Farmer’s Calendar for January 2017

December 2, 2016

How a Small Town Helped Bring a Lost Dog Home After a Snowstorm

Winter often brings out the best in small towns. Our dog Echo disappeared in the last big snowstorm. We checked with the neighbors, called the police, and walked up and down the road rattling her food dish and shouting her name.
    The next morning, friends and neighbors, even some we barely knew, called to find out if she’d come home or if they could help look for her. My wife, May, got to her elementary school and told her students that Echo was missing. They offered to buy her a new dog.
    A friend of ours was on the state highway about 5 miles from our house that morning. He was on his way to pick up a friend when he saw a black dog running back and forth across the road, dodging cars and trucks. He didn’t know it was our dog; he just knew that the dog was in trouble. He stopped to try to pick her up, but she wouldn’t come close. He called his friend to say he’d be late. As Echo headed west, toward the center of town, our friend followed, creeping in the breakdown lane. Several more cars fell in behind them. At the Town Hall, Echo stopped and the escorts halted. Our friend, helped by people from the other cars, managed to herd her to the police station just across the street. May got the news when the chief called to say, “I think I’ve got your dog.”

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