Baked Asparagus


4 tablespoons butter
1 pound asparagus
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
4 lemon wedges


1. Preheat the oven to 325°. Place 2 tablespoons of the butter in a 7x11-inch glass baking dish. Set the dish in the oven until the butter melts, then remove it, tilting to coat the bottom evenly.

2. Trim and peel the asparagus. Then rinse under cool turning water and place in the dish with whatever water clings to the stalks. Sprinkle on enough additional water so that you can see numerous droplets. Cover the dish with aluminum foil and bake for 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the degree of doneness you desire. At 30 minutes, the stalks will be bright green and crisp-tender; at 1 hour, they will be pale green and very tender.

3. Slide the remaining 2 tablespoons of butter over the hot asparagus and season with salt and pepper. Serve immediately with wedges of lemon.


Serves 4

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Throw in some garlic salt or

Throw in some garlic salt or minced garlic with a bit of sea salt to add some pizzazz.

I always thought mine were a

I always thought mine were a little bland.