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A Ramble Through the Brambles: Part 1

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What could be better than fresh berries from your own backyard? The 2014 All-Seasons Garden Guide has everything you need to know about how to plant berries and shares a few facts on why you should!

A Ramble Through the Brambles: Part 1

The urge for homegrown edibles has everybody growing something. For some folks, it’s brambles. These fruit belong to the Rubus genus, which produces thorny stems, or canes, and includes raspberries and blackberries. Through the careful selection of a variety, you can have fresh berries throughout the season—and plenty to freeze for later.

Good for You, Too

Raspberries and blackberries are fat- and cholesterol-free and a delicious source of dietary fiber. They contain large amounts of vitamin C, believed to help prevent stroke and cancer.

Berry Beliefs

In Devonshire, England, it was believed that creeping under a bramble three times would cure boils.

A dream of raspberries in harvest season means that a love affair is imminent.

According to an ancient English belief, the first blackberry spotted growing in the wild each year will cure warts.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of “A Ramble Through the Brambles” to learn how to plant them! You can also purchase The 2014 All-Seasons Garden Guide here!