When is Doomsday | The End of the World


When is the end of the world as we know it?  Bob Berman shares a doomsday theory—and a joke. Take a listen.

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Listen to a weekly freewheeling exploration of the astonishing world of science! What’s the most inexplicable object in the cosmos? When is Doomsday coming? The heaviest thing in the universe? Nikola Tesla’s dark secret? All this and more, each week on Astounding Universe podcast with Bob Berman, astronomer for The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

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Hey, boys (you’re certainly not gentleman) leave Pam alone! She has her views... and even if it was a joke maybe not to her.
And who made you the spelling/ joke gods?
Maybe English is her second language? Ever thought about that? I can see not with your responses. It’s you guys who need to update your thinking!! Not Pam.

Pam, it’s you’re not “your.

Pam, it’s you’re not “your.


No man knows the time. Only GOD
. Stop trying to out think GOD your mo match.

Pam - get over yourself - it

Pam - get over yourself - it's a joke - it is meant to give you a smile at the start of a new day - obvious in your case it failed.