have to wait until next year for the next round of (hopefully) healthy flowers.


I have lilies coming up with buds on them. There are also smaller shoots coming up, sort of like suckers. They do not appear to have buds on them. Should I remove them or let them grow and develop?


Hi Robert,

The smaller shoots are called bulblets, which can be removed or left to get stronger. After 6 to 8 weeks, remove the mini-bulbs and plant elsewhere. They will bloom in 1 to 2 years. 


Yesterday was in 50's and next two days its going into 40's and windy! Will my flowers be fine or do I need to cover them to protect them? Some have bloomed and have some that are about to bloom. Help I have search but haven't found anything that answers that question. I think they are asiatic lilies but not sure.


Hi Valerie,

As long as the temperatures stay above freezing, your flowers will be fine. If the wind is becoming a problem, stake the flower stalks to keep them from falling over. 


article was very informative. didn't know there were so many different kinds!


I planted Lilly Bulbs the second week of April this year. Will I see flowers this season ?

bloom time

It’s not clear what type you have. Maybe!

Husband cut Oriental lilles down

My husband cut them down with mower when they just started growing. They were only maybe 1 inch before he cut them down. Will still grow and blossom or be a lost for the season?

Can I Grow Lily Just From a Cutting?

My neighbor gave me 4 large blooming red lily stalks (St. Joseph's). He said if I "just plant them" they will grow. I do not have a bulb to plant - just the cut stalks with flowers on top. Not sure what to do. I have them in a vase of water right now (we are on day 3 in the water).

lily propagation

It is unlikely that the cut flowers will grow further. St. Joseph’s lily (Hippeastrum x johnsonii) is a hybrid. If somehow the flowers developed seed pods (which is uncommon even if the flower stalk was attached to a bulb), if you plant those seeds, they would probably not look like the parent. Propagation is usually through planting the offsets of the bulbs (which, after planting, will take a few years before they produce a flower).

Oriental lily

Having problem growing with my lily plant. Is it possible i kept it in the shade?

add light

Strong indirect light is best. We don’t know where you’re located, or what kind of lily you have, but some lilies will also go into dormancy if they’re in low light situations. 


We bought a bought 30 lilies at Lowe's. It is December and we are in Ohio. We got too busy and never planted them. The pots are on our deck. What would be the best way to store them? Thanks.

Storing Daylily Bulbs

Take them out of the pots and remove excess soil using a brush or cloth (not water). Spread them out so they are not touching in a box lined with peat moss; layer them in, covering them with the moss as you go. Close the lid and set them in a cool, dry place, such as the garage, until spring.


Lilies, vases and winter

I have my Pandora's Boxes in some large, rather expensive vases. Our winters get rather cold in north Idaho, and I'm concerned that the water in the soil will freeze, expand and possibly crack the vases. This is the vases first winter so I'm not certain what to do.

I was thinking about moving the vases (and the flowers) in the house during the cold weather, but I was wondering if the lilies will do OK in the house. If so, is there anything special I need to do to keep them perking along until spring arrives? They won't get very much sun thru the windows because I live in the middle of a forest and the trees tend to block a lot of the winter sun.

Thank you very much.


Lillies in Vases

Hi Joe,

You are right to think about freezing, expanding, and cracking…that is just what can happen. You should move the plants into plastic pots (and bring your vases inside) and leave them outdoors in a protected area; they require a cold dormancy period.

asiatic lilies

Can I divide and transplant Asiatic lilies now in September?


Those little bulbs are called bulblets. They form at the base of the mother bulb and can be used for propagation. Leave them for 6 to 8 weeks to fatten up, then remove them from the parent bulb and plant them. If all goes well, they should flower in 1 to 2 years.

hybrid lilies

I bought a potted hybrid lily at the grocery store. the plant died but there are what appears to be live bulbs coming off the bottom of the stems with long green grass-like shoots coming out of them. what do I do????? the entire plant is dead except for these bulbs?

Asian Lilies

My Lilies have already bloomed this year. They now have pod looking things on top of the stems. What are they and what do I do. Take them off and keep them, or take them off and throw them away? Thank You. :)

Asiatic lilies

Over a period of eight years my pink asiatic lilies have changed colour, from deep rosy pink they still bloom profusely,but are a creamy pale yellow hue. One single flower in the centre of the large patch is pink in a sea of creamy white. Is this a usual occurrence in older gardens?

Dying Lilly leaves while blooming

I live in N.E. Michigan and have had my tiger lilies some have double petals for 20 years, they are beautiful and I have them in different locations all over my yard. This year I had lots of blooms and the flowers are gorgeous, my problem is that as soon as the blooming was done all of the leaves turned yellow and then quickly turned brown like they are dead, I have tall phlox also and they have white powder mold on those leaves this year as well. Help! Is my garden of 20 years infected and what do I need to do? Thank you for your advice.

Tiger Lilies and Phlox

Hi Gail,

Your phlox likely has powdery mildew–a very common fungal disease on phlox. Not to worry: It will not kill the plants. It is more unsightly than anything else. Try treating it with a mix of 1 tablespoon baking soda, 1 teaspoon horticultural or dormant oil, and 1 teaspoon dish soap in a gallon of water. Spray plants every other week. It won’t necessarily eradicate the mildew but it should knock it back a bit. As for the tiger lilies, there are two diseases that can affect them: Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus and Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus. Symptoms present differently on different plants so it is difficult to say with certainty if you are dealing with one of these. You can send a tissue sample (leaves and stems) to your local Cooperative Extension Office for testing. They will be able to identify any issues and offer suggestions for action to take.

Asiatic Lilies

I planted these lilies for the first time this summer, from plants, not bulbs. They bloomed well one time. Will they bloom again In this season? Will they do better next year? If they only bloom once, I don't want them in my garden! We live at 9000 ft in northern NM.

my lillys are in a pot. the

my lillys are in a pot. the flowers have dropped off. Should i cut the stems down?

My lily flowers are dropping off. It is potted as well

Tell me what to do.

Storing Lily bulbs

I want to remove all lily bulbs in my garden and replant them next year. What is the best way to do that? I live in Mississauga, Canada. Thanks

overwintering lilies

When the greens have dried out, you can lift the lilies. Gently move the soil until you find the bulb and lift it out. Discard into a box or bucket (not into the soil) any small bulbettes that have attached themselves to the bulb. Brush off any dirt. Indoors, spread the bulbs in a dry, shaded area to cure for two to three days. Then, store them in a container surrounded by peat moss in a cool dry place.

Potted Trumpet Lillies


I live in San Diego, California. My trumpet lily bulbs are in 16 inch redwood containers. My question is, after the lilies bloom, how often should I be watering them? I'd like to use the containers for growing other plants after they bloom. Can I dig them out and store them in the garage? If I can store them outside a container, when should I put them back in the container for the next year's growth cycle?

Potted Trumpet Lillies

Water them as you have been until the foliage starts to die back. (Note: You might get a second bloom if you cut back the foliage.) Since you live in a warm climate, it is not necessary to dig your bulbs out, unless you want to, in which case, yes, you can store them in your garage if it remains at an even cool temperature. Replant them in the early spring.

lilies not getting buds

I planted lily trees for the first time, last fall. Some of the lilies don't have buds on them, just these little skinny nubs. Is there such a thing as a male lily plant? Will it have buds next year?

Cold Storage

How do you cold store lily bulbs? I live in Zone 9. Would a ziplock baggie in the fridge work or do they need something in the baggie with them? Also, I left the bulbs out this past week thinking they were like other bulbs and would need to dry out---wish I'd read this first! Any chance they may still grow?

Storing Lily Bulbs

Hi Teresa,

Given your southern climate, yes, try storing your bulbs in the fridge. Pack a light material like peat moss around them to absorb moisture, perhaps periodically replacing it.

Asiatic lilly's

I bought 5 Lilly plants 3 yellow 2 red planted them per instructions but unfortunately I overwatered them and all the flowers fell off will they bloom again next year?

overwatered lilies

Don, stop watering, of course. If the bottom leaves begin to turn yellow and drop off, you may have the beginnings (or worse) of bulb rot. In that case, lift the bulb, remove and dead or rotting roots, and discard the soil (if these are in containers). Transplant into a container with a drainage hole (if that was not the case). If planted outdoors, lift, clean as directed, and replant into dry soil. Raised beds are sometimes recommended to aid in water drainage, but heaven knows these grow profusely in ground-level beds, too, if drainage is sufficient.

So, in answer to your question: maybe. And we hope so!

Astiac lilies

I have Lily heads that are very small. Can you tell me why they are small compared to the others that are huge?

Buds won't open

I have two beautiful Lilly plants in my garden. Both in a sunny position in a good and well tended soil. We have 12 stalks on the smallest plant and much more on the larger one. With 5-6 buds on each stalk. But the buds never open but turn brown and fall off instead. What are we doing wrong?

Lily Buds Won't Open

When lilies drop their buds, it’s usually due to temperatures being too high or too much watering (the most common reason). Another possibility is thrip damage. Thrips can seriously damage lily buds and disappear before you notice the damage. Check for thrips, and be sure not to overwater.

removing lilies

We are moving and plan on taking our happily planted lilies. It is July and they are in full bloom; will we harm them if we dig them up during this time period? Will they make the transition after replanting them during full bloom or will they die?

transplanting lilies in bloom

While this isn’t the ideal time to transplant lilies, you can give it a try. The day before you dig the lilies, give them a good soaking. On the day you dig, remove blooms from plants. Dig down at least 10 to 12 inches to get as many roots as possible, and of course the bulb. Put the plants in cardboard boxes or large buckets and fill with extra soil. Plant them as soon as you can at your new home and water well. Then, do not water for 5 or 6 days. Good luck!

Lily bulbs

I ordered some lily bulbs and now it is too hot to plant them them. They are beginning to sprout! The average temperature is around 95-100 F daily, very little rain. I live in south AL. What can I do with these budding bulbs? Someone said I can freeze them?

Storing Sprouted Lily Bulbs

You don’t want them to freeze, but you do want to put them in a cold (not cool) place like the back of your refrigerator. They should be fine for next year.

Kids playing ball

I started growing lilies from bulbs (purple prince) this year and really don't know much about them but I try to read when I can. I kept them planted on a large yogurt cup before they're tall enough to be transferred to the ground. So one day my kids were plating ball and accidentally hit the top of one growing lily tree and it broke off. It was around 15" tall that time and hasn't shown a bud yet. The other lilies are on yhe ground now and flowering and this "broken" one I still have her in her original pot and not showing signs of growing any taller, she's just stuck there doing nothing. Question is, is there anything I can do so she continues growing and flower like the others?

Broken Lily Stem

Unfortunately, you will need to wait until next year for a bloom, but leave the foliage throughout the summer as it will continue to photosynthesize, getting nutrients and water to the bulb.


So I planted 3 variety of lily a few years back. The second year they grew, and the stems were over 6ft tall. They were awesome! Since then, now two seasons later. They are 2-3ft tall. They still flower, but I was wondering how do I get them to grow large like they were? I usually just visit the stems at the base after blooming. Is this correct? Can I fertilize with miracle grow? I want them to be the behemoths they were, I am sure I did something wrong. Thank you for your help.

Lily Height

This question has been answered in the comment immediately below.

Lily growth

My lilies used to be up to 6 ft tall. They get shorter every year. Why? What am I doing wrong?

Lilies need to be dug up

Lilies need to be dug up every 3 to 4 years and divided. Add compost to the soil and replant the bulbs. It’s also recommended to use a high-potassium liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks in spring and summer.

For more tips see our care section above.

Tiny Ghost/Tiny Invader Asiatic lilies

Has there been a known cross pollination of the two ? I am attempting to cross male Ghost to Female Invader and wish to know if it has a name .

New to growing Asiatic lilies. Need help.

I had two perfectly health Asiatic lily blooms and now they have died. The rest of the plant is still green. I'm not sure what went wrong. How do I get them to grow back? Should I plant them in a plantar?

How do I keep the bloom fresh

How do I keep the bloom fresh and not falling off so fast? I have Asiatic lilies . I love the flower but it seems that they lose the petals very quickly once they have bloomed.

Asiatic lily blooms last

Asiatic lily blooms last about two weeks on average, a little less if the weather is rainy or hot and humid.You can plant some lily varieties that bloom at different times in the area to have extended blossoms.

Broken off tip on bulb of Lily Tree

The 3 in bud got broken off my Lily Tree bulb. Is their any hope it will recover.

Growing from seeds?

I have the best lily bed in Pittsburgh, and have many many kinds, all of which produce seed pods. I have tons of round bumpy black seeds and thin brownish seeds but cannot figure out how to get them to grow from the seeds. It's there a way to get them to start from seed?

Plant the seeds in light soil

Plant the seeds in light soil outdoors in the spring. You can also grow them indoors in pots. Plant them anytime in good potting soil that drains well. As soon as the seeds germinate place the pots in full sun. When the weather has warmed plant the seedling outdoors. Be aware that it may take several years before these lilies will bloom

I have oriental lilies

I planted bulbs around April first. I have been keeping them watered but the have small closed clusters of leaves above the soil but will not grow anymore or open up. What do I do. They are in full sun 10 hrs a day.

Help me not kill my Lilies ?

I just bought a beautiful oriental Lily. I planted it in a big planter & i'm not sure how to tend to it.
When the leaves wither, do i need to pull out that little stem or do i leave it ?

lily in a pot

When the foliage dies down, transfer the bulb to the garden. Or, keep it in the same pot, but remove about two inches of old compost from the top soil surface and replace it with new. (You can remove the stem once it lifts easily; if you have to yank it, it’s not dry enough. You don’t want to disturb the bulb. Keep in container in a frost-free but airy place with strong light. Guard against waterlogging (by rain or snow melt) and esp water/snow melt that freezes. Because the plant needs a cold spell in order to bloom again, do not keep it indoors over winter.


Here’s some information:

Planting around Forsythia

We have a beautifully based bed that I'd like to plant with oriental lilies. The are two forsythia plants in that bed already. The bed is a half moon approx 8ft long and 4ft deep.
Can I plant lilies there or should I dig up the forsythia.

forsythia: the root of the problem

Forsythia has a pretty vigorous root system. If you dig it up, be prepared for a project. If you plant lilies there, be prepared for…well, limited success. The forsythia root system may inhibit its growth—or even inhibit your digging a suitable hole to put the bulb into. You might be better off with a low-growing ornamental, a ground cover that doesn’t much root depth. Myrtle (Vinca spp.) is nice, and its blue flowers contrast well with forsythia’s yellow. For more information,

We hope this helps.

Old florist

Just started a new job in a garden center and need to know more about fruit trees, tree's and all about the variety plants and flowers care for spring, summer and fall.

Plant Guides

We hope that we can help!  For starters, we have growing guides for over 100 common plants here:  We focus on edibles and flowers and flowering trees.

First off I know nothing

First off I know nothing about plant care this is the first time I've cared for anything green. I just moved into an apartment and the last tenant planted some lillies outside our patio (I only know what they are because I sought help from facebook friends) so the grounds keeper doesn't care for them and they are so beautiful I don't want them to die. They are starting to point downward and a few look like they are withering. They are pink and yellow. What can I do to perk them up and keep them alive?

By the way I'm in

By the way I'm in Jacksonville Florida if that makes a difference.

They are probably done

They are probably done blooming. Depending on what type of lilies these are you may get a few more blooms. Lilies usually like warm sunny weather. If the soil is very dry you can give them some water. These lilies will bloom again next year.

Answer for the forwarded question.

they are probably the rain lilies!"i.e. they blooms during the rainy season, hence if they are withering or wilting, let them wilt & slash of the old leaves before rainy season to make it bloom beautifully.
Thats all!!


i planted asiatic lily in my front yard and they all died.. why?

true lilies

I want to learn more about Lilies. When to transplant store bought true lilies and how to attend to them.

how can I protect my roses

how can I protect my roses from beetles? I've tried several things but nothing has worked.

Beetles on Roses

Note that insecticides will not fully protect roses, which unfold too fast and are especially attractive to beetles. When beetles are most abundant on roses, nip the buds and spray the bushes to protect the leaves. When the beetles become scarce, let the bushes bloom again. Timeliness and thoroughness of application are very important. Begin treatment as soon as beetles appear, before damage is done. 

How long can I store bulbs?

I live in South Jersey and recently purchased a few Stargazer Oriental Lily bulbs from a local home store. I was wondering if I should plant these now or will they last until fall? I believe I am in zone five. Should I save them till fall? If so how would I store them? Should I plant soon just to get them in the ground? I doubt they will bloom this year. They are slightly larger than a golf ball.
I am new to this.
Thank you in advance.

hitchyour wagon to a Stargazer lily

Vincent, Plant them now (early spring…that’s in a few more weeks, or fall is recommended—but why wait?!). They should be fine in zone 5 (their “normal” range is zones 4 to 9).

Don’t store them, set them! Would they last til fall if you don’t plant them…Hard to tell, don’t want to hazard(!) a guess, but why worry? They should bloom this year, if you get them in soon. (Don’t doubt Mother Natuer!)

However … if you have your heart set on storing them, give them away—set them free! and get yourself some more in the fall. These are stunning flowers that want to put on a show! Give them a stage!


Would lilies leave any contamination in the soil if I wanted to replant the area they were in?

Did your lillies have a

Did your lillies have a disease? If they had a fungal leaf pathogen, they could indeed contaminate the soil and it could take years or you could till and sterilize the soil before replanting. 

red lily beetle

This past year my lily plants were completely eaten from the top of where it should flower to the point where it looked like a dried out brown stem. I will be digging up the bulbs this year to see how healthy they are after reading that the red lily beetle over winters. My lilies used to grow beautiful orange flowers. My neighbours lilies are a pale orange/pink mixture, absolutely gorgeous, and their blooms were not eaten. I explained about the beetles/eggs/larvae and where to look for them, so perhaps they were more diligent in removing them before they got to the blooms? or is it possible they preferred the orange lilies over the other ones?

The beetle attacs true lilies

The beetle attacs true lilies (such as Asiatic, Oriental, Easter, Tiger and Turk’s Cap lilies). It will also feed on Fritillaria species. The adult beetles can be found in the top ½ inch of soil in eary spring. After they emerge in the spring it’s best to handpick and kill them before they lay eggs under the lily leaves. Try also to remove as many eggs as you possibly can. You can also use a Neem oil spray every 5 to 7 days to keep down the beetle population.


Why do my lily bulbs keep coming up to the surface of the ground?

rising lilies

They are probably not set deep enough. Recommended depths vary, averaging about 6 inches. If yours are not set deep enough, they can get pushed up—not necessarily from growing, because they are dormant in winter—but by the frost heaves in the soil. That’s essentially freezing and thawing cycles. Rain, followed by dryness, then rain again can also contribute. Lift and replant them when you can.

How can we store lilium bulbs

How can we store lilium bulbs after flowering in Odisha,India?Here temp. goes upto 45 degree celcius in summer.

You can store them in a

You can store them in a plastic container along with cocopeat in a refrigerator . They need 1000hrs of refrigeration for better and sturdy blooms in coming season. So atleast refrigerate for 2 months and please do not place them alongside fruits and veggies the gases from fruits n veggies slows down growth. Clean all dirt before storing . you can wash them . dip them in fungicide and then dry them thoroughly before storing


Why is there a picture of a hemerocallis here? I really wanted to share this with our Horticultural Society members, but we've really been working on them understanding that a daylily is not a lily.

We have updated the photo on

We have updated the photo on this page. Thanks for your comment.

Re-Planting of Lilium Orientale Bulbs

Sir, I am residing in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, Coastal area of India. I have planted Lilium Orientale Bulbs in Pots (2 in each pot). Now the shoots are coming up as garlic type buds. You are requested to suggest, how and when the bulbs will be replanted. And also suggest the soil work for the same.

Help...Plagued with red lily

Help...Plagued with red lily beetles and living in Nova Scotia where just about all chemicals are banned. Squishing them is just about impossible, tooooo many. Any home remedies ie. Jerry Baker kind of stuff. Do they over winter in the soil?

Adult beetles do winter over

Adult beetles do winter over in the soil and emerge very early in the spring to reproduce. Sorry to say but the best control is handpicking these early beetles before they can lay eggs. It is worth the effort. Each female you remove will save you from hundreds of larvae. We grow a large number of lilies to sell so they have to be pristine. We start beetle hunting as soon as the plants start poking up out of the soil. Look under the leaves for egg masses and destroy them too. The larvae do the most damage and are disgusting to deal with since they have the habit of covering themselves with their own excrement. Wear gloves if it grosses you out to touch them or pick off the whole leaf and drop it into soapy water. Neem oil has been effective on the adults and young larvae before they have developed their shield of feces. You would need to spray every 5-7 days though. Someone I know swears by a mulch of coffee grounds but I have not tried it yet. There is hope on the horizon. Researchers are working on introducing a natural predator.


I've had exceptionally good fortune with pyrethrem(pyrethrin also) oil extract from the pyrocantha plant. It's non toxic to pets and people buy deadly to insects that you spray. It's readily available online and inexpensive compared to the cost of destroyed gardens.

maru oriental lily

I planted my lilies this past spring they were already in bloom when planted... Something ate blooms and leaves started turning Brown and haven't bloomed again... Will they rebloom next year?

iam living in southern part

iam living in southern part of india. i bought asiatic lilies and i planted in my garden at recomended depth(5 to 6 inch) but it is not emerge from the soil. after ten days,i checked the bulb by digging the soil, but there is no shoot or roots emerges from it.

this is my problem. i don't know what was the reason.sir please help me to overcome this.
iam waiting for your reply.

thank you

iam living in southern part

iam living in southern part of india. i bought asiatic lilies and i planted in my garden at recomended depth(5 to 6 inch) but it is not emerge from the soil. after ten days,i checked the bulb by digging the soil, but there is no shoot or roots emerges from it.

this is my problem. i don't what was the reason.sir please help me to overcome this.
iam waiting for your reply.

thank you

I live in Indiana moving

I live in Indiana moving across town and want to take some of my Lilly's with me it's going to be sometime in October how do I store the bulbs til Spring? Will the bulbs survive being stored?

Lilies in zone 9 and 10

This is a false statement. I've very many Casablanca lilies and oriental lilies in my garden. All of which never needed a cooling period in a refrigerator. I live in zone 9. So, instead state that in zones 9 and 10, lilies can grow there but must be planted in january or febuary.

Made a typo

Theres supposed to be "grown" in between I've and very

Good day When cutting down

Good day

When cutting down the lilies, how much of the foliage must be sticking out?

Our gardener has cut it so much that you don't even know where it was planted! (Not happy). Will these bloom again for the summer or only the next summer? I am from SA.



The wind broke my beautiful tall pink tiger lilies. They have a stem from the ground maybe 4". Do I take off the broken flower? Will they regrow? If I cut the flower and long stem and place in water, will they root? Can they be planted?

This is inaccurate, Oriental

This is inaccurate, Oriental lilies are from Peru. They do not need a cooling period in zones 9-10. They are accustomed to warm climates.

My oriental lilies do not

My oriental lilies do not have many bloom on them. I have also planted several lily trees, but all I get is one or two blooms and the stalks are the same as regular lilies. Any suggestions as to what the problem may be? Some of these lilies are 3-4 years old. I live in Atlantic Canada.

Hi, Pauline, Our "best bet"

Hi, Pauline, Our "best bet" is that the conditions are not ideal. Lilies need 6 to 8 hours of direct sun in order to perform well. It may (also) be that they should be divided. Organic, well draining soil is a must. Mulch with several inches of loose, weed-free compost, leaves, or wood chips before winter. Do not remove stems or foliage until late fall or early spring.
In spring, fertilize with a 5–10-10, or other phorphorus-rich amendment. Slow fertilizers work best. In season, check for aphids; they can cause problems for buds.
We hope this helps.

I moved into a house that has

I moved into a house that has lilies. Right now one of the stems is about 5ft tall and looks like it is trying to seed out. My question is how to take care of this lily

I have grown scented lilies

I have grown scented lilies this year but I need to move them.
When can this be done and do I need to know anything else about moving them please

I bought several lilies right

I bought several lilies right after Easter. I read you are supposed to leave the dying leaves and stems on the plants until autumn because they nourish the plant for the next year. I thought they were done for the season but many of them have developed numerous new stems with buds. Should I still leave the dying leaves and stems on the plants or should I remove them since others have developed? Thank you.

I'm reading through this feed

I'm reading through this feed looking for the answer to my question and there are a couple different answers coming up regarding the same thing. Can you confirm please? I have oriental lilies blooming in my garden, some have already bloomed and flowers have fallen off (I have deadheaded). Some of the leaves are turning yellow, but other plants the leaves have remained green. Will the lilies bloom again this summer or is it a one time bloom each year? If the first, what can I do to try and get the plants to re-bloom? Thanks in advance!!

Some varieties of daylilies

Some varieties of daylilies rebloom, but Asiatic and oriental lilies do not.

Thanks in advance for your

Thanks in advance for your comments... I have an oriental lily. In 2012 we moved from zone 5b to zone 3a. In 2013 the transplanted lily did not grow anything but leaves. But, in 2014 it had beautiful blooms. Winter 2014-2015 we had frigid temps with no snowfall. Even though I mulched, I fear there wasn't enough protection from the freezing temps. This spring I only have 5 tiny, but healthy, leaves growing close to the ground. I'm guessing this is a sign that the lily survived the winter but will need a season or two to recoup. I am curious as to what you think and if you suggest any special treatment. I am continuing to provide a slow release fertilizer. thanks

I live in Colorado and just

I live in Colorado and just purchased some Asiatic lilies. I planted them in a pot and have been waiting for the buds to bloom. After seeing some plants in other peoples yards, I'm stating to think I don't have buds at all. I think they may just be the places where the flowers used to be. Do I need to remove these nodes to get new flowers? Or just leave it alone?

Asiatic lilies do not

Asiatic lilies do not rebloom. Just leave the stems as long as they are green. You may get seed pods at the top of them. The seeds can be saved when dry and started in pots next year.

I have very fragrant

I have very fragrant Stargazer lilies which rebloom every year. 3 years so far. They absolutely re-bloom.

How many time do lilies bloom

How many time do lilies bloom in one season?

When lily booms fade are you

When lily booms fade are you suppose to cut off just the booms or the bloom and the stem? Thanks

Hi Debbie,   Cut off the

Hi Debbie,
Cut off the faded flower at the base of the bloom. Leave the stem on the plant.

I was given some Asiatic

I was given some Asiatic Lilies by my husband. He bought them from a florist. However, they were labeled as Day Lilies. There were three bulbs that already had stems -- one is almost one foot tall -- and small unopened blooms. After the first day or two of having them the unopened, the blooms looked completely dried out. They were given to me in Mid May and it is now mid June. Two of the stalks are really yellow and all the blooms are still unopened and dried out or dead. We have been getting more than the normal amount of rain here in Colorado but they are potted plants on my back patio so they get sun about half the day and they are only getting about half the rain because of their location. What do I do to save them??? I love lillies and seem to kill every plant I've been given except my actual day lilies that I planted out front over two years ago. Please Help??

Please let me know if you get

Please let me know if you get an answer to your asiatic lilly problem. I have the exact same issue.

Help! I just moved into a

Help! I just moved into a house and it appears the beautiful white lillies out front are dying. The flowers are drying up on the edges and turning brown. Are they out of season or have they not been cared for? It has been very warm and sunny (June) weather. Thank you for any help

They are probably done

They are probably done blooming. Depending on what type of lilies these are you may get a few more blooms. Lilies usually like warm sunny weather. If the soil is very dry you can give them some water. These lilies will bloom again next year.

Help. Ive planted 10 bulbs in

Help. Ive planted 10 bulbs in different pots on my back patio. We got alot of rain recently. One of the long pots has 4 in it and 3 were starting to grow stalks but this particular pot had no drainage and is now saturated. I tried to move it to the sunnier area to dry and i dropped it and half the soil fell out. What should i do now? I tried to put it back together but the soil is drenched. Should i replant them in new pots or new soil?

You can just let the soil dry

You can just let the soil dry out and just backfill some new soil, firming it with your hands. Do not water again until at least a week later or when the soil is dry two inches below the surface. However, the main problem is that you need to have drainage holes. Can you drill them in?
The other option is to transplant into another pot. This is not something we normally do while the plants are growing. In urgent situations, you can gently dig up the clump of roots with some surrounding dirt and slide it immediately into a new hole that is slightly wider and larger than the clump. Again, don't water until the soil is dry.

Hi I have potted lillies can

Hi I have potted lillies can I cut the stems to put the flowers in a vase ? And will they grow back? Thank u zoe

Hi, Zoe,  You can cut the

Hi, Zoe,  You can cut the lily but leave as many leaves (the foliage) as possible. The leaves help the bulb to gain the strength to bloom again. Without adequate leaves, the chances of rebloom are fewer. (How much is enough? That depends entirely on the size of your plant; it is impossible to put a percentage on it.)

I just got a Demi Lilly for

I just got a Demi Lilly for mothers day could you tell me how to take care of it please. its in a glass vase. thanks

I was just given 4 Oriental

I was just given 4 Oriental Lilly bulbs, which seems to have some growth coming out of the top of the bulb. Can I plant them now or do I have to wait until Autumn. I live in Northern New Jersey.

I have a large Boogie Woogie

I have a large Boogie Woogie lily bulb that has grown to at least 4 times the original size this Spring. Would it be OK to divide it at this time and replant then now or would it be better to wait until Fall?
Are there any hints as to how to divide it?

Hi Eva, Divide the lily after

Hi Eva,
Divide the lily after it has bloomed. Dig up the entire plant and rinse the bulbs with water to remove the dirt. Gently pull apart any fully formed bulbs and remove the bigger bulblets from the bulbs. You can now plant the bulbs and the bulblets in their new location.

I purchased a couple oriental

I purchased a couple oriental (stargazer) lilies from my local grocery. They were both ready to bloom, and did pretty much as soon as I got them home. I bought them a week apart, so they were basically of the same maturity. I live in an apartment and was growing them from their pots by my sunny patio window. As the blooms died, I gently pulled them and disposed of them. Unfortunately, as the blooms dwindled, so did the leaves. I watered, turned the plants, etc. but soon both pots (with two stalks each) were totally bare. Did I kill them for good? Can I put them outside now (hoping the complex doesn't mow them down )-: )? Do I keep them cool and damp in a closet or somewhere until fall and plant them then? I paid $20 each, and want to keep them going if at all possible, I'm just hoping I didn't kill them!

The information on when to

The information on when to cut back the Asiatic lily was very helpful. Thanks

Hi. I live in a tropical

Hi. I live in a tropical climate Country is it possible for me to grow Lillie plant. i got some Lillie seed and only a few of the have germinated. so will this grow in my country?

My brother step on one of my

My brother step on one of my lily plant about 2 in. tall will it come back this year? Broke off top.

Hello, I have been given

Hello, I have been given several Saint Christopher bulbs. Some have a green leaf coming out the top. Please can you tell me how to pot them for my porch, also basic care. I am a newbie. I love lillys just never been given them as a bulb and i do not want to kill it. please help

The bulbs will grows best in

The bulbs will grows best in moist, well drained soil in a sunny or partly sunny location. Bulbs can be seperated and replanted in the fall. Depending on where you live you may have to lift the bulbs in the fall and store them indoors. They are hardy in Zones 8 and warmer.

I live in southern Indiana.

I live in southern Indiana. When will my Asiatic lilies begin to sprout from the ground? So far nothing is showing. I bought them last year, cut them back in mid fall when they were yellow/brown. This is my first time with them hopefully sprouting in the spring.

Hi, Sarah, Everything/one

Hi, Sarah,
Everything/one that we consulted say it's still too early for blooms at this time. Some say April, others say the flowers will appear in late May. Your care so far as described should not affect their success. Give them more time to shake off the winter.

I have a lilly plant that was

I have a lilly plant that was give to me a year ago and plant is thriving doing great but it has bit bloomed to this date. What can I do ?

My boyfriend just gave me a

My boyfriend just gave me a potted oriental lily for Valentine's Day. It has some open blooms and some still closed, when should i plant it outside in the ground?

I live in zone 9a. I have

I live in zone 9a. I have lily bulbs in my refrigerator and plan to plant them in march. Will they live and bloom this far south?

Hi John, Most lilies will do

Hi John,
Most lilies will do well in the southern regions. You can plant your bulbs as soon as you can dig in the garden and they should give you blooms this summer and many more summers.

Hi, I have an Oriental,

Hi, I have an Oriental, potted lily and it has lost all flowers and leaves.The stalks became brown and i cut them all the way down to the top of the soil. i have watered it and kept it in the sunlight as well. Will it bloom again in the pot or does it need to be transplanted? I would like to keep it as an indoor plant as it is attractive and fragrant.

Thank you

i have a project about lilies

i have a project about lilies Habitat : in which environment does it grow
best and why?

i was given a stargazer lilie

i was given a stargazer lilie from my boyfriend. it doesnt have a bulb as it came from a floral shop and is in a vase. is there a way to plant (keep it from dying all together) it so that it will bloom next year??

Unfortunately you can't plant

Unfortunately you can't plant a cut stargazer lily stalk. You need a bulb to plant in the soil. Enjoy the flower in the vase and maybe next time your boyfriend can give you a bulb.

thank you for your quick

thank you for your quick reply! thats what i thought, but i figured i would ask. i appreciate the help. have a wonderful day

I have a lilly with new shots

I have a lilly with new shots coming up at the bottom the stems. The stems also have flowers. Can i cut the flower just above the new shot? And will it grow a new stem and flower again?

It seems late in season (at

It seems late in season (at least, from where we sit in New Hampshire) for lilies to be shooting and blooming; it may be that weather conditions where you are gave it a spurt.
It would seem like you can cut the flower and enjoy it. Before too much longer, your plant will turn brown and die back. Lilies need a period of dormancy.

Is it possible to propagate

Is it possible to propagate lilium orientalis from seeds. I artificially cross pollinated my 3 colored it bears fruits....what are the next steps to propagate it from seeds....thanks

i was given a stargazer lilie

i was given a stargazer lilie from my boyfriend. it doesnt have a bulb as it came from a floral shop and is in a vase. is there a way to plant (keep it from dying all together) it so that it will bloom next year??

I have Asiatic lilies in 2

I have Asiatic lilies in 2 small pots...bloomed once in I have more stalks and starting to bloom again. I'd like to put them in the ground..too early?

Plant them in the

Plant them in the autumn—mid-September to October in fertile soil where they will get full sun. It's best to leave the stalk and foliage until they brown; they supply food and nutrition. Hope this helps!

I've looked at several

I've looked at several websites and haven't found this question raised. Should I remove the(white or brown)dead leaves during the growing season? I've always been told to remove (deadhead) any dead flowers to promote overall herb or plant growth, but I'm not sure this is helping my lilies or not.

Hi, Katherine: This isn't

Hi, Katherine: This isn't going to make a huge difference for your blooms -- if any at all -- but you can certainly go ahead and remove dead leaves. While this is a general rule of thumb, there are instances when it is best to leave some, such as when they provide shade that helps to retain moisture in dry soil. Thanks for asking!

I'm cleaning up my gardens,

I'm cleaning up my gardens, all my lilies have already bloomed. I've noticed a lot of the bulbs are very close to surface so I've pulled a lot of lilies out and need to transplant somewhere else but there's so many I couldn't get them all done today. What's the best way to store them and how long can I store them til I get a chance to plant them again. Also are lilies strong enough to break through dense ground cover plants like lilies of the valley?? I can't stand my lily of the valley and have dug it up numerous times but it just keeps coming back again and again. If I plant my asiatic lily bulbs among the valley will they be strong enough to come through or will they die??
Thank you

I planted pink oriental

I planted pink oriental lilies last year and this summer they each have each bloomed with three layers of petals! I've never seen this before and wonder if they will come up again like that next year? Is it just the type of lily that grows like that? Thanks!

Lucky you! Yes, there are

Lucky you! Yes, there are some varieties of oriental lilies (such as "sweet rosy") that have stunning double or triple layers of petals.

My asiatic lilies have brown

My asiatic lilies have brown petals on some of the flowers. What is causing this?


Hi, Susan: It matters whether

Hi, Susan: It matters whether you mean isolated petals on multiple blooms or all petals on some blooms. If the former, this could be fungal in nature. If the latter, they could just have done their one bloom of the season and are now going into dormancy. In both cases, it could also be that they are too wet. Also in both cases, be sure to remove. Good luck!

We have what we thought was

We have what we thought was called a moon gazer lily but may be a star gazer. Anyway for the last two years it will grow and the buds come as if ready to bloom and then they fall off. Please help us understand why. This was a beautiful full flowering plant that we don't want to lose.

When lilies drop their buds,

When lilies drop their buds, it's usually due to one of these reasons: 1) not enough direct sunlight, 2) temperatures are too high and it's just way too hot, and 3) too much watering (the most common reason).
Make sure your lily gets full sun in the morning with some cool shade in the afternoon. Give it rich, well-draining soil and avoid overwatering.

Hello, I read somewhere that

Hello, I read somewhere that the orange daylily has a virus or disease that stays in the soil, that will turn other lilies orange. Ive also read various answers to the question " why are my white or other color lily turning orange". Some say that the orange ones are vigorous growers ghat over take the other oreintal lilies. Well I inherited the orange daylilys when i moved. I moved all the orange daylilies to ghe front yard, then the next year bought new bulbs of pure white, white and chocolate, and green lilies. I put them in the same bed that the orange daylilies were in. They are starting to bloom this year, the white and choc are now orange and chocolate! The white are going to be orange as well based on ghe color of their blooms. The green I cant tell yet. Please help I cant even find the reference where I read about the virus now either.
My question how do you get rid of this virus or disease or whatever it is.

We're not familiar with a

We're not familiar with a color-based virus for the daylily. What we can tell you is that daylilies are very hardy and rarely have problems. Here are a few possibilities though:
1. Daylily leaf streak is a fungus that overwinters on dead plant material. The symptoms are reddish spots with yellowish margins.
2. Daylilies can also suffer from frost injury. The tissue turns brown and can become infected with saprophitic fungi.
3. Daylily rust is a fungal disease that affects folks in warmer, more humid climates. At first, it looks like leaf streak except that an orange rust will start to rub off on your fingers.

To avoid most of these issues: Clean up any debris each year. Cover the plants if you expect frost or freeze. Consider fungicides if you find your plants are vulnerable. (Speak to your local garden center about what's approved and best in your area.) Plant disease-resistant varieties.

I have a group of lilies that

I have a group of lilies that already bloomed once this year. The flowers were so heavy the stalks started falling over. They are now preparing to re-bloom again. I had one stalk that I wanted to anchor with a wire so it would stay straight up. The minute I went to pull it up that stalk broke in half. This wont damage the entire plant will it?

If a stalk breaks, the plant

If a stalk breaks, the plant is fine. Stalks that aren't too strong often need more light or are over-fertilized.

on supporting your lily, try

on supporting your lily, try anchoring it with a longer string, and then in a few days shorten it by a few inches, then repeat every few days or a week, BUT if you do this at night when the flower is not looking for the sun, the flower will move a bit more. in a 3-4 weeks or less your your flower should be upright. I have had to do this also. good luck.

i received 2 oriental Lilies.

i received 2 oriental Lilies. the instructions that came with the plant said that it needs full sun. so i planted both plants into 2 pots and i put them in a sunny area of my yard. and water them daily. it has been really hot here and the plants got fried. im usually really good with plants. so i am confused as to why my plants got fried, should i move them to a partly sunny area. maybe they were mislabeled at the store? please help. Thank you.

the pot might keep the heat

the pot might keep the heat in and kill the roots, so plastic pots are sometimes good, clay can be bad, if you touch the pot at the bottom and feel the heat for a few seconds then the plant will need water 2x a day to keep roots cool.

We have many Asian lillies in

We have many Asian lillies in our yard. They're getting too crowded, so I'd like to move them to a new area. It's summer time now. How and when should we dig them up and move them?


Transplant in early spring as

Transplant in early spring as soon as frost is gone. Just dig them up on a cloudy day and transplant in a sunny spot and water in well. Don't plant too deeply. It's very hard to kill daylilies. 

Hi, I bought a Lilium Hybrid

Hi, I bought a Lilium Hybrid 'Entertainer' Oriental Lily, it has a pink flower and is beautiful. It will get approx. 4 hrs of late afternoon sun, is that okay. Also, will it come up next spring?

Do lilies bloom more than

Do lilies bloom more than once a season ?

Lilies bloom once a year;

Lilies bloom once a year; however, they have a nice long blooming period. Plant different lily varieties to have blooms throughout the summer!

My lilies have a slug like

My lilies have a slug like bug that is eating te leaves of my lilies. It leaves pile of mud behind. I don't know if it is their waste or not. How can I get rid of them? Are they part of the life cycle of the red lily beetle?

This spring I too had these

This spring I too had these slugs. I found on line a recipe with Fels Naptha bar soap diluted in water and that got rid of them. So go on line to: The many uses of Fels Naptha soap and you should find the recipe. Good Luck. Remember to NOT apply when it is hot weather.

One of my lily plants has

One of my lily plants has developed black pods at the base of the leaves can you advise whatvthese are?

Hi there! My lilies had the

Hi there! My lilies had the same thing occur to them-black pods at the base of the leaves. I thought they were egg sacks from an insect but when I picked them off and crushed one, it appeared to be green inside as if it were a seed. There is a post from April asking if lilies grow from seeds and the description sounds familiar. Does anyone know for sure?

Hi Stacy. I am growing

Hi Stacy. I am growing Asiatic Lilys in Houston. If I let the plant continue to grow after blooming, it forms bulbils. I plant them like bulbs and they grow into more lilys. I let the plant grow into the summer, and by August I have hundreds of seeds from the pods on top of the plant where the flowers bloomed.

First Timer

Greg I too live in Texas (right outside of San Antonio) We are first time Asiatic Lily caregivers! We have bought 2 plants - one in full bloom the other completely bare with green stems - - Is this normal? Will we see it bloom this year? How long do you see flowers in Houston with this particular lily? Do we deadhead or just leave it be? Blessings

This is from another website

This is from another website but had a picture that matches our description. They are called "stem bulbils".
"A few species and their cultivars are well known for producing stem bulbils. The Tiger Lilies, L.tigrinum (lancifolium) are well know for their stem or leaf axis bulbils. Bulbils are usually a dark purplish-brown colour may measure about 0.5 inches (1-2 cm). This can vary from variety to variety and stage of development. Some plants have more mature ones at the top others start developing them from the bottom so they are more mature. I leave my bulbils on as long as possible to get as big as they can, some even start to leaf out and grow roots on the stem. Mature bulbils will eventually fall off the stem by themselves to the ground. Once they touch the ground they will start to grow roots and pull themselves into the soil. Depending on how long your growing season is they can also put out a single leaf and start to increase in size. If your cold weather comes on early they will just get themselves ready to over-winter and be ready for the next spring."

We got Asiatic Lilies from

We got Asiatic Lilies from the store, transplanted into a very sunny boxed in area on our lawn. The soil is dry, so we watered daily (now realizing you're not supposed to do that), and flowers fell off within a few days of planting - they seriously didn't even have one week's worth of flowers while we had them!

One stalk completely dried up - I think it rotted - bc when I pulled gently, the entire stalk came out, without the bulb or roots we had buried deeply.

The other stalks looked green and healthy, but now they are slowly turning purple and gold.

I have them in a box with small bush beans and some stalky mint. The mint is quickly getting fried in the sun, and will probably have to move.

Since I am watering the other plants in the box, and the lilies are on the decline, do I HAVE TO transplant the lilies to get them to grow next year? I water in small amounts, close to the vegetables, careful not to get the lilies.

I got a Asiatic lily from a

I got a Asiatic lily from a friend and replanted it in a pot two days later it was beautiful in the morning I watered it and when I came home that afternoon all of the flowers were off it. will it re-bloom and what happen to it?

I have grown beautiful

I have grown beautiful lollies for a number of years, but have noticed a brown wet 'soil' on the leaves, as if mud has been thrown on the leaves in little 'drops', 'which has not been done). Any ideas, I can't see any infestations or beetles?

Lily beetle eggs. Remove and

Lily beetle eggs. Remove and put down a drain.


I planted a bulb 2 falls ago.

I planted a bulb 2 falls ago. It comes up in the spring but has never bloomed. What can I do? Can I dig it up and put it in a pot. Just not sure if it'll will be ok in a pot.

Thank you

Jo Feaster

Hi Jo, Lilies can be planted

Hi Jo,
Lilies can be planted in containers but do see our planting and care information above. Most lilies need 6 to 8 hours of sun and need a cold dormant period in the winter.

enjoyed reading comments,

enjoyed reading comments, will plant seeds for new growth, thanks David

I bought my wife an Oriental

I bought my wife an Oriental Lily for mothers day from wal-mart. It bloomed and had flowers. I live in Ohio. We have no clue what to do with it now. Is it a house plant or an outside plant? Its still green with stems where the flowers was. Any suggestions. We keep it in a 6 inch pot outside and only bring it in when it storms.

Hi, Ricky, Lots of stores

Hi, Ricky, Lots of stores sell lilies at Easter and Mother's Day, and, no doubt, other occasions. These are outside plants, forced to bloom for the holiday sale for indoor display.
If you want to plant it outside, see the advice above under "Planting."
Some say that forced bulbs never reproduce as well again. Others say that lilies like yours can be maintained and made to bloom again indoors. See here for one source that we came across:
If you do neither of these things, the plant will eventually dry up, shrivel, and die—its normal course of events under the circumstances. If that happens, be at peace with it, knowing that it fulfilled its purpose: It brought you beauty and pleasure.

I got an Oriental lily for my

I got an Oriental lily for my anniversary it used to be kept outside in a pot but now it is getting too cold to keep it out most days. Now the Bloom's and the top leaves are turning brown the blooms are hard what's wrong with it?

Is there anyway i can save my

Is there anyway i can save my oriental lily i got for mothers day from my kids the whole plan turned brown and the leaves fell off i keep it in a sunny spot in the house and i water it every other day like it says is there any hope???

I got one from Walmart

I got one from Walmart "bella"But, all the flowers are gone Only on is hanging in..the leaves and stems are getting brown out ..Why? what am i doing wrong?

Hi, Carmen, You did not

Hi, Carmen,
You did not necessarily do anything wrong. If the plant was in bloom, it may have been forced to bloom (maybe a bit ahead of its natural bloom time) and so it is entering its rest period/dormancy a bit early—regardless of whether it is in the ground or in a pot.
If all this is true and it is in a pot and you want to try to save it, see the comments above.
If it is in the ground, it is, as suggested, done for the season and going to sleep.

I planted several asiatic

I planted several asiatic lilies about 4 years ago. They seem to be getting taller every year.They've grown to about 4ft tall so far this year. Is this normal?

Most asiatic lilies grow to

Most asiatic lilies grow to be about 3-4 feet tall. If the lilies are healthy and bloom there is no need to worry.

Why do lilies change color

Why do lilies change color from season to season? Some of my lilies came up red the following season>

Hi Dixie, Often new plants

Hi Dixie,
Often new plants are grown from what is called a sport an mutations happen. A gene from the original parent plant becomes dominant again. Sometimes temperature extremes (a very cold or very warm spring) can change the shades of color.

I have a lovely lily that is

I have a lovely lily that is on it's second year. Had a beautiful bloom with full leaves. The bloom is still there but the leaves have gone flat...meaning they are basically laying on the ground. Still green and lush, just flat. Not sure what to do.

Hello I was reading above and

Hello I was reading above and it says "After bloom, divide lilies. Replant using compost and bonemeal." What is the best way to divide or rearrange lilies? We have a very large Bunch of lilies I might want to spread the love around the house?

Also if I cut off the area where the flower was after the petals fall off and plant that will lilies come up where I plant that?

Should a each lily flower product new plants if pollinated?


Last year I planted a pot of

Last year I planted a pot of pink asiatic lillies from home depot. The stalks have come back nicely so far, but no sign of a flower. I live in Massachusetts. I would appreciate any help.

Asiatic lilies grow the

Asiatic lilies grow the stalks first to full size before the flower appear. You should see some buds soon if the weather turns nice.

I bought Asiatic Lilies which

I bought Asiatic Lilies which were blooming. I took them out of their pot and planted them. The leaves are beautiful and the stems are all strong and a beautiful green color but all of the flowers are gone. Some of them I had to deadhead and the others, the leaves just fell off. Now,they don't seem to be growing back. How do I get them back?

How do I get the oriental

How do I get the oriental lillies to nllom again once they jave n loomed and fallen off?

Asiatic lilies bloom only

Asiatic lilies bloom only once during the season. They have about a 2 to 3 week bloom period. Leave the stems standing until fall when they turn brown and you can cut them back. The lilies will come back next year and bloom again. There are early-, mid- and late-blooming lilies. You can add some different varieties to your flower bed for continued bloom.



Once flowering has stopped

Once flowering has stopped the lilies need a dormant (resting) period. During this time don't water and allow the plant to die back. You can move your container to a dark area once the foliage has turned brown. In about 2 months you can move the container back into the light and start watering.

I live in Lake Isabella,

I live in Lake Isabella, California. My husband bought me a Love Story Lily plant. We transplanted it 4 days ago in a sunny area and water every day but the leaves turned brown and are falling off alond with the flowers. His grandma said its in shock and will pull through it but I would still like advice.

It may be in shock but it may

It may be in shock but it may also be drowning. The soil around the plant should remain moist, however, it should be well draining soil that does not "hold" water. Place peat moss or compost around stems to help maintain consistent moisture conditions.
Try not to splash the foliage when watering. Fungus can develop on/in a too-wet plant. It may now be on this one. Consider your soil as noted above and amend as necessary.

When is the blooming time for

When is the blooming time for After Eight lillies? How long is the typical blooming length of time for these & Asiatic lillies? Last thing, after reading all the questions & responses I'm not sure if a dead head my lillies as the flower fades or cut my stalk at the base of the plant?

It is not possible for us to

It is not possible for us to "nail" the bloom time in your location but at a soil temp of 55°F and average air temp of 68°F. 'After Eight' is 12 to 13 weeks from potting to bloom; figure 90 days on average. It is later to bloom that other lily types but there are too many variables for us to say more than late summer to early fall.
Lilies get their energy from the leaves; do not remove them after bloom. Definitely remove the flower.

I have astore bought lily

I have astore bought lily (white) given to me for Easter. I live in Western New York with nasty winters. It, of course is in a pot, now the flowers have died and I snapped them of at the base of the flower itself. My question is what can I do to make it re-bloom now or even next year? Can I keep as a house plant all year? Can I plant it in the ground during summer & fall and if so can I save it for next year? I appreciate any advice given!

This plant blooms once a

This plant blooms once a year. If it bloomed for Easter, it is spent. You can plant it and it should come back. See above (top of page) for planting advice and see questions and answers (immed) above for additional specifics.
Best wishes!

I just received an pink

I just received an pink oriental lily(May 9), from Walmart. I have 3 tall stalks , not blooming, yet in a 8 in. plastic pot. We live in Clovis NM and want to have this plant inside. What size pot, type of soil, and when do I transplant and how to care for this lily. The info stick says to water everyday but when reading here you give different info. I have never been able to grow plants, but this one is beautiful and would love to have it grace our house for years to come

The bigger the pot, the

The bigger the pot, the better, but make sure it is at least 6 inches deep. Plant lilies about 3 inches deep in the container filled with peat potting mix. Put the pot in an area that gets sunlight for most of the day. Water regularly and fertilize once a week with a diluted, low nitrogen fertilizer. Fish emulsion works well. Deadhead any spent blooms.

Hi we purchased a Asiatic

Hi we purchased a Asiatic lily in a pot. We transplanted it and now the leaves have white spots. Do you know what this is? We live in northern Calif. The summers are very hot here. The lily gets afternoon sun for a couple hours so I think were doing it right. Any advice you could give us would be appreciated. Thank you..

It sounds like your lily may

It sounds like your lily may have botrytis. Immediately remove the infected leaves. To avoid this fungus from spreading, do not water the lily from overhead, rather, water it at the base.

I planted oriental Lilys last

I planted oriental Lilys last year and had two stalks. This year the are coming up again. Only there are 6 stalks coming up together. I did not separate the bulbs at all. The stalks are between 4 and 5 inches tall now. However some stalks are bigger and appear stronger than others. Are they over crowded? Is that why there are a few smaller looking stalks? Can I separate them now before they get bigger and bloom?

Each year, your oriental

Each year, your oriental lilies may produce a few more stalks from bulblets that form around the mother bulb. The general recommendation is to divide them every three or four years, in the fall--when the flowers have faded and the leaves are turning yellow. Observe the plants over the summer; if you think that they are suffering in vigor, or the bloom display is not as spectacular, you can try dividing them in fall. Otherwise, it might be best to wait a year or two more.

I love it

I love it

We live in the Bavarian state

We live in the Bavarian state of Germany and I have 3 lily bulbs, a stargazer, a yellow one and a pink one. I want to pot them and the temperature in our area has been in the high 40's to low 50's. When should I pot my lilies and how should I do this? I've always loved lilies, but I've never had the chance to grow my own. Thanks!

I searched and couldn't find

I searched and couldn't find anywhere an answer to the simplest question: how long does it take for lilies to actually appear above the ground? For the first time in my live I decided to plant lilies (they were asiatic ones), I bought to packs from different vendors just in case, and planted the bulbs according to the instructions I found in several books (they were pretty much the same as the ones here). It was March 8th, now it's already April 20 -- so we have more than a month of wonderful weather here in Nevada (around Reno it's zone 7a) and nothing grows in the beautifully cozy and sunny spot with the upgraded soil which I continue to water every day. I'm worrying mostly because the peonies I planted the same March day are already up with good leaves. Should I wait any longer or should I dig the lilies roots up to see them dead?

Asiatic lilies bloom from May

Asiatic lilies bloom from May to September, depending on the variety, from zones 9 to 4.
However, the bulbs are planted in the fall for bloom at this normal time. As an alternative, you could cold store the bulbs over the winter to plant in the spring. Asiatic lily bulbs needs to be "precooled" at least 6 weeks at 40 degrees F.

I'm looking for the same

I'm looking for the same long after planting in spring does it usually take to see something sprouting? i'm not worried about the bloom time, i'm just worried whether or not my lilies are alive down there :)

I have after eight lilies, i

I have after eight lilies, i just planted them last week and it frosted last night I did cover them but when I uncovered them the blooms are brown and weak in some spots. Is there anything I can do?

Are lilies grown from seeds?

Are lilies grown from seeds?

The small "bulbs" that you

The small "bulbs" that you see on top of the stalks after a lily has bloomed are seed pods. These will turn brown as they mature and you can collect them if you like and plant the seeds that are inside the pods.

I have lilies in pots and the

I have lilies in pots and the new growth is beginning to show but I know they need more soil in the pots is it ok to put the soil in over the new growth?

Hi Jim, If the pots are too

Hi Jim,
If the pots are too small repot the lilies in bigger pots with fresh soil. If you just need to add soil to the top of the pots you can add some but don't cover the new growth totally.

Seeking answer to above

Seeking answer to above question about adding more dirt to Lilly pots. Also,I seem to be able to find no answer to this question-How often should I WATER my Lillie's ? Thank you!

I have 2 lily plants that are

I have 2 lily plants that are 15" plus and very thin. I have them staked. The leaves at the bottom of the stems are wilting and look lifeless. Can I cut them short and put them in water in hopes of them growing stronger?

Not sure what kind of lilies

Not sure what kind of lilies you have. Don't cut the stems. If they are in the ground make sure the soil is moist and give them a little fertilizer. Also check for insect pests. If the lilies are in pots consider repotting them in bigger pots with fresh soil. Check the roots and trim off any that are black.

I moved an Asiatic lily last

I moved an Asiatic lily last fall. Cut the stem down to about 3 inches.

Now [Atlanta, Ga] the old stem has no sign of life while 2 pairs of new lilies are shooting up on either side.

Should I dig up and separate, or just leave alone?


Remove old foliage early

Remove old foliage early spring by cutting down any dead stalks. Those are the new shoots emerging for this season.

We have lilies in a planter

We have lilies in a planter that gets sun and shade. They are exploding out of the planter right now; is it too late to prune them prior to the spring (we're in southern Calif)? If so, what's the best way to prune them? Thank you! Have a great weekend.

Remove any old brown leaves

Remove any old brown leaves and stems but don't prune new growth. Pruning is usually done after lilies have bloomed by cutting off the spent flowers and removing any yellow leaves.

I just bought lily stargazer

I just bought lily stargazer bulbs from Wal-Mart. Its Feb 19 in coleman tx with 60-80 degree weather. Now I've got a plant room in our homr and was wondering if it would hurt to.plant now or if not how can I conserve them?

You can plant lilies between

You can plant lilies between fall and early spring in Texas.  They will grow but if it gets too hot, the blooms aren't quite as pretty. You might want to keep yours in containers so you can move them out of the sun. Or, plant them where they get some bright filtered sun, but not direct afternoon sun and amend the soil with compost and peat. The soil needs to stay cool, so plant lily bulbs in holes 4 times the height of the bulb. Cover with soil and add layer of leaf mold on top.

In the spring of 2013 I

In the spring of 2013 I planted several Asiatic Lillie's. I planted them about 6 inches deep. They came up and bloomed beautifully. It is now February 2014 and I notice something that looks like a pod of small buds or shoots just at the base of the ground. Is this normal? This pod of buds or shoots are about 3 inched in diameter. It's like, these pods are setting right on the ground. I'm wondering if I should cover them up with something like compost or mulch or maybe even soil. I live in Tennessee and we will have more temperatures below freezing. Thanks for your help.

These lilies bloom in the

These lilies bloom in the spring and early shoots are normal. If you are expecting very cold weather you can cover them with mulch or compost.

Is there any certain way to

Is there any certain way to plant the seeds

Read the information about

Read the information about planting lilies above. We state, "Dig a hole 2 to 3 times as deep as the bulbs are high and set the bulb in the hole pointy side up. Fill the hole with soil and tamp gently."

I had bought a pink and white

I had bought a pink and white lily bulb in a box kit from home depot and planted it late october inside. I live in Wisconsin and its Now the end of december and I have a lot of leaves and one thick stalk about 2 feet tall, at the top of the stalk I have 5 flower buds one large, 2 medium one semi medium and a small one, the 2 larger ones have opened and a third is steadily growing and about to open. Is this normal? this is my first time ever growing a plant

This is normal. Enjoy your

This is normal. Enjoy your pretty lily and when it's done blooming cut off the stalk.

How do u.get the.yellow

How do u.get the.yellow pollen from the stamen out of ur clothes? i have shirts that are ruined i have tried everything help!!!

If the pollen has been rubbed

If the pollen has been rubbed into the garment it is very hard to remove. Try soaking overnight is cold water with a little bleach added to the water. Then wash as usual. If this doesn't work try a commercial stain remover. Some folks suggests that putting the garment out in the sunlight for a few hours will remove the stain.
The best tip is to remove the pollen with the sticky side of transparent tape before it gets rubbed into the fabric.

Lily pollen stains

Use clear scotch tape to remove loose pollen from fabric fibers.
Take a soft cotton cloth or several cotton balls and was them together, place a clean rag under the area where the stain or pollen is. Gently squeeze or pour a capful of rubbing alcohol on the area. Don't rub....Do Not Rub the area. Blot using slight pressure to absorb the pollen / alcohol mixture. Repeat the pollen will start turning a very pale to light yellow color. Treat with your favorite stain / spot remover and wash as directed.
If you have vases of lilies in your home use a folded paper towel spray with windex, and pull the pollen coated stamens from the lilies as they open collecting them in the paper towel. The pollencan stain some light colored wood furniture if not noticed and clean soon enough, also.
B.S. Adkins

How do I get the stains off

How do I get the stains off my clothes from the Lilly flower. They are brown stains and I don't want my clothes to be ruined!

Removing Lily Pollen from Clothes

Do not wet the fabric. Get some scotch tape and blot the pollen and try not to smear the stain.

If this doesn’t work, soak in cold water and then put it out in the sun for a couple of hours.  Believe it or not, the sun will remove the stain.

I have several different

I have several different types of lilies asiatic and orientals.I live in the Everett,WA area. Most of my bulbs have been in he ground for 3 years and have wintered well. Problem is that they kept seperating and sprouting more and more lilies. I dug them all up this past fall, cleaned and seperated them placed them in bags full of sawdust. After reading previous post i'm worried I might have killed my bulbs by not replanting them? Or can I plant them this Spring and make sure they come back?

Check the bulbs and discard

Check the bulbs and discard any that have soft or rotten spots. Plant the bulbs in the spring and they should be OK.

Just wanted to let you know

Just wanted to let you know all my lilies made it and are thriving. 100+ lilies and looking forward to June and July my bloom season.

Lilium is one of my most

Lilium is one of my most favoured flower. Evrry lilium colour is acceptable to me.

Hi, I received a beautiful

I received a beautiful oriental potted lily last April. I'm a novice plant owner so read online how to take care of it. We live in an apartment with a balcony that gets sunshine at around 3pm, brightest from about 4pm but we kept it indoors on the sill of a window that was consistently bright. After awhile (2 months?) the plant needed a bigger pot so I repotted in larger pot and moved to the balcony. The plant seemed happy for a while but by the end of the summer had gone v dark at the base of each stem and gradually yellow then brown from the top progressing down the plant until withered. I was giving up on our lily when I noticed a couple of months ago it had sprouted two new shoots. When a third appeared I cut back old withered stems. The first two new shoots are growing v quickly, the third is slower. I'm posting because I would love to see these bloom but thought it odd that they were growing in the fall? The beginning of our fall was quite warm and it's going to get colder so should I move my new friends inside? I feed the planet about ten drops of Baby bio in about 500ml of water once a week. Would appreciate any advice you can give! This is the first plant I've owned. Oh! And I live in south county Dublin, Ireland so the climate is usually damp? Today it's 9C/48F which is pretty average for autumn. Thanks! . :)

I had 5 Asiatic lilies in a

I had 5 Asiatic lilies in a 3'x3' container on NYC terrace that I . dug them up. wintered in some soil in frig. repotted in several new pots. Suddenly day lillies popped up in same and other containers 1st time ever!.As foliage died back, several green hollow stalks w/almost identical leaves popped up in exact same spot, 3'tall with wispy tops like young corn stalks! digging them all up, there's bulb of Asiatic, 'baby carrotish' day lily bulbs +the 'corny' things have long white 'normal roots'. I looked everywhere for pix+ saw ONE bunch of stalks w similiar roots, I THINK! have you ever seen ANY lily that grew ON or next to other lillies with green wispy tops in the fall!!!..and do I seperate them? they literally are growing out of same spot as the day lilies and NOWHERE else in the garden!!! Thanks so very much for any answers!

You may have some young lily

You may have some young lily plants started from dropped seeds growing in the pots or there may have been some misc. seeds in the potting soil that you used that started to grow. Seperate the true lily bulbs and plant them in new potting soil.

I have lilies that are in a

I have lilies that are in a pot that I take in at the first frost..the leaves are very green and healthy but it has not produced a flower in a couple of years,What should I do??

If the lilies have been in

If the lilies have been in the same pot for a couple of years you need to change the soil and divide the bulbs, if too crowded. Give the plants a slow-release fertilizer early next year.

Live in Oregon, Yamhill

Live in Oregon, Yamhill County, where the winters are mild but a lot of rain. Planted Oriental Lilies for the first time. What advice do you have concerning the fall/winter care of bulbs in a wet environment? The ground does not freeze.

The lilies need moist

The lilies need moist well-drained soil. Adding organic matter to the soil, such as peat moss or leaf mold, improves the soil's structure and drainage. No other care is needed.

I planted 12 Peruvian

I planted 12 Peruvian (spider) lilies this Spring, and I am unsure how to take care of them this Winter.?
I live in Massachusetts, and it is starting to get cold here especially in the evenings.
How do I go about saving my lovely lilies for next year.?
Do I pull them out of the ground, and store them in the basement.?
Or leave them in the ground, and hope they survive the Winter.?

Any help would be appreciated.

Depending on where you live

Depending on where you live in Massachusetts, you could be in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 4b to 7a. Except for the Cape, most of the area is 5a or 5b. Based on this, here are our recommendations:
Do you mean Hymenocallis (spider lily, Peruvian daffodil, Ismene)? If so, we'd recommend that you dig up the bulbs and stems (leaving soil around the roots) in fall before frost hits. Place the bulbs on their side in a well-ventilated, shady area and let the leaves dry out. Once dry, cut off the leaves and place the bulbs upside down in a container filled with peat moss, dry sand, or vermiculite, and store in an area with temperatures about 60 to 65 degrees F over winter.
Alstroemeria is often called Peruvian lily. Depending on species and cultivar, these might be able to overwinter in Zones 6 and 7, a few in Zone 5. However, most are hardy to Zone 7 or warmer, so unless you know the species, we'd recommend treating your plant as tender, unless you are willing to experiment and provide extra winter protection outdoors (cover the area with a thick layer of mulch in fall). To store indoors, just after the first light frost, trim the leaves back to a few inches. Dig up the plant, leaving some soil around the roots, and set them in peat moss, sawdust, wood shavings. Place the container in an area that is 35 to 45 degrees F over winter. These can also be grown in containers outdoors and you could then take the containers indoors in fall before frost hits.

I have Asian lilys, after

I have Asian lilys, after blooming I did not prune. Now the stems are long and have a bud (not flower more like fruit) at the end. This is September in Myrtle Beach, the plants look healthy. What should I do to encourage flowers next season?
Help, have no idea how to take care of these beautiful flowers.

Here are tips on caring for

Here are tips on caring for your Asiatic lilies from your cooperative extension:  Deadhead the flowers as they fade, by breaking them off carefully. That way, none of the plant's energy is “wasted” on seed production. Do not remove stems or foliage, though. They'll continue to put energy into the bulb as long as they remain green. Remove old foliage in late fall or early spring by cutting down the dead stalks.

I have a gift box lily. I'm

I have a gift box lily. I'm not sure of the name, but it came with a small 4~5in. pot and a hockey puck size disk of compressed planting soil. Anyhow, after it bloomed(planted feb and bloomed in late march) I transferred it to a bigger 9in. pot and the leaves grew to about 24in. from the base of the bulb. In Aug. the leaves have all wilted and have turned brown and i have trimmed them back. I'm hoping it is just entering a dormant phase, but I'm not sure. If it has gone dormant, what kind of care should I be giving it until it grows back in the spring??? Also,should I transplant it to a bigger pot? If so, what is the maximum size pot I should use? As you may have guessed, I am a complete rookie, when it comes to plants of any kind! Thanks in advance for any info you can give!

The 9-inch pot should be OK

The 9-inch pot should be OK for now. Place the pot in a cool dark location for a few months. If you have an outside spot you can transplant the lily into the soil and hopefully next spring you'll see new growth. It's hard to give advice not knowing what type of lily you have and where you live.
Good luck!

I have many lilies and they

I have many lilies and they come up every year but after they start to blossom the bottom of the stems start to get brown and slimy. I also have the red bugs and I sprinkle bug killer on the. And that helps. But I don't know what I'm doing wrong for them to turn brown. When I planted them I put paper around them(not close) and have put mulch around them. Is that bad for them? Would appreciate any advice that would help me keep my lilies growing.

It sounds as if you have a

It sounds as if you have a red lily beetle (Lilioceris lilii). They are quite a challenge! Suggestions:
1) Be vigilant in picking off the beetles every morning
2) We found that spraying neem oil, a natural ingredient, seems to work better than bug killer. Neem reduces insect feeding and acts as a repellent. It also interferes with insect hormone systems, making it harder for insects to grow and lay eggs.

I purchased an lily to put in

I purchased an lily to put in my front window to decorate for Easter.
Once the holiday was over, I planted it in the ground in our front yard. It turned brown and I thought that was it for this year. Recently I noticed the plant turned green again, began to get buds and has now bloomed beautifully. Is that normal?


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