Carolyn's Watermelon Pickle


Makes 4-5 pints.

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This is the best watermelon

This is the best watermelon pickle recipe that I know. I made it for my students here in South Korea, and they loved it! I used brown sugar, just because that was what I had on hand. It was even taster than I remembered from my grandmother's recipe.

These pickles are

These pickles are outstanding. It makes about 3 pints. It's labor intensive, but well worth the effort. I did not use a cheesecloth bag because I didn't have any cheesecloth - It didn't matter. The amount of time I found it took on the third day's boil was about an hour. I left the top off the pot for about 45 minutes and then covered it the last 15 minutes. Also, there was about a cup of syrup left (thankfully) which will probably make a wonderful alternative to honey in my cinnamon tea I love so much. This was a great recipe! For sure, I will make it again and next time, I will definitely make a double batch. Deborah, Dallas, TX