Ada's Stuffed Cabbage


2 large heads cabbage
5 pounds hamburger
16-ounce bag rice
2 large cans Cambells tomato juice
1 16-ounce bag sauerkraut
1 16-ounce package Polish Sausage
1 12-ounce container sour cream (optional)


In a large pot boil cabbage. In large bowl blend hamburger, rice, and half can juice. When cabbage cools roll hamburger mixture into cabbage leaves and place in large roasting pan with 1 cup of juice in the bottom of pan. While layering hamburger mixture pour juice over each layer. Repeat until hamburger mixture is all used up.

Rinse and drain sauerkraut. Place sauerkraut over top of cabbage rolls evenly, then place sausage on top of sauerkraut. Pour remainder of juice evenly over sausage and sauerkraut. Cover and bake at 425 degrees for 2 hours.

For less people split ingredients in half.


Serves 10

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Cooked or Raw

too vague of instructions for me,,,, after you boil cabbage what do you do with the cabbage? take off the leaves? when you mix the rice hamburger and juice, is that raw hamburger and uncooked rice or precooked hamburger and cooked rice? Won't it burn at 425 for TWO hours? I want so much to make this recipe. Just need some clarifications on the recipe. Thank you.

how to make stuffed cabbage

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Hi, Dea. To answer your questions: Yes, after the cabbage is cooked you would tear off the leaves. Use only those big enough to stuff. When you get close to the core, the leaves will be too small. Yes, the hamburger and rice are both uncooked. The oven temperature and time are correct.

saltsands, I am making this

saltsands, I am making this vegan too by substituting the meat with vegan crumbles and not using sausage. I might add raisons. What a coincidence two vegans commented.

I will be making this vegan!

I will be making this vegan! Yum!