Farmer’s Calendar for August 2018

August 1, 2018

Our town has only 1,500 full-time residents, but it boasts five churches, in part because we used to have a considerable number of “summer people.” Most come for the quiet, the mountain, and the historic Lake Club.

It’s hard to say how many summer people there are now. You can keep a rough tally by counting the number of tanned, fit ladies in tennis dresses in the General Store.

Two of our five churches are relics of the summer people. Now a private home, the former Our Lady of the Snows was built for the mostly Irish, mostly Catholic servants who cooked and cleaned for the summer people.

There’s also Emmanuel Church, open only in the summer. A friend who belonged to a subcategory called “winter summer people”—those who eventually settled here year-round—used to call it “the Lake Club at prayer.”

Winter summer people often come to the community church on Main Street. The other two churches serve a more conservative population outside the village limits.

Why so many houses of worship? Perhaps it’s because, with the center of town nearly 1,500 feet above sea
level, we’re the highest village in New England. Some of us like to think that this means we’re closer to heaven.


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