Chicken and Dumplings



2 cups self rising flour
1and 1/2 teaspoons parsley
salt to taste
water (enough to wet flour)


In a bowl mix flour, parsley, salt and just enough water to wet flour.

Roll out on floured board; cut into square-shaped pieces with a pizza cutter.

Chicken Broth

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Dumplings from only flour and

Dumplings from only
flour and water?? How does that make anything but glue.......

Rachelly...I had the same

Rachelly...I had the same problem for a long time, till I watched a cooking program that used flour tortillas for the dumplings. Cut them in one to two inch strips, drop them in broth , follow recipe above for chicken etc.

Grannie Maggie Texas

Grannie Maggie Texas Dumplin's........The best dumplins in the world! For a super quick fix: grab a bag of frozen noodles and boil till cooked; add 1 can chicken stock, 1 can chicken and a pint of whipping cream. Salt and Pepper to taste. Very fast and tastes great too.........................I would love to have my Granny Maggie alive to fix me her texas style chicken and dumplins served with a heaping helping of her love......big deb okie girl

every time i try to make this

every time i try to make this my dumplings turn out like little rocks. my mil says i kneed the dough to much, but it never fails. i guess i have to face the facts im just not cut out for chicken and dumplings.

For years I have used

For years I have used the
recipe from Bisquick and I
usually add an egg. Great!


Rachelley, go buy yourself a couple of packages of the prepacked larger buttermilk biscuits, I prefer Kroger brand if you have a Dillon's or a Kroger store in your area otherwise get the largest buttermilk biscuit in Pillsbury biscuits. have your broth with your cooked chicken in the pot & the liquid needs to be boiling. Roll out each bisbuit until it is thin. Cut in about 1 1/2 inch wide strips and pinch each strip off into about 2 inch pieces dropping each piece down into the boiling broth. The dumplings only need to cook a few minutes to insure the flour in the biscuits is cooked. Your dumpling dough does not have to be kneaded and your dumplings will not be hard but tender.