Farmer’s Calendar for October 2015


The fall foliage season often evolves in stages where different colors predominate. Listen to learn more about Nature’s leaf phases.

This segment of The Old Farmer’s Almanac Farmer’s Calendar podcast series was written and read by Tim Clark, an Almanac editor.

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Baby Due date

a friend at work is expecting her baby. Actual due date is Nov 16th, but she is ready to pop any day. Most are guessing this child (little boy) is coming early.
Drop in barometric pressure seems to start the process (or so the wives tales state). With that said, any suggested dates to prepare for delivery between now and end of October?
Thanks lisa

Outside birthday party

My grandson's birthday is October. 26. I wonder what the weather is going to be then?

I live in Buffalo, NY the

I live in Buffalo, NY the last 2 winters have been horrible. This year we have had the warmest September and I'm afraid if it freezes suddenly, the trees may fall and we may have a blackout. Any predictions on how this winter will be? When does the snow first fall?

planning an outdoor wedding

planning an outdoor wedding October 17,'s that day looking?

Planning my sons first

Planning my sons first birthday and we found the perfect place but its outside. We live in southwest Pennsylvania. Should we plan inside?

I'm planing a outside wedding

I'm planing a outside wedding on October 24 2015 how is the weather going to be that day?

I'm from California,

I'm from California,

Planning a trip to Washington state need to know how the weather is going to be in late September or middle of October!

thanks Mrs scorpio

I'm from California im

I'm from California im planning a trip to Washington state in 0ctober 2015 how is the weather going to be!

I love the almanac

I love the almanac