Hope for Your Slope

February 1, 2014

Slopes can spell trouble for homeowners and gardeners, making it hard for them to maneuver the lawnmower or for plants to get a toehold. Terraces can help turn a sloped space into a beautiful visual element. Listen to learn more about these elevating landscape features.

This segment of The Old Farmer’s Almanac Garden Musings podcast series was written by George and Becky Lohmiller and is read by Heidi Stonehill, an Almanac editor.

About this Podcast

The monthly Garden Musings were written by George and Becky Lohmiller. Early recordings in the series were read by Almanac group publisher John Pierce, as well as Almanac copy editor Jack Burnett. Almanac editor Heidi Stonehill became the narrator in 2012.

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