Farmer’s Calendar for December 2017

December 2, 2016

The Houses With the Best Views Are Empty in December

Temperatures falling, skies threatening, the dogs and I started our afternoon walk a little before 3:00, heading uphill. The plan was to follow the road all the way to the top.

It climbs sharply at the end, and the prospect is magnificent there. In addition to a broad view of the Wapack Range and a few buildings in Peterborough, there was light glinting off the waters of Thorndike Pond and steam rising from the match factory in Jaffrey.

By 4:00, we were in a field just beyond the last two houses on the road—summer places, to judge from the absence of cars and the window shades pulled down. Not surprising, really; the winter heating bills must be as spectacular as the view. Generally speaking, in this town the houses with the best views are unoccupied in December.

When we started home, we flushed a massive buck that bounded farther up the wooded hill, headed north. The dogs didn’t see him—their vision is surprisingly poor—but they got wildly excited when they caught his scent at the point where he began his flight and started to tug frantically on their leashes. The dogs wanted to follow him into the forest.

So did I, but it was getting dark. There will be other opportunities to track deer when the light comes back.

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