Farmer's Calendar for March 2011

March 1, 2011

Our farmer forefathers in Vermont ordained Town Meeting to be held on the first Tuesday in March. Listen to learn more.

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Thanks for your comment. Several decades ago, when this Almanac became a national publication (and ceased being a regional publication), the Farmer's Calendar essays shifted from being seasonal advisories with specific guidance on agriculture and husbandry to seasonal reflections with observations about country life.
At about the same time, agriculture and husbandry topics began to be covered in feature articles in the print edition, and now on our Web site,
In all of our media, we endeavor to address the full range of topics that make this Almanac a true almanac—a calendar of the heavens—and to share, encourage, and honor the mission of the founder, Robert B. Thomas.
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While historically

While historically interesting and well spoken, I am a new backyard farmer not a historian. I had hoped for something... more agricultural. I suppose for Old Farmers talking about farming all the time might get boring but with gas at $4 a gallon and grocieries going up every week it is very interesting to a lot of us. No disrespect intended I assure you, but I lived along the Canadian border for 6 years and I know there were people growing things in those hot frames this time of year.