The Old Farmer's Almanac Radio Report for October 1, 2014

October 1, 2014

Every weekday, get a quick update on historical events of the day, upcoming holidays, notable birthdays, and more. Listen to hear more.

About this Podcast

The radio report is no longer available as a podcast due to low usage. However, if you have an Alexa device, it is available as a “Daily Almanac Flash Briefing” skill. Start each day with a smile. Alexa will read you the date, the day of the year, significant events from the day in history, plus a useful tip. All in 60 seconds!
To enable this skill, just go to your Alexa app settings to Flash Briefings and search for “Daily Almanac” or find on Amazon here

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My daughter needs oral

My daughter needs oral surgery..not to extract a tooth, but to remove some of the flesh on her palate therefore allowing a bracket to be cemented to the permanent tooth that is hiding up there..connecting a little chain gizmo to her braces to begin the slow process of pulling that stubborn tooth down and into its proper place. Removing the skin in the roof of her mouth will cause much bleeding...and if the tooth isn't completely dry, the cement substance won't hold the bracket at all...
Which day will be best to do this procedure so her body will not produce as much blood?
Concerned mama