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Accompanied by homemade bread, this full-bodied, sharp-flavored soup makes a complete meal.
For a smooth soup, puree before serving.
A good, hearty lasagna made with fresh spinach and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Be sure to drain...
Pass around a bowl of grated Parmesan cheese to sprinkle on top.
Wash spinach in warm, not cold, water to remove the dirt that clings to the leaves.
Serve as a main course with English muffins.
Thick, nutritious, simple, and delicious.
Make when new potatoes, baby carrots, and tiny tender peas are available.
Here’s a soup to serve in celebration of winter’s end.
Adapted from Chef Michel Nischan: Dressing Room, Westport, CT.
Serve with hot pickles and steamed rice.
This individualistic, but easy-to-prepare, soup may not be for everyone. However for those who...
An interesting change – serve it with dry, fluffy rice.
Serve in small cups to begin a summer meal, or present as a light dessert following a large meal.
This special blend of flavors works as well in soup as it does in pie. For more rhubarb dishes, see...
This is delicious! Don’t be shy. Try something new!
It is important to use stale bread in this recipe; otherwise too much liquid will be absorbed and...
Ask your local butcher to debone the duck for you.
Red onions have the best flavor for this soup, but yellow onions will also work.
This flavorful Chinese-style dish with its rich mahogany sauce can be prepared in a wok if you...
An all-American dish with a Chinese accent.
The gingersnaps add spicy sweetness. –The Ram in the Thicket, Wilton, New Hampshire
Sweetbreads sauteed with mushrooms, scallions, and paprika and spooned on top of cooked sliced ham...
Good for gatherings, soup to go, or on a cold day. Freezes well.
The filets are sauteed because the pan in which they are cooked is vital to the making of the sauce...
I lost my mothers recipe many years ago. Lately I have been longing taste it again before I depart...
“Our Inn’s Special is served as an appetizer. It may also be used as a dinner entree over rice or...
You will always be ready for unexpected company with this spur-of-the-moment soup.
Herbs, spices, and wine contribute admirably to this chunky bisque. –Sugar Hill Inn, Franconia,...
An excellent appetizer – not as fussy to prepare as it appears. Could also be garnished with a...
Here’s a good way to use up excess tomatoes from your garden.
Serve this in mugs as a beverage or in small chowder bowls, sprinkled with snipped parsley and...
Fresh parsley complements this tasty, light red soup.
There doesn’t seem to be anything special about this recipe, but all the ingredients come together...
Don’t be surprised by the delicate pink color of this chowder.
Serve as an appetizer for a special meal, or for lunch or supper accompanied by a salad, French...
Serve as a first course, either hot or cold.
Use small, tender eggplants for the best flavor.
Noodles add substance to this spicy soup, but it’s also good without them.
Follow any outdoor winter activities with steaming bowls of this rich, chunky chowder.
A recipe that makes the most of your leftover holiday turkey.
This simple soup makes a complete meal.
Serve hot or cold, anytime when turnips are in season.
Beef can be substituted for veal in this easy-to-make stew.
Like many other stews, this seems to taste better when reheated the day after it is made.
This can be prepared earlier in the day and reheated just before serving. However the tomatoes...
“The Four Columns Inn uses only organically raised, milk-fed veal. We find this particular recipe...
Serve this aromatic stew with garlic bread and a cucumber salad.
Serve this rich, creamy soup at holiday time, or to make a weekday dinner special.
Turnips, squash, and other vegetables can also be used in this meatless chowder.
No canned soup by the same name can compare.


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