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Potluck Dinner Recipes and Tips

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Here are 10 of our favorite potluck dinner recipes. If you’re entertaining, consider the advantages of hosting a potluck! It combines informality, good food, and less stress for all.

Potluck Dinner Hosting Tips

As host, you should always provide:

  • utensils, napkins, plates and cups
  • ice and beverages (have juice and milk on hand)
  • seasonings and condiments

You can manage the variety of food that will appear on your table by assigning categories or even specific dishes to certain people. You may decide to provide the main course and ask guests to fill in with side dishes and desserts.

If you don’t mind a certain amount of risk, be nonspecific in your food requests and let your guests be creative. Another advantage of a potluck: the serendipity that comes from not knowing exactly what the luck of the pot will be!

Potluck Dinner Recipes

Here are some delicious potluck dinner recipes from our recipe archives.

Party Casserole

Fast and Fancy Chicken

Ruth’s Lasagna

Stuffed Peppers

Shepherd’s Stew

Baked Scallops

More Potluck Dinner Recipes

Don’t forget about appetizers, sides, and desserts! Here are some ideas:



Lemon Squares

Sweet Potato Pie

Grandmother’s Blueberry Cake

Browse more potluck dinner recipes in the Almanac archives!

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