How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Nasturtium



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Nasturtium is an easy-to-grow annual whose leaves and flowers are edible. Here’s how to grow your own nasturtiums!

These plants, with their bright greenery and vibrant flowers, are good for containers or as ground cover. Their pretty fragrance also makes them a good choice for cut flowers. Nasturtiums are perfect to grow with children because they grow so easily and rapidly.


  • You can start the seeds indoors 4 to 6 weeks before the last spring frost. See your local frost dates.
  • Plant nasturtium seeds in early spring in moist, well-drained soil in full sun. They can grow in partial shade, but they will not bloom as well.
  • Nasturtiums prefer poorer soils and they do not need fertilizers (unless your soil is extremely poor). Fertile soil will produce fewer blooms and more foliage.
  • Plant the seeds about half an inch deep and 10 to 12 inches apart. Plants should appear in 7 to 10 days.


  • Water regularly throughout the growing season, but be careful not to over-water your plants.
  • Cutting off the faded/dead flowers will prolong blooming.
  • If you’re growing nasturtiums in containers, they may need to be trimmed back occasionally over the growing season.



  • Save the nasturtium’s chick-pea-size seeds and replant them in the spring! Let the seeds dry out on the vine; they’ll fall off. Collect them, brush off the soil, dry them, and store them in a paper envelope in a cool and dark place.

Recommended Varieties

Wit & Wisdom


Cooking Notes

The entire nasturtium plant is edible and makes for a beautiful garnish on any summer meal.

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Mulch on top while germinating?

Hi! I just planted a bunch of nasturtium seeds in my garden in Pennsylvania. I had mulch in that area, so I went on and put a little back over the seeds in the dirt. Can they germinate like that?


Hi I am wondering if you can grow these plants indoor? I am looking for an indoor flower plant that is edible?


growing nasturtium

To be honest, we’ve never grown nasturtium indoors. However, it could probably work on a windowsill with a lot of sunlight. This means you’d probably need to grow during the summer months unless you were going to look into grow lights. 

Nasturtium Virus

My nasturtium plant has a virus that's causing yellow mosaic on the leaves. It has had it since it was a small seedling. Now it is a bit bigger, but every leaf that grows has the yellow spots. Is there any remedy to get the plant healthy again? The only suggestions I see only are to get rid of the plant.

nasturtium virus

There are several mosaic viruses that can affect nasturtiums. Some are transmitted via sap-sucking insects, such as aphids, and can also be transmitted through non-sterile pruning tools, a touch of the hand, etc. A few are seed-borne. To prevent the spread of viruses, it is best to remove the affected plant; also clean up any debris, weeds, etc. in the area, as some viruses overwinter. Viruses spread throughout the whole plant, so unfortunately removing a section (such as mottled leaves) won’t eliminate the virus. Usually, for the home gardener, there is no cure once a plant has a virus; one can only prevent its spread by eliminating the affected plant, and then try to control the vectors (such as insects) that transmit the disease.

Nasturtium Produces...?

How much does a single nasturtium plant produce... in pounds, ounces, etc.?

Nasturtiums suffering in full sun

My poor nasturtiums are really suffering in full sun here in South East Spain (zone 10) I reckon I'll be planting my next nasturtium seeds in the shade...

Nasturtiums need to be repotted?

Hi, I planted nasturtiums for the first time in a pot, not knowing much about them. I have several plants that all shot up very nicely and I can see they all have a lot of new growth, tiny baby leaves. About a week ago smaller inner leaves started yellowing and dying. I've tried a few things, but think I might have been underwatering (watering more often, but not enough actual water each time) so I'm giving it one big water once/week, and putting it in my sunniest spot. When I watered today, water started to fill the attatched overflow container, so I separated it to dump it out, and noticed a few roots poking out the bottom of the container, about six long stringy white roots. So I'm wondering three things - does the roots poking out mean its rootbound and needs to be in a bigger container, can nasturtiums be repotted successfully, mine are quite tall at this point, and if the roots are that long, does it make sense that if I wasn't giving it enough water with each watering, the long roots were never getting the water and that's why some leaves were dying?

Thank you!

nasturtium consternation

If water is flowing out the bottom of the container, that’s too much water—at least for nasturtiums. See above; overwatering is ill advised. That may be the cause of the yellow leaves, or it could be a pest bug; nasturtiums are notorious aphid magnets. See above and click through. The “long roots” are harder to explain. Moving on, it is said that nasturtiums do not transplant well, so moving to a larger container may not be successful. If the long-term plan was to transplant them, starting seeds in peat pots is recommended because the entire pot would be planted, leaving the roots undisturbed. Depending on how the plant is doing in the near term, it may be worth your while to start again, if possible—it’s still early in the growing season! Read the guidance above and see if you get better results.


Your site says to plant my nasturtium seeds 12 inches apart. The seed package says 1 inch apart. Can you confirm one or the other for me, please? I am a lousy gardener but I am trying to learn! :-)

Planting Distance

Hi Jill. Package directions usually assume two things: 1) Not all seeds will root and take; and 2) You are germinating before planting. If you just want to plant without germinating, then I'd recommend the 12 inches since they can get a bit bushy. However, you may risk some gaps in your garden until they fully develop out. Or you can always just plant more seeds, and try it again, in the areas where the seeds don't end up rooting.


I love Nasturtiums. However I planted them I my garden about 8 years ago & I always seem to miss picking up all the seeds at the end of the season . Spring comes around the following year and there's seedlings all over the place.I just can't bring myself to dig them up. Seems the seeds can survive even the winters in the north of England !


Autumn here in Australia but still lovely warm weather and where I removed my nasturtiums about Feb [end of summer] lots of nasturtium seedlings are appearing and look very healthy. will they die off in winter?

Nasturtium in Australia and NZ

Hi Val
Hi from NZ! I have nasturtiums in my garden - it is now May and they are still going strong! They are supposed to die off in the first frost and we have already had that! Having said that the season has been so weird this year and some of my nasturtium seeds that fell on the ground earlier in the season have germinated where they fell and I have more wee plants popping through. I am sure they will die off over winter though, but have hope that all the seeds that fell will do the trick again in spring.


thanks Denise - it's nice to know someone else is experiencing unusual effects. I guess we will just wait and see.

When should plants appear?

As part of a science experiment, we planted some nasturtium seeds in different peat pots, watering them regularly. It will be two weeks tomorrow. When should we see any plant growth? To note, we haven't had much sun or heat this spring (we're in Seattle)
Thanks for the help

naturtium germination

Hi Anna, It should take 7 to 10 days for nasturtium to emerge. Note: Seeds are best planted outdoors after frost danger has passed. Indoor sowing is not recommended, as Nasturtiums do not transplant well. The seeds need darkness to germinate and a temperature of 55 F to 65 F.

My nasturtium plant is

My nasturtium plant is wilting. I gave it water and sunlight and poorer soil quality,but i don't know what's wrong. When I transplant it to a bigger pot, I'm shocked by how thin and stubby its roots are. Any suggestions of what to do?

weak nasturtiums

Hi, Nicole, Nasturtiums like heat—heat from the summer sun, which also means a lot of it (long days’ worth) and a high degree of warmth. Plus, nasturtiums do not like having their roots disturbed. So if you moved the plant into a new container, you jolted it (so to speak). It’s hard to know if it will recover.

For the record, if you planted them in advance of the coming outdoor season, you might be a little ahead of schedule. Have you got seeds you can start again? it’s best to start them a couple or a few weeks before moving them outdoors. If you plan to transplant them, start them in a peat pot so you can simply plant the entire thing, without disturbing the roots (again). Even if you want this as a potted plant, it might be best to try again later in season.

We hope this helps!

Fertilizer for Nasturtium Growth

I've seen that nasturtium do not often need fertilizer or very little if any, but I'm wondering what kind of fertilizer if used, would work best. Would a fertilizer high in nitrogen help or hurt nasturtium growth?

nasturtium soil

Katie, note above that nasturtiums are not particular or finicky about soil. They thrive in poor soil; if it’s too rich (composted, fertilized, etc.) . As noted above, fertile soil will produce fewer blooms. If you add nitrogen, you will get lots of leaves and few flowers.


Hi, which variety of nasturtiums would I plant around my veg plot to discourage bugs etc


Hi Jane,

Any cultivar will work to repel whiteflies, squash bugs, aphids, many beetles, and cabbage loopers. They all function the same way by releasing an airborne chemical that is unpleasant to certain insect pests. So simply choose the one you like best.


what do you do at end of flowering, just leave or cut back.

Nasturtiums at the End of the Season

If you would like them to seed around, leave them be until spring. If not, you can cut them back once they start to peter out and look ratty.

Black coffee ground looking insect or eggs on Nasturiums

I planted these in deck railing boxes all was doing beautiful until this week. One of the boxes has a black coffee like stuff on the flowers and leaves and stems. Do you know what it is? Only one planter box Nasturium plant has it. I have never seen anything like it.

Aphids on Nasturtiums

Hi Aurelle,

That black material is likely aphid excrement! Luckily, it is not a fatal situation; with a little soapy warm water and some light rubbing, it washes right off.

Nasturtium Seeds Didn't Germinate

I planted last year's nasturtium seeds from last year's nasturtiums for the first time. I had bean plants nearby. Could cross contamination made them non-viable?

Companion Plants

Hi Dana,

Actually, nasturtiums are a good companion plant for beans, as they deter bean beetles. So seed viability shouldn’t be an issue.


My nasturtiums are planted in a pot in a sunny spot. They are doing beautifully but not flowering. The leaves are huge. Should I cut out the larger leave to allow the smaller ones to grow and why are they not blooming?

Nasturtiums Without Flowers

It is normal for nasturtiums to go about a month before the flowers bloom, as well as for the leaves to be large. The flowers should be able to poke their way out from behind the leaves, especially if your plant is getting full sun. Nasturtiums tend to do well without much help, so we would recommend patience. If you want to encourage growth around the buds, you can prune lightly. Remember that nasturtium leaves are edible, so you can add what you take off to a salad! Good luck!

I heard these are god for

I heard these are god for keeping snails away, is this true?

nasturtiums and snails

Nasturtiums are said to be less likely to be eaten by snails and slugs in general. However, it appears that the brown garden snail, found in parts of California and a few other states, does attack it.

Nasturtium varieties

Are there any climbing varieties or is the trailing one the same variety? Is it too late to sow them?

Seedlings can be planted now.

Seedlings can be planted now. You can train nasturtium to climb up a lattice or have them cascade over a hanging basket. If you wish to create more flowers, pinch the runners from time to time.

When do we see flowers?

We have planted from seed and have much greenery - all green leaves after 2 weeks but still no flowers. When should we expect to see color? Thank You


why am getting yellow foliage on my nasturtium plants? too much water or too rich soil?

yellowing leaves...

Is it in a pot? if so, it may be potbound. Transplant it.

Is it mulched? if so, clear that off and let it breathe.

Is it dry? it may need water; nasturtiums like water—an inch per week.

If the soil is too thick, heavy, or dense, add some soil to thin is.

It may have a bacterial wilt. It could have come from the soil.

They like good soil—soil that vegetables thrive in, as they are companions to vegetables in that they attract beneficial insects.

We hope this helps.

Freeze Threshold

Just picked up a young nasturtium plant from the store. It is late fall and I am in zone 8b. In a month or so, I expect to see some overnight chills down in the 30's. I would like to plant it in the garden, and cover as needed. Or, would it be best to leave in the small pot and bring in at night? Do you know exactly what temperature at which this plant will die? I plan to push the envelope.

In mild climates, such as

In mild climates, such as Zone 8b where you are, nasturtiums can be planted in early fall for fall/winter bloom, but they will die as soon as a frost hits. If you want it to last longer, leaving it in its pot and bringing it indoors when the temperature drops is the way to go.

Flowers in Malaysia

would appreciate if anyone could kindly advise me on the best flower plants / shrubs to grow in Sarawak/Malaysia.

Planning to start a flower bed full of blossoms in our local Lake garden.
Was told can grow Carnation, Nasturtium, Chrysanthemum , Petunia, Marigolds,Zinnia, etc in equatorial climate

Your feedback would be appreciated



How can I get rid of

How can I get rid of nasturtiums? My garden is literally covered in them. They seem to grow so quickly and have taken over my flowerbeds and areas of grass. I'm thinking the previous owner let them selfseed constantly. At the moment I'm pulling them up, but they seem to grow so quickly. I live in Ireland.

I live in Connecticut. I

I live in Connecticut. I started my plants from seed and they are doing well in boxes on my deck. Problem, under the leaves and on the stems there is a coating of very small black dot which look like eggs. They seem to be takes over the plants and are not attractive at all. What should I do?

Simply wash the black away

Simply wash the black away with a strong spray from the hose.
When you see evidence of pests, you can also spray an insecticidal soap on the leaves, especially the underside. Spray early in the day so the spray doesn't burn the leaves. See our Aphids link above for more information.

Black coffee ground looking insect or eggs on Masturiums

I tried washing them it didn't work that well, what is this stuff?

Is it safe to spray Neem oil

Is it safe to spray Neem oil on Nasturtiums?

Yes, neem oil is safe and one

Yes, neem oil is safe and one of the least toxic approaches. Note that some formulas are concentrated and should be diluted with water (2 to 5 tablespoons per gallon of water).

the problem with spraying

the problem with spraying them is that most sprays are toxic to bees and specially hummingbirds, so just using water repeatedly is best. They like full sun and dry, so if you are humid the bugs seem to come.
Please do not spray them

I have planted 2 pots of

I have planted 2 pots of nasturtium and they have both died. I looked after them and was careful not to water them too much. I planted them in compost and filled pot with compost also. Why have they died? The leaves are yellow and don't look healthy. Other plants in my pot also died. What did I do wrong?

Nasturtiums prefer poor,

Nasturtiums prefer poor, sandy soil. Overly rich soil deters flowering.

I bought this amazing pot of

I bought this amazing pot of nasturtiums about 3 weeks ago. The gold was so bright that I saw it when driving by the nursery and had to go back and buy it. Gorgeous. But now, just a few short weeks later, the flowers are gone, the foliage is pale and leggy, and over the past 24 it has dropped a large number of seeds (which I will pick up and dry for next season). Is it done for the season - or can I do something to it to encourage it to bloom again? I have kept it well-watered as it may be a bit big for the pot it is in...

Any tips? It was gorgeous - I hate to think it's done already!

Hi Susan, Pinch back leggy

Hi Susan,
Pinch back leggy growth to a healthy set of leaves and dead head (remove) faded flowers (before they set seeds) to prolong blooming. Nasturtiums don't need much water. Only water when the soil is very dry.

No if like mine it will die

No if like mine it will die shortly, I'm not sure why I have a few plants dotted around so I'll be experimenting consciously as to planting out in different soil types possibly next year, however the plants I give aftercare to are fantastic a fellow gardener gave a packet and just beautiful mix of colours and they are now trailing. I want to know though when the growing season comes to an end (climate change poss. and weather wise, maybe frost) as I wish to harvest for my local canteen to enjoy.

hello. i planted nas from

hello. i planted nas from seed this year both in containers and in planting beds. both are doing quite well, although im seeing that FULL SUN is a real benefit. my question is this: when do these go to seed? i have been clipping off the dead flowers. they are still producing plentiful flowers. should i keep the dead flowers on to go to seed???, or will this happen towards the fall (i live in south/central PA)

Hi, t: This will happen

Hi, t: This will happen toward the fall, so you can keep clipping for the time being if you wish. Thanks for asking!

I have them in a big pot that

I have them in a big pot that cascades over the back of
a deck swing. It is very thick and the vines on the back have begun to drop large green seed onto the cushion of the swing.
If I collect these, will they dry out and germinate?

Yes, you can collect the

Yes, you can collect the seeds, place them on newspaper in a warm place with good air circulation for a few weeks to dry; any greenish seeds will turn brown. Discard any seeds that develop mold.

Hi, I have some nastrurtiums

Hi, I have some nastrurtiums that I have grown from seed, I have planted them out in a sunny position but the leaves are becoming full of holes. I have checked for pests as in previous years I have had problems with cabbage white caterpillars but there is nothing to suggest why the holes have appeared·

Does anyone knoe what the problem is and how to treat it?

Hi, Stan: This would seem to

Hi, Stan: This would seem to be a pest of some sort, even one that eats and leaves. Try spraying very carefully with a very weak solution of dish soap and water, being very careful to cover both sides of all leaves. If this doesn't work, progress to a safe insecticide according to directions. It's not that we don't believe you when you say there's nothing there; it's just that it doesn't take very much to cause a lot of damage and then "disappear." Good luck!

My nasturtiums were planted

My nasturtiums were planted April 28 in organic compost soil that i bought from walmart. They germinated pretty well with little water lightly wetting the top since then. Now theyre 6" tall with 4-5 leaves each but theyre small leaves with leggy stems. Now theyre starting to lean and i think its because theres only about 4-5 inches of soil. They sit in the sun on the balcony from 12pm to sundown, i live on the west side of the building so its in the shade until noon. I know they dont like for their roots to be disturbed but will it help if i transfer the 6" leggy seedlings into a bigger pot with more soil? Or are they just not getting sunlight at the best time?
I should also mention i wet the top of the soil every two days.

I planted nasturtiums form

I planted nasturtiums form seed and the soil good, light is good and they appear tooooo happy. Very tall - second set of leaves 6 1/2 inches tall with tiny leaves showing at first leaf fork. Should I pinch back and if so, when. Thanks

Sounds like all is well!  You

Sounds like all is well!  You can train nasturtium to climb up a lattice or have them cascade over a handing basket. If you wish to create more flowers, pinch the runners from time to time.

Hi, I live in Malaysia


I live in Malaysia where the weather is hot and rainny whole year. The weather would range from 30C to 35C daily and I do try to plant Nasturtium Empress of India. It start to grow from seeds for about 2 weeks and then it start to die slowly. May I know is it the weather that affect it?

You may be getting root rot

You may be getting root rot if it is always raining. You could try starting the seeds inside and once they are stronger little plants then maybe plant them out.

Hi. I am fairly new at

Hi. I am fairly new at gardening. I have read and followed all the tips on starting nasturtium seeds and have had absolutely no luck. Of 15 plus seeds only one germinated. Please tell me if there are any tricks as I have now purchased more seeds and want to try again. All the sites say that these are extremely easy to grow yet I haven't had any ease growing them! Lol. Please help!

I plant my seeds in the

I plant my seeds in the biodegradable planting cups with potting soil.. I slightly rub a nail file on the seed, to help with germination. I leave them in an area with full sun daily. They pop up in 10-20 days, depending on weather. I have about a dozen ready to transplant. They recommend not using an overly fertile soil. I didn't have any issues with regular potting soil. Lots of sun is crucial. Good luck!! I hope that your next go round with them works out!! :)

Hi, have you tried scarifying

Hi, have you tried scarifying the seeds. Take off the outer coating of the seed. You can peel this off with out to much problem. If you are having problems soak them in water overnight, this helps soften the coating. You don't need to remove the outer layer, just a portion of it.

I have some brown dehydrated

I have some brown dehydrated spots on quite a few leaves-not sunburn-no visible pests including aphids, watering seems just fine, not a lot of flowers for 3 creeping plants & only 12" tall. They are located on a hot southern exposure balcony (SW British Columbia).

I've removed the worst leaves a few each day...1-3 blooms at a time. I moved them for slightly less sun as I though maybe +28C weather is causing brown it burning??

Can you direct me on this...I can't figure it out. Thanks!!

It may be bacterial leaf spot

It may be bacterial leaf spot disease. Try to improve air circulation and avoid getting water on the leaves. It is a good idea to pick and destroy the infected leaves just like you are doing.

If I plant nasturtium seeds

If I plant nasturtium seeds in general purpose compost but then don't feed, will it encourage leafy growth to begin with but then flowers as the nutrients run out?

From looking at other posts,

From looking at other posts, decided to go with a mix in my pots. 40% compost, 40% sand, 20% gravel. Hope that suits!

Who is the main writer/maker

Who is the main writer/maker of this article. I would like to know because I need the information for my information on my work sited page. Thank you and I hope to get an answer soon!

If you're credited this

If you're credited this article as a reference, you'll want to add the link to this Web page; the author is The Old Farmer's Almanac

My two Nasturtiums are

My two Nasturtiums are growing, yet very slow. I have them in full sun in a pot. They have been growing in it for over a month & a half now with no blossoms or explosive growth. I was comtemplating fertilizing them with some seaweed fertilizer only to see if that will not initiate them to increase in size & put out their beatiful red, yellow, & orange flowers. What do you recommend that I do?

Hi, Kevin, Hold off on the

Hi, Kevin, Hold off on the fertilizer. Nasturiums really don't want much attention. They prefer a light, sandy soil—"poor" soil by some estimates. If you give them rich, fertile soil and fertilizers, you'll get lush leaves at the expense of blooms. Use "good" soil for something that will appreciate it.
Are you watering correctly? Water them deeply until overflowering and then let them get bone dry, and then water deeply again. Usually, watering is once a week.
One of these days (it's still early season in most places), the plants will surprise you with flowers.

Hello, I have many lush


I have many lush leaves, of the ones that actually took hold, but no flowers. I have read your instructions. I planted in "good soil," which I see was my first problem! I am wondering what brand of "poor" soil you can recommend. I haven't gardened in many years, so I feel as if I am a beginner. Thank you for all your helpful suggestions.

I am having the same problem,

I am having the same problem, all that has happened is that they grown leaves. No blooms and I have 5 days to see a few so I hope this information is valid.

1.Can I plant nasturtium in a

1.Can I plant nasturtium in a raise bed with spinach, broccoli, cabbage, collard to use as a repel and if not, what can I use to protect them? 2.I planted them in organic compost and garden soil. Will that cause a problem?

Thanks in advance

1. Certainly, you can plant

1. Certainly, you can plant nasturtiums in your raised bed. You might try the dwarf or the 2- to 3-feet-long semi-trailing types rather than the full climbing types that can grow up to 10 feet long. Nasturtiums help to repel aphids and other pests.
2. Organic compost and garden soil may encourage more, and larger, leaves, perhaps at the expense of some blooms, but the plants should still do fine. (And the leaves, as well as the flowers, are edible.) Nasturtiums can tolerate several types of well-draining soil, but prefer poorer, sandy types--as long as it is not very poor, in which case they suffer.

I bought some seeds of

I bought some seeds of different types for me and my son to grow. I am new to gardening and dont know alot. I planted the seed it different pots all of my seeds have sprouted except my nasturtium its been a week and a half should I get n ew seeds or give them more time

It takes about 10 to 12 days

It takes about 10 to 12 days for nasturtium seeds to germinate.

Can you start a nasturtium

Can you start a nasturtium plant from a cutting? If so, should it be rooted in water or soil?

Place cuttings in moist

Place cuttings in moist medium such as perlite or clean sand. Keep it moist. Roots should form in about two to three weeks. Then put your rooted cutting right into the garden and keep it moist or put it in a pot and use standard potting mix.


Mine I started in the house in a hanging basket and all 8 are laying over. Very light color to the leaf

I planted a pair of large

I planted a pair of large pots outdoors with Nasturtium seeds on the 18th of March: 10 in. spacing, 1 in. depth(+/-). It's now the 3rd of April and no sign of germination. Should I worry?

I live in Sydney Australia

I live in Sydney Australia and my Nasturtiums are developing well except an insect is creating fine trials on the upper surfaces of the leaves. Does anyone know what it could be and how I could sop the problem?

Bill in Australia, what

Bill in Australia, what you're describing sounds like leaf miners. You can easily get rid of them by applying a systemic pesticide, such as Bayer Advanced Rose and Flower care(or any other that works through the roots), but be warned --the plants will no longer be safe to eat.

Never use heavy pesticides on

Never use heavy pesticides on plants that are edible, just dust with diatomaceous earth or organic soap spray! Always try the least harmful repellants first!


I have found if you use,some powdered garlic from the herb section in your supermarket and mix two tsp in a,spray bottle of water and spray the plant it deters most bugs and mites. Certainly works on.tomato plants and it is safe. Give it a try.

My nasturtiums are doing

My nasturtiums are doing well,but the leaves are so profuse that they cover 3/4 of the flowers.Ipluck these the leaves,careful not to break the buds.Is this right?Please help
None of the queries were about leaves I have been thro them.

Don't trim too many leaves

Don't trim too many leaves off the plant. The flowers will eventually grow bigger and extend beyond the leaves. All parts of the plant are edible. You can put the nasturtium leaves in a green salad.

Hello i have some Nasturiums

Hello i have some Nasturiums Empress of India growing the theyre about 8inches high and have different stems 4 of them all different lengths and i want to have my Nasturiums realy short and bushy not long stringy and leggy when would you reccommend trimming them back and how would i do it? I am a newbie at gardening im 17 and just getting a big interest in it :) Thank you :)

Hi, Keaton, This plant's

Hi, Keaton, This plant's natural growth pattern is to be as much as a foot wide and a foot tall. Its natural shape is a mound or clump. It may also climb a bit. Trimming this plant back is likely to stunt its growth and is not recommended. Any stringiness or legginess in your plant may be an indication of insufficient sunlight, too much water, both, or too rich soil. If possible (if the plant is in a container), move the plant into sunlight. If it is wet, let it dry out. We hope this helps!

I have a Nasturtium plant

I have a Nasturtium plant growing for the very first time...I was surprised because it came from a small cutting with some roots and now the plant is about 3 feet wide and 4 feet long (hanging from a planter box) and it is full of flowers.
I live in a cooler climate (San Francisco, CA) and the plant is doing beautifully with NO SUN AT ALL, just good strong light. It seems that I have to water it every other day, because otherwise it the leaves seem to start wilting. All I do to maintain it's shape and beauty is cut the shoots shorter and keep them all intertwined tightly and trim off old leaves and dying flowers. New leaves and flowers are profusely growing back. It started to bloom in late March. I had no idea what to do with this plant, but have had such success with just a little loving care involved. I love these flowers, they are so bright and cheery.

Try a different variety if

Try a different variety if you want a shorter plant there are many crawling creeping varieties of nasturtiums.!

Can I dehydrate leaves and

Can I dehydrate leaves and flowers for use for when they are not in bloom..

Hello i have some nasturtium

Hello i have some nasturtium seeds here and i want to plant right away on the 22/9/2014 can i do this and what would be the best method? Indoor or outdoor? please can someone help thank you :)

Hi, Keaton: This depends on

Hi, Keaton: This depends on where you are, especially since nasturtiums are generally a spring flower. See above under "Planting" and also use the tools in the red bar above under "Gardening." Good luck!

I live in India, near new

I live in India, near new Delhi. in which month of year I can plant them.

For places in and around

For places in and around Delhi, the second fortnight of September is a good time to sow seeds for annual flowers.

Thanks a lot Apoorva for

Thanks a lot Apoorva for replying. the current time is best and I have purchaged the seeds and going to sow on this sunday.

Hello There, I plant

Hello There,
I plant nasturtium seeds every year, I try to purchase the organic seeds for when they finish flowering, I then can collect the seeds for the following year.... They appear to get stronger every year, big beautiful green leaves the size of plates and grow up to 6 feet long.... This year, I took a cutting and placed it in a clear plastic cup filled with rain water, to my surprise,the cutting now has a large mass of roots... I am going to go ahead and plant the cutting in a small planter with good soil and see if I can baby it along enough to grow indoors for a house plant....
Anyone else tried this with the nasturtium plants?

Mary, I tried growing my


I tried growing my rooted autumn cuttings in quality potting soil in a southern window receiving sun all day. They didn't flourish - just barely survived. I'm assuming it wasn't enough light in winter for them to prosper. Very disappointing, as I LOVE nasturtiums.

I bought a beautiful painting

I bought a beautiful painting of nasturtiums and love it so much I planted some on my deck in the spring. With the seeds,I first started with too rich a soil so transplanted them into some old soil from last years plants. Oh my goodness my whole deck is covered in them, beautiful yellow and orange flowers and huge circular leaves. Their fragrance is quite wonderful and I now have and all time favorite flower that I will plant every summer forever!! The hummingbirds seem to enjoy them too.

Hi Folks, I have a lot of

Hi Folks, I have a lot of experience gardening, the nasturtiums need inbetween soil and some plants need fertile soil so what I usually do for all plants is mix 1/2 best fertile potting soil and 1/2 gravel (sand), then the plant has fertilizer plus good drainage and always put a hole in the bottom of the pot, also research "Plantain Major" the #1 medicinal herb in the world - it is probably growing by your house, I ate 8 leaves a day for 1 week and I feel great, thanks Robert

I grew nasturtiums in NY.

I grew nasturtiums in NY. There they had black bugs or no visible bugs but dry curled leaves. Here in Ajijic Mexico they have white fly type bugs.
I read that because nasturtiums have many uses they are susceptible to many diseases and disorders. Why is this?

Found an answer to the reason

Found an answer to the reason for wilting edges of leaves...thanks.

I also appear to have some brown dehydrated spots (no yellowing-I know what that is) on quite a few leaves. I have removed the worst a few leaves each day, I water in the morning and the water has evaporated from leaves by the time the sun hits. As these spots looked like sunburn, I have been concerned and placed them in a more shady area on my south-facing balcony (1-3 hours sun/day, still hot!!) thinking it could be the +28C weather lately causing burns. There is no discernible pest causing this... I have 5-7 viable plants (up to 12"; yellow & orange yellow flowers but only 2-3 at a time; appears to be dwarf, not a creeper).

Unfortunately, like many others, I put the nasturtiums in rich soil. If anything, I tend to water a bit more because it is in a smallish pot. Any advice on what is happening to my plant as it did not start out this way...thanks!!

July, 29th 2014 I live in

July, 29th 2014
I live in London,UK.
Just got hold of some mixed nasturtiums.
Can I saw them now or wait til next spring.

Hi, Mathu: Go for it now.

Hi, Mathu: Go for it now. Care for them well, and you can expect fall or even early winter blooms, up until a frost.

I have planted nasturtium

I have planted nasturtium from seed in a planter box and in a barrel. In both locations they are going crazy and encroaching on neighboring plants. Can I prune them or scale them back somehow in a way that won't kill them? Is it better to pull them out or just cut at the stem level? Thanks in advance!

What a wealth of information

What a wealth of information in your comments.I can almost answer my question from that, but not quite. There are nasturtiums everywhere here (East Bay Area) but the ones I like the best are a brilliant deep red and are growing on a refuse-and-cedar chips heap on the DOT freeway easement. I have not seen them anywhere else in the neighborhood and am not optimistic about trying to find some at a nursery. I gather that I could wait and watch for seeds to be planted in spring, but our life is not quite that relaxed. I suspect if there are multiple points of origin I could try to transplant an entire plant, being careful disturb the roots as little as possible, using a peat pot to transport and then planting the whole thing in a container. I was wondering two things: First, is the color somewhat nutrient- and/or condition-dependent (ie, the cedar chips, ambient water only and all day full sun?) And second, it seems unlikely, but is it possible to start a plant from a cutting, or several cuttings if the success rate is low? BTW, I love the Almanac and am glad to be reminded of it. I will visit and bookmark your website and buy the new edition. Your long range weather predictions, and so-o-o much more, always amaze me.

Hi Morgan, We appreciate your

Hi Morgan, We appreciate your kind words.  There are deep red nasturtiums that you can buy as seed and grow easily with neglect--no fertilizer! "Empress of India" is a deep velvety crimson flower and "Mahogney Jewel" is also a deep red. Both do well as ground cover which is why they are scattered as seed along highways. 

Hello should have read your

should have read your blog at first... now i am in trouble
did everything wrong
used earth from the gardencenter , high in nutrion
watered every second day
result : full lush leaves looking very healthy BUT no blooms , none , to be expected reading your blog.
what can i do to still get blooming ??
the plants are in a flowerbox on the window sill, just moderate sunshine, living in the west of ireland.
any tip is welcome .
many thanks in advance

Hi, Hartmut: Well, it figures

Hi, Hartmut: Well, it figures that somebody with Hart would overpamper their nasturtiums, aka nasties. The old saying that you can be "nasty to nasturtiums" is not totally true, but they can stand up to a lot of overnutritious, overwatered, and undersunned abuse -- sometimes. They like consistent sun, so maybe this windowbox setting is doomed anyway, but try gently lifting them and getting rid of your present soil. This process may shock them, but you've got nothing to lose. Replace it with regular topsoil, maybe even with a little sand mixed in (like 10:1). Water twice or once a week. Move the window box if you can or else plant in another -- sunny -- place. You can do it!

What are the tiny black bugs

What are the tiny black bugs that are on the underside of the leaves and also the stems ? Thanks

I have planted 75 olive trees

I have planted 75 olive trees along 600 feet the edge of our property, in two rows. I would like to plant nasturtium
Under all the trees... Will they keep weeds down?

To keep weeds down try

To keep weeds down try planting squash - the big leaves will shade weeds so they do not grow - you can eat zuccini blossoms and also the squash, the male flowers will not produce a squash so use those in your cooking, the male flowers are for pollinating the female flowers so you can pick the, the male flowers have a slender base, the female flowers have a thick base

Try mixing different plants

Try mixing different plants together to control weeds and bugs and also produce vegetables to eat - squash to control weeds (Indians grew the three sisters, 8 corn plants in the center that grow tall - 12 pole beans to climb the corn - then 4 squash around the outside to control weeds

I plant marigolds and mint

I plant marigolds and mint and chives and onions and garlec inbetween all of my vegetables and I have no bugs and they keep mosquitos away, mint will spread so find a corner in the yard where it can be by itself, I use the marigolds in my cooking (marigolds are the poor mans Saffron - one of the most expensive spices) (Saffron comes from the center of the crocus flower)

You can plant the nasturtiums

You can plant the nasturtiums mixed with other flowers / vegetables and the nasturtiums will climb above, I made a hedge with willow cutting (I trim to 10 feet) and planted morning glories and holyhocks next to it - the morning glories climbed them and then planted marigolds at the base, it is good gardening to mix flowers and vegetables

I found a very large

I found a very large nasturtium growing in an odd place. I transplanted it two weeks ago and babied it(provided shade in the heat of the day) It is doing well but no new leaves only lots of flowers. I have been taking off all flowers as they bloom trying to get the plant to produce more leaves so the plant will become robust. Does this sound correct? Should I take off all buds also? It really needs more leaves to produce energy to support all the flowering it is doing?

Hmm. Nasturtiums usually

Hmm. Nasturtiums usually don't like their roots disturbed; perhaps it is stressed from its move (sometimes a plant produces flowers when stressed). Although it makes sense to remove flowers of an established plant to help it to focus on growing leaves, perhaps you might try leaving it alone so that it can recover from its relocation. Also, it could be just that the annual plant is winding down, as nasturtiums prefer the cooler weather of spring and fall. Shading from the heat of the day will certainly help, as well as keeping up with watering. You might try adding some fertilizer high in nitrogen (be sure to get one that will not burn the plant--ask your local nursery for options). Even though nasturtiums prefer poorer soils, and therefore fertilizer is usually not recommended, a richer soil will encourage leaves more than flowering.

I planted my soaked seeds in

I planted my soaked seeds in a large container in full sun. I may have planted them deeper than I should have (index finger hole). Will they find their way to the top?

Nasturtium seeds are usually

Nasturtium seeds are usually planted about 1/2 to 1 inch deep. If you planted them deeper, it will depend on how deep as to whether they'd have enough energy to grow to reach the surface. If you recently planted and you think that they might be too deep, try gently uncovering the seeds and replanting them to a shallower depth. Or, remove a layer of soil on top. Be very careful, in case any seeds have sprouted.

I live in Austin, Texas and

I live in Austin, Texas and would like to try growing some dwarf nasturtiums. Is it too hot outside in the summer for them? I have a grow light indoors and am having some luck with other plants. What do you suggest?

In mild climates, such as

In mild climates, such as Zone 8b where you are, nasturtiums can be planted in late summer/early fall for fall/winter bloom. They can also be planted in spring. Nasturtiums like the cool (not cold) season, but some survive during the heat of summer if properly cared for. In some mild climates, they may even act as perennials.

I live in New York. My

I live in New York. My nasturtium leaves are turning yellow. I water it every other day,it's in full sun. How long does it takes to grow flowers.

Hi, Lantanya: We like to

Hi, Lantanya: We like to think of nasturtium as a mellow, Goldilocks type of plant -- it needs not too much water, not too little, but ju-u-u-u-st the right amount. Same thing for sun. Nasturtium is pretty durable and flexible but you do need to back off on the water and sun, wethinks. Water heavily, then wait until dry -- usually a week -- then repeat. But you can tell if your plants need it a little sooner just by the fact that their leaves look wilt-y. Give them a little shade if you can, too. Just sounds like maybe they are getting extremified on a couple of fronts somewhat and need to have their care sort of mellowed out a little. Blooms take at least a month on a healthy plant, so once yours gets rejuvenated, it's anybody's guess -- and unfortunately we're not anybody. Good luck, have fun, and thanks for writing!

MY nasturtiums are growing

MY nasturtiums are growing well in troughs and are about 3 inches apart (as stated on packet) but they haven't strated to flower. The leaves are green but also yellowy. I had to plant them in 'Growbag' compost. Is the problem that that is too rich - it is designed for tomatoes. Shall I try and transplant in poorer soil or hope that they will flower. I have set my heart on them this summer. They are in the sun but this is a UK summer!

Nasturtiums do their best

Nasturtiums do their best flowering in full sun, but they will tolerate partial shade. They prefer a light, sandy soil. If you give them rich, fertile soil and fertilizers, you'll get lush leaves at the expense of blooms. Are you watering correctly? Water them deeply until overflowering and then let them get bone dry, and then water deeply again. Usually, watering is once a week.

My nasturtium leaves are

My nasturtium leaves are turning brown and shriveling. What could be the problem?

Are you watering correctly?

Are you watering correctly? Water them deeply until overflowering and then let them get bone dry, and then water deeply again. Usually, watering is once a week.

Do you have to nip the leaves

Do you have to nip the leaves off to promote any flowers on these plants.....?

Hi, itzu: You don't need to

Hi, itzu: You don't need to clip a little to promote blooms, but you might want to lightly prune the plants regularly to prevent overspreading and to focus growth where you want it and closer to the roots. We're partial to a little nip now and then ourselves, if you know what we mean.

will these plants grow in

will these plants grow in Northern Michigan we are in zone 4

Nasturtiums love cooler

Nasturtiums love cooler weather. They grow like crazy in the summer in Fairbanks, Alaska (Zone 1b/2a), and they're common throughout much of Canada and the northern areas of the United States. I see no reason why you couldn't grow them anywhere in Michigan.

I want to use Nasturtiums for

I want to use Nasturtiums for a ground cover in a shaded area. I'm not real concerned if they don't bloom a lot. My plants have come up, but are growing very slowly. Is the part day shade a problem?

Nasturtium is a great ground

Nasturtium is a great ground cover, however, it's one to pick for a location that gets full sun. As a reference point, you might this list of ground covers for sun versus shade useful:

Hello. Thank you for all of

Hello. Thank you for all of the great info on nasturtiums! I do have a question, though. I started seeds indoors, and they are the climbing variety. The main vine on one of the plants accidentally broke. I'm worried that the plant will be stunted at only a couple of feet. Would you happen to know if the plant will create a new main shoot or not? This was my first time growing these and I was very excited about their potential in my landscaping! Thank you for any info you can provide!

I planted some nasturtium

I planted some nasturtium seeds about a month ago and they have done great until a couple of weeks ago and are now quite spindly and falling over - as I am sure they were the bushy type - what can I do? Do I need to cut them back? And if so, where on the plant?

If the plants are spindly,

If the plants are spindly, it's often because there has been insufficient light or crowding. This sometimes happens when seeds are planted to early. You could try to add more soil to shore up the seedlings. Otherwise, you might want to seed some more--and experiment.

My daughter planted these in

My daughter planted these in a little cup at daycare..they have grown to about 5 stems now and several inches high..should i transplant them to a bigger container and do they need something to "climb" ? And if so..when and how do i transplant them ?

Definitely transplant them. I

Definitely transplant them. I would use a planter or pot that is at least 6-8 inches deep to give the roots plenty of room. Did your plants start from one seed or more than one? If more than one seed, each plant should be spaced about 8 inches apart in moderately sandy soil--like 30% sand, 60% dirt or topsoil (FYI: they flower better in somewhat poor soil--the nice, rich, dark soil just gives you lots of leaves). It sounds like you have the "viney" type instead of the "bushy" type-it does not need to climb; just let the vines drape/flow downward over the pot/planter. Soil should be moist when you first transplant but then let it get a little dry before other waterings. They tend to do a little better in cooler climates but they will grow almost anywhere. They do like full sun-it's about the only thing you really have to make sure they get to thrive; otherwise they pretty much take care of themselves. Good luck; these are fun flowers to grow.

Is the Nasturtium seeds able

Is the Nasturtium seeds able to grow in hydroponics gardening? Also I live in Singapore, which is the plant able to grow in rainforest biome conditions?

I don't know if nasturtiums

I don't know if nasturtiums will grow hydroponically. However, I am commencing an experiment to grow them in hydroculture. I grow my potplants in clay pebbles and water, instead of soil. The clay pebbles are inert, so I feed the plants with liquid nutrient. So far i am successfully growing Hoya, Syngonium, Mint, Ribbon Plant. I am also experimenting with parsley.
I live in a sub-tropical coastal location in Queensland, Australia. Nasturtiums grow well in gardens around here, and self-seed easily.

I am successfully growing

I am successfully growing Nasturtiums in baskets in Trinidad. They trail downwards and have the most beautifully scented flowers. I live in a rain forest area so it is pretty hot. I am going to try growing them as ground cover next.

in a enormous nasturtium

in a enormous nasturtium field near the ocean in LA, there are NO red flowers. I FOUND ONE, took it home and am hoping to be the great savior of the RED. i have it near another batch i have of oranges, yellows..and all etc. HUGE can i be 100% sure all the seeds in gonna collect for the red...will be red when i germinate the seeds and plant them.
((while trying to protect it...i snapped off 2/3's of it and was aghast at my stupidity....i put it in a mixture of full water and soil for weeks and weeks...and IT NOT ONLY IS's re-budding and i planted it....and it's gonna be ok.))...
how can i be..100% sure they will be a nice deep RED seed.
the soil where i got it..and the huge natural field is completely sandy and mulch cause it's right near the ocean. BUT the reds one i have is soooo fragile in the sun,,the flowers fade in color one day after this why there was only ONE RED that i found...amongst literally...200,000 plants?
so the one i have as you can soooo precious to me.
do i keep any and all bees away?...and pollenate it by hand..using it's own flowers? thank you.

If the nasturtium seed is

If the nasturtium seed is "pure" and not a hybrid seed, then you should be able to save the seeds by color. If you save the seed of the red one, the "child" should come out the same color as the parent. Good luck!

you wont be able to see the

you wont be able to see the color until it blooms

Dear Chuckloves, Where is

Dear Chuckloves,

Where is this nasturtiam field? I live in LA and would love, love, love to see it!

I wondering if Nasturtium

I wondering if Nasturtium plant is going to be poisonous to our dog.

No worries. According to the

No worries. According to the ASPCA, nasturtium is non-toxic to dogs and cats. 

I love the idea of using

I love the idea of using nasturtium seeds for companion planting. However, everything they would be a companion with is in soil that is enriched with compost and is probably pretty high quality soil. How do you use nasturtiums as companions in this case? I've thought of putting them in pots near the companions but potting soil is also not considered poor. Help?

It's true that nasturtiums

It's true that nasturtiums don't need a lot of fertility, but we've planted them among our vegetables and they are easy growers so I wouldn't worry much about them! Nasturtiums are great companion plants that can be seeded between cabbages, radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and beans to deter aphids. Try to find the variety with yellow flowers. Plant after all danger of frost has passed.

Hi! I just finished my

Hi! I just finished my fishpond and waterfall and want to plant something for a "splash of color". Nasturiums sound like a hearty choice. Question, upon reading all the information you have provide, I see the seeds kill parasites in does that mean they kill parasites in humans? What are ( if any ) the health benefits for us humans, of eating nasturtiums?

Nasturtiums are indeed

Nasturtiums are indeed colorful; they are usually orange, yellow, or red. Their flowers bloom all summer. Both the leaves and the flowers are edible and taste like a mild radish.
Nasturtium has medicinal qualities and known to help fight bacterial infections and certain viruses. However, eating nasturtiums can also have negative side effects. We are not health professionals so you'll want to consult with your health care provider first.  Google "eating nasturtiums health" and you'll see there's a lot of information about this topic.

I heard that Nasturtium can

I heard that Nasturtium can work as a natural wormier. Do you know if this could be fed to chicken?

When you plant nasturtium

When you plant nasturtium near the coop area the chickens will eat the leaves and flowers, which helps rid them of any internal parasites.

Could I plant nasturtiums

Could I plant nasturtiums indoor?

Nasturiums need direct sun to

Nasturiums need direct sun to thrive so they are really meant to be an outdoor plant.

seed saving post-frost? I

seed saving post-frost?
I meant to save nasturtium seeds this year with my students, but didn't get to it before the first couple frosts, which totally killed off the nasturtium plants. However, the seeds are still sitting scattered on the ground. Is it worth saving them after they've sat outside through a frost? they seem very soft...
Thank you!

You can certainly try saving

You can certainly try saving them. Sometimes, nasturtium seeds that have fallen from a plant will make it through the winter to sprout in spring, with no human intervention, so if yours have experienced just a few frosts, and the seed coat is intact, they may indeed be OK. There are no guarantees, of course. (Note that if the original nasturtiums were hybrids, then the offspring may not be like the parent plants.)
Often, mature seeds are found on the ground, after they've fallen off the plant. Green or brown, they may still be viable; in general, the bigger the nasturtium seed, the better chance it will sprout. Collect the seeds, place them on newspaper in a warm place with good air circulation for a few weeks to dry; any greenish seeds will turn brown. Discard any seeds that develop mold. Then, place the dried seeds in an airtight jar, label and seal, and store in a dark, cool place until spring, when you can plant them after frost and see if they come up. (Just before planting, you might want to soak the seeds in water overnight to encourage germination. This softens the hard seed coat.)
Good luck!

Have nasturtiums in hanging

Have nasturtiums in hanging baskets. they have numerous seed pods, but when they ripen and fall off--the chipmunks are apparently getting to them before I can. Can the seeds be harvested while they are still green and dried out for planting the following season?

Yes, you can pick the green

Yes, you can pick the green seeds. Pick the largest seeds for better germination in the spring. Put the seeds on a paper towel to dry. As the seeds dry they turn tan or brown. When dry put them in an airtight container or paper envelope and store in a cool dark place.

One way to outsmart the

One way to outsmart the critters is to loosely tie a thin sock or paper bag over the seed pods when they start to ripen, but before they fall off. When they do ripen and fall, you've caught them in the sock. I do this all the time.

Would they be okay to plant

Would they be okay to plant during the fall in MA? And if I wanted to soak the seeds before should I let them germinate first or plant them right way?

No, in zones with freezing

No, in zones with freezing temperatures such as MA, wait until after the frost; in the mild southern climates, they can be planted in the fall for “winter” blooming.

If I want to grow nasturtiums

If I want to grow nasturtiums in an outdoor hanging container what is the size I should use and how many seeds do I put.

Use the spacing suggested

Use the spacing suggested above--or on your seed packet to determine the size you want. Just make sure the container has drainage holes and use a soilless media for container growing. We like 50% peat and 50% perlite.

We live in Sausalito, CA,

We live in Sausalito, CA, where these things seem to go wild. Can I plant the harvested seeds now? Or is it best to wait until next Spring in my area?

In mild climates, such as

In mild climates, such as Zone 10 where you are, nasturtiums can be planted in late summer/early fall for fall/winter bloom. They can also be planted in spring. Nasturtiums like the cool (not cold) season, but some survive during the heat of summer if properly cared for. In some mild climates, they may even act as perennials.
When collecting seed, keep in mind that if the seeds are from hybrid varieties, the seeds themselves may not produce plants that have the same features as the parents. If you'd like the same results each year, select an heirloom or non-hybrid variety.

A friend of mine said I could

A friend of mine said I could collect all of the seeds I want out of her many nasturtiums. She said she's always let them go so seed in the fall, and they've never grown back in the spring. I wonder if it would be a waste of time if I collected seeds from her plants? or is there something I need to do to the seeds in order for them to germinate?

Hi, Robert, Yes, save the

Hi, Robert, Yes, save the nasturtium chick-pea-size seeds and replant in the spring! Let them dry out on the vine; they'll fall off. Collect them, brush off the soil, dry them, and store them in a paper envelope in a cool and dark place.

I live in North Florida.

I live in North Florida. Can I plant nasturtiums now?

You can plant nasturtium

You can plant nasturtium seeds from spring through fall throughout Florida--and year-round in South Florida.

Can green seeds of nasturtium

Can green seeds of nasturtium be pickled like capers?
I use flowers in salads.

Yes, the entire plant is

Yes, the entire plant is edible…leaves, flowers, stems, seeds, and all.

I live in maine and have

I live in maine and have found some of the "chick pea" seeds on an outdoor nasturtium. Is it possible to grow nasturtiums as year round house plants?? and if so, can I plant these "Chick pea" seeds? must I dry them out first?? thank you!

Yes, you can save the

Yes, you can save the nasturtium chick-pea-size seeds. Let them dry out on the vine; they'll fall off. Collect them, brush off the soil, dry them, and store them in a paper envelope in a cool and dark place.
You can grow them indoors, I suppose, but they need a LOT of direct sun or grow lights. You will probably get leaves but the light is needed for blooms. Try it out and see how it goes!

Hi, I soaked my nasturtium

I soaked my nasturtium seeds before planting them in the back yard in a sunny location. So far there's been no sign of growth. I water them about every other day. Am I overwatering them? Someone suggested I transplant them into containers...but I thought they're easy to grow....what's up??

Yes, you are watering too

Yes, you are watering too much.  They like it dry.  Wait until the top few inches of soil are dry by inserting your finger into the soil, and then water. Repeat!

I grew 4 leg. pots of

I grew 4 leg. pots of nasturtiums from seed this year. They looked wonderful for 2 months but turned yellow and died in mid-July. No bugs . Plenty of sunshine here on Whidbey Is. WA this summer..perhaps too much sun? Do they do better with just AM sun? I'm stumped!

Hmm.  Make sure they get

Hmm.  Make sure they get plenty of air circulation and aren't being covered in mulch.  They love the sun, though not extreme heat. Are you watering correctly? Water them deeply until it's overflowering and then let them get bone dry, and then water deeply again. Usually, watering is once a week.

How do I get nasturtiums to

How do I get nasturtiums to bloom? They get full sun part of the day. I have one in the backyard that is in shade and it blooms better than the ones in the full sun.

Generally, nasturtiums do

Generally, nasturtiums do their best flowering in full sun, but they will tolerate partial shade. They prefer a light, sandy soil. If you give them rich, fertile soil and fertilizers, you'll get lush leaves at the expense of blooms. It's better to ignore nasturiums; they hate TLC!

In a potting soil i got

In a potting soil i got dime-sized nasturtium leaves and tiny flowers---soil too rich??

Nasturtiums do prefer poor,

Nasturtiums do prefer poor, sandy soil. Overly rich soil deters flowering. Also, make sure you didn't purchase a dwarf variety if you want bigger blooms.

Mine are beautiful,, I

Mine are beautiful,, I planted the Alaska mix. I live in Petersburg, Alaska. What are the pods that are left after the flower dies off? Can they be replanted?

Some people eat the pods

Some people eat the pods (though not many). if you wish to harvest the seeds, prune the immature green seed pods from the plant. Nasturtium seed develop roughly four months after the plant germinates. 

Every so often I buy seeds

Every so often I buy seeds from one company that sells packets for only twenty cents. I bought some nasturtium seeds and on the packet it says to plant these any time between September and February (I live in zone 8b). I can understand this autumn planting for perennials, but nasturtiums? Anyone ever try it that way? Does it give the seed time to get its roots deep into the soil slowly before blooming, working with the life cycle more naturally that way?

I planted Alaska Mix

I planted Alaska Mix Nasturtium seeds in pots about 36 days ago I have long stems with leaves but no flowers. What am I doing wrong? I used bagged potting mix a good brand. This is my second year that this has happened. I live in Maryland, any answer will be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi, the problem is that you

Hi, the problem is that you put them in potting soil. The less nutrients available, the more flowers nasturtiums will produce. Seems counterintuitive, but it works! The leaves are great in salads. Good luck. I'm off to find some gravelly dirt to pot my own in now.

I planted the Alaska Mix. I

I planted the Alaska Mix. I also used Miracle Grow potting soil, it took some time for me to get flowers, now I have tons! Lots & lots of water, I have 2 2' long planters & they take approximately 1.5 gallons of water each 2x a day if its hot

I just bought a large

I just bought a large nasturtium plant (9 inch pot) that is about 1.5 feet tall with bright orange flowers. I am not sure the variety but it came with a stake holding it up in the middle. The plant is very cramped in its pot with a lot of new growth being squeezed in the middle (the leaves in the middle of the plant are very small and have nowhere to go). I know you mentioned that they don't like being transplanted but I was planning on taking it out of it's pot and separating the individual stalks, replanting them in a long window box. Will this kill the plant? Also, will the plant mind trailing down the side of the box or do they need to be staked?

Nasturtium thrive with

Nasturtium thrive with neglect so you might be surprised how well it does. As you mentioned, we direct seed nasturtium as they grow quickly and do not like to be transplanted. If you do chose to transplant, just take care that you do not disturb the root system in the transplant process. Do this on a cloudy day and explose the roots as little as possible. If you have a large variety, they enjoy a stake or trellis to climb; smaller varieties do not need it.

My nasturtiums leaves have

My nasturtiums leaves have started to shrivel and turn blotchy white. I've never seen this before. I was away on holidays and it rained excessively - could this been the reason? Too wet?

You could be right. Keep

You could be right. Keep nasturtium soil relatively dry. Make sure you have well-drained soil. Check under the leaves to see if there are insects. If so, spray insecticidal soap to the underside.

I live in San Francisco,

I live in San Francisco, (USDA zone 10b) and it's already almost July! I want to grow some of these in pots, I live in a very urban area, but the ledge on the building gets about 5-6 hours of sunlight a day. Is it too late? What are the names of some dwarf, non climbing varieties?

It's not too late to plant

It's not too late to plant seeds. It takes about 10 days for the seeds to germinate. Dwarf cultivars that grow bushy plants include 'Strawberries and Cream' (pale yellow flowers), 'Peach Melba' (creamy flowers), and 'Whirlybird' mix (variety of colors).

Hi, I got an Empress of India

Hi, I got an Empress of India Nasturtium a few months ago and it was doing great but looked like it needed to be re-potted. I finally re-potted it recently and moved it to a more shaded spot cause it looked like the leaves were getting faded by the sun. Now I don't know if it was the move or the re-potting but the leaves have become very small and I don't see any signs of that changing. Its still flowering up a storm though! I live in West Virgina, zone 6b, its been raining like mad these past few weeks, although its been under porch cover, so I've been watering it when dry to make up for that. I loved the leaves on the plant as much as the flowers and would like to see them healthy again, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! =)

Many flowering plants will

Many flowering plants will start producing a lot of flowers if they aren't getting enough sun. You probably need to move it back to a sunnier spot.

can i put seedlings with my

can i put seedlings with my tomatoe plants

yes you can. they do not have

yes you can. they do not have a strong and evasive root system. however in order to get good tomatoes the soil must be well fertilize and full of vitamins. this may conflict with the nasturtium since it relies on poor soil conditions. if your growing tomatoes for ornamental reasons.... then its a good idea. but don't take my word for it. test it out. not all facts are 100% true 100% of the time.

How can i get the seeds from

How can i get the seeds from from my plant and how to keep it?

I always just picked the

I always just picked the seeds up from the ground in the fall. After the frost hits, pull out the plant and you will see seeds that look like chick peas. Collect them, leaving them to dry in an open container over the winter. I always kept them inside the house. In the spring, plant them and enjoy the blooms again.

Nasturtum Honey Butter

This recipe is AWESOME on any warm bread/rolls. Take bloomed flowers, remove stamens inside, gently rinse in cool water, air dry on paper towels. When dry, chop up and mix with softened butter and honey. OMG! My daughter begs me to plant nasturtium every year for this recipe! So yummy!

Thanks for sharing! Yes,

Thanks for sharing! Yes, nasturtiums are edible flowers! The flowers and leaves are peppery flavored like watercress and are used in salads and as a garnish.

Please share how much of each

Please share how much of each ingredient you use! Want to try! Thanks

Is it too late to start growing nasturtiums?

I live in Orlando, FL and am just starting my hand at growing and in the above article it mentioned planting 4-6 wks before the last spring frost. That point has passed, is it still fine to plant them or should I wait for a better time of year here in my area?

You can plant the seeds from

You can plant the seeds from spring through fall throughout Florida, year-round in South Florida. Nasturtiums are easy to grow where you live!


my son came home with a seed in a pot a while ago, its just started flowering and i have identified it as a nasturtium, it is currently in the kitchen window and is growing rapidly, its getting rather tall, currently about 2 foot tall, does it need trimming to stop it gaining height or do you just leave them to grow? thanks

When plants of the tall type

When plants of the tall type are about 7 inches tall, place a stake or trellis near them for support. It is not necessary to stake or trellis the dwarf type.

Indoors or Out?

Hi, I just bought nasturtium, sweet pea and zinnia seeds. It is the end of April in the Columbus area. Should I sow the seeds into the soil directly right now, or should I start them inside? OR- should I wait and sow them into the garden in a few weeks. Thanks!

Nasturtiums in Raleigh

Will nasturtiums handle full sun in the humid summers of Raleigh?

In your area, nasturtiums do

In your area, nasturtiums do best blooming in spring/early summer. Sow mid-March or earlier in pots. Or, you could also sow in late summer for fall bloom.

fresh nasturtium seeds

I have just picked some large green seeds. Can I plant them right away or do they have to dry.It is April first and I live in New Orleans.

You want to grab those seeds

You want to grab those seeds when they are still green and let them dry on a baking sheet in a cool dark place for a week. Once they are hard, you can store them for next year.

how long to bloom

I planted Nasturtiums from seed in hanging pots (about 4-6 inches deep with about 6 - 18" spacing), roughly 4-6 wks ago. I They get full sun from 12ish to 7pm in the Houston heat. I am doing best to provide terrible conditions, which they seem to love. I have 3 doing well with several arms coming off on each. I am anxious for them to that more of a summer event even in Houston?

Nasturtiums in Houston

In Houston, nasturtiums do best in the cooler months. You can plant them in the early fall, in which case they might bloom later in the fall before a frost stops them; the plants may even survive through the winter if it is an especially mild one.

You can also plant in early spring after the last expected spring frost date. They will bloom until the hot weather starts; peak bloom is usually about May into June.

They do not like high heat. When summer hits, move the containers to deep shade, and keep up with the watering. The plants may perk up again in fall to give you another floral display.

(Please note: We'd recommend sowing nasturtium seeds about 1/2 inch deep.)

Hope this helps!

My flower stop growing

My nastartiums are in a pot and under a shade but gets full sun in the morning but they stop growing about 9inch and stay at the same tall without blooming or any change! What can I do? Thanks

Some thoughts: They grow in

Some thoughts: They grow in shade but not quite as well as full sun; too much shade limits their blossoms. Also, make sure you are not using any fertilizer. They thrive on neglect--poor, lean soil and spare watering.

climber or dwarf?

I've just purchased a couple 4" pots of Empress of India from Annie's Annuals. Her stuff is usually good, so I'm not gonna be afraid to transplant them with lots of soil, my question... is the Empress a climber or bush variety?
Thanks, barb

The Empress of India is a

The Empress of India is a non-trailing annual and quite compact (only 1 foot high).


Can I purchase nasturtium plants. Seeds have not done well for me.

You'll have to check with

You'll have to check with your local garden center, but nasturtiums do not fare well when transplanted; use peat pots and plant these directly in the soil. Nasturtiums are one of the easiest flowers to grow from seed. They prefer full sun. They are not choosy about their soil, though they prefer a light, sandy soil. Don't spoil them with rich, fertile soil and fertilizers as this will only result in lush foliage and few blooms.

dimpled nasturtium leaves

hi, the leaves on my nasturtium have gone dimply. do you have any thoughts?

The bumps could be insect

The bumps could be insect damage. Spray with a horticultural oil or insecticidal soap spray.

thank you!

thank you!

How much will it grow from a seedling?

I planted my seedlings from seed packets and they r growing tall but I was wondering how much will grow from a seed and if I should seperate each stem/seed growing or if I keep them together will it be too crowded? Never grown them before

Following spacing on packet.

Following spacing on packet. As the seedlings grow: If the plants are crowded then thin them out to about 12 inches apart.

about nasturtiums

do nasturtiums come up every year ???

Nasturiums are an annual so

Nasturiums are an annual so they need to be seeded each spring. However, if you let them go to seed, they may self-seed in the fall and come up the following year on their own.

bought seeds for red flowers grew to be yellow

If the expensive pkg of red nasturium seeds grew into a faded yellow flower does that mean i put too much miracle grow on them to begin with or what else could it be?

If it's not meant to be a

If it's not meant to be a pale yellow variety, then it may be the weather. This flower enjoys cool soil. If the ground is too hot, forget it. Plant in a shady spot that gets some morning sun and water consistently.

What are the signs of overwatering?

My flowers are in window boxes in partial sun. Some of the leaves are turning yellow. Is this a sign of over watering?

Yellow leaves are a sign of

Yellow leaves are a sign of over watering. Nasturtiums prefer really dry soil, even in the summer months!

Make sure that the soil is well-drained.

Thank you for your interest in the Old Farmer's Almanac and our Web site.

wet or dry?

Thanks for your info, but I am confused; here you say Nasturtiums prefer really dry soil, but further on you state that they love water! What is it to be???

They like well drained soil

They like well drained soil so that the roots don't sit in water. Water when the leaves show signs of wilting.

Edible seeds

If anyone is interested, you can harvest the seed pods before they firm up, and pickle them. They taste very similar to capers, with a bit of spicyness!

wilted leaves

What would cause the nasturtium's leaves to be wilted? They are in full sun and clayey soil.

If nasturtiums are showing

If nasturtiums are showing signs of stress, such as wilted leaves, then it may be a simple fix of giving them more water.

Nasturtiums love their water.

Thank you for your interest in the Old Farmer's Almanac and our Web site.

growing nasturtiums

I understand they are a vining plant and can get up to 6-7 ft in height. How do I get them to start growing UP toward the side of my deck? Should I use string, sticks, etc??? Thanks!

Nasturtiums should grow on

Nasturtiums should grow on their own. If you feel they need help, using small stick to "direct" them is OK.

Thank you for your interest in the Old Farmer's Almanac and our Web site.

trimming nasturiums

my nasturtiums are in 4 in pots and they are about 12 inches tall. can i trim them and if so where do i trim and how much? they seem to have a single stem coming out of the soil. i want them bushy.

trimming nasturiums

For bushy, you'd want a dwarf variety. If you have the climbing variety, they're going to spread. Just trim with scissors or clippers. You do not need to trim at a node or any special place. They are big growers. Did you know: They are edible flowers! If you didn't use chemicals, add to salads!

seed source for Salmon Baby and Peach Melba Nasturtiums

Anyone know where I can find seeds for these variaties of nasturtiums? I havn't seen these this year.

nasturtium seeds

hi, you can get many nasturtium seeds via ebay seller around the world and they are cheap. means you must have an ebay account. otherwise search from google.

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