Why do dogs and cats lick themselves?

October 20, 2020

It turns out there’s an amazing reason why dogs and cats lick themselves. It’s related to sunshine! Take a leisurely listen to Bob Berman’s podcast.

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need transcript for those that prefer to read

like others have said, PLEASE make a transcript available to read. i couldn’t make it through the first few minutes with tensing up from the sound of his voice! some of us prefer to read for very legitimate reasons. Also, we’d like to link to our cat rescue site, but won’t without the option to read.

Why cats lick themselves

Couldn't figure out how to turn on the show

Cats licking Vit. D

How does an indoor cat get Vitamin D.?

why do cats lick themselves

please give print version

Dogs and cats podcast

Fascinating! Never knew that...thank you!


No way to play. Hope it was interesting.


Please, is there any way to READ the transcript of this podcast, for those of us who dislike just listening?